Pitney, Mo - It's Just A Dog Lyrics

Ten years ago I was on my way home,
saw her walking on the side of the highway alone.
It was raining like hell and I kept telling myself
"not my problem, keep on driving, just like everybody else."
Why should I be the one pulling over on the shoulder at night?
It's just a dog, right?

From the cab of my truck, to the foot of my bed,
to a new pair of boots that she chewed in shreds.
Digging holes in the yard, chasing cars down the street
till one got her and when I found her, I thought it hit me.
Took half of my savings to save her, and I didn't think twice.
It's just a dog, right?

Just an old mutt riding shotgun, getting my seats all muddy.
Just the one who I come home to, just my best fishin' buddy.

We were walking that spring in the sand on the beach.
You know she was the reason, Amy walked up to me.
She lost her place on the couch, but she kept her cool.
She was crazy about Amy and she knew I was too.
And the night that girl left me, she kept me from losing my mind.
But it's just a dog, right?

It's 83° today and man I can hardly wait
to get this truck down to the lake, I bet the bass' are hittin'.
Boats in my rear view mirror, got my... tackle box and all my gear,
the wind is right, the sky is clear, there's only one thing missin'.

Just an old mutt riding shotgun, getting my seats all muddy.
It just hit me she's not with me like she was this past Sunday.
Why am I pulling over on the shoulder with tears in my eyes?
It's just a dog, right?
She was just a dog, right?

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Pitney, Mo It's Just A Dog Comments
  1. TrustedReview

    Bet the two of you wish you hadn't let her have the prime spot on the sofa 🤣

  2. Cheri Haaga


  3. Luis r

    Love this song. Brings tears to my eyes we had to put my girlfriends dog down due to a long fight with cancer, hearing this song reminds me of him.

  4. Hello Hello 2019


  5. Jharlan16

    I'm not crying YOU'RE crying!

    Jessica Spencer

    I think someone must being chopping onions! 😭

  6. Deni Baker

    Real music right here

  7. Samantha Kuehler

    Makes me think of how we got my husband's dog ... We took in him and his 3 brothers and their momma when my buddy lost her home and had to move to a place that didn't allow pets. The pups were only 3 weeks old. We hadn't planned to keep any of them. Just raise them up and find good homes for them, then keep the momma safe until my buddy could have her back. This little black pup changed that plan when he belly-crawled across that garage floor to "his" person on that first day with us. He picked my husband when he was a tiny pup and that changed everything. He's been on this world for 8 years now and in 3 weeks, it will be his 8th year in our home.

    That dog can be the most obnoxious pain in my butt, but he can also be the sweetest soul in the world. And he changed our world with his goofy ways. He's our clown. Our silly, loving pup. I can still see that little pup in the dog on my bed and i can't imagine the last 8 years without him. I hope he's in our lives for many years to come, making us laugh with his antics and climbing up on the bed for his snuggles every night.

  8. trutuhc

    The most beautiful song ever written. Every time I hear it, I cry. Maybe this way I can truly understand country music (since I come from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina).

    PokeMonster2000 /Loves Pokemon!!!!!

    makes me cry too.