Pitney, Mo - I Met Merle Haggard Today Lyrics

I spent the morning pouring concrete
I had a good hot plate of chicken for lunch
Filled the tank cause it was empty
Had a few errands to run
And I know what your thinkin
That sounds a little bit mundane
But just wait… I met Merle Haggard Today

My buddy called and said Haggard's in town to tape the Marty Stuart show
So meet me at the back door down in NorthStar studios
2/4 2013 4:45 was the time and date
Hey… I met Merle Haggard today

Oh what was I thinking
Should have took a picture with my phone
Or a least record him singing 'pleasure to meet you Mo'
But it was over in a second
Then he strolled down to the stage
But it's OK… Cause I met Merle Haggard today
At least I can say… I met Merle Haggard today

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Pitney, Mo I Met Merle Haggard Today Comments
  1. Vince Nappo

    That's a pretty sweet tune.

  2. Mike Sisley

    Sounds like a cross between Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakum. Awesome. Sings the real country music that is going extinct.

  3. Brett Doughty

    lucky bastard.....wish i'd met the HAG...!!!

  4. Joy Howell

    Drop D, got it. Where can I learn these riffs?

  5. Hayden Howell

    Hey Mo, is this a true or semi true story?

    Hayden Howell

    PS.... are you using an alternate tuning, and is there a way we can learn how to play this?

  6. r wat

    I got to interact with the Hag, too! Between songs, he called me out for being too drunk & out of control. Mo, you have to get to the Indy/Bloomington IN area! Get hooked up with The Country Music Armadillo.

  7. arinvests

    Great writing & singing by Mo. ~ Arthur

  8. Gerry Savoie

    As a Canadian guitar player that is some picking Mo. Love it.

  9. Bill Kilpatrick


  10. Joshua Williams

    Man Mo played the shit out of that guitar!

  11. S B

    Sing it son!

  12. judy

    Wow! I thought country music was gone forever!!! NOT!!! Love him!!

  13. Primrose Haran

    truly a country singer love mos voice brilliant

  14. Frank Wright

    sounds awesome man..keep it country..👍👍👍👍👍

  15. Frank Wright

    sounds awesome man..keep it country..👍👍👍👍👍

  16. Martin Ortiz

    Very cool.

  17. Constitutionalist

    Very well could be the next legend. He' got all the tools.

  18. JulesElway07

    Mo Pitney. A brilliant young artist with so much talent! Thank you Mo for keeping Real Country Music alive and well. my husband has been for 55 years of his 68 here on Earth. He's gettin back on that horse after a bout with cancer. Kenny Brent says His best pal Faron, and friends John Austin Paycheck, Waymore, Del(The Doodler) Reeves would all be proud of you and grateful as well.

  19. Eric Reitzel

    Never could afford to See Mr Merle Wish I had....Glad you did And Im glad you are with us and going to continue some classic Country Music....So youg, but so Old School at heart !

  20. mickey morlan

    love this kid

  21. Eric Reitzel

    Like everyone else said...Great Voice and Talent....Wish I could have Met Merle......You have so let Hear our next 3 Albums.......Go get em

  22. Gregg hatfield

    your awesome,, found ya looking at old timmers country Roy Clark and jonny man you good. Good luck my friend

  23. Conne Dillon

    Many newer Country singers don't have a clue about serious guitar playing. Watch dear Mo - this kid not only sings great but actually plays the guitar very, very well. Love this song - especially since Mo wrote it.

  24. David Brenneman

    You need to bring out an all-Merle Haggard album. Caught your version of The Farmer's Daughter. WOW. Just about spot-on with Merle's version. Keep it up, you got talent. Something that's entirely missing from Country Music today.

  25. Deb burley

    He is about the only good country music today

  26. Shirley Boerner

    Neville you're right

  27. Shirley Boerner

    your right, love him

  28. Eric Reitzel

    Wow ! your going to the top my friend....Wish I could have met the Hag....Great Voice.....Great Talent !

  29. K & E Fleming

    Don't lose those roots--- you have got it going and keeping up the traditional sounds of country or any style. Your style is what put you on the map. Love you and I am sure Merle did and does listen to you from Heaven.

  30. donna nash

    So glad I got to find a real country singer. Love this! Holly has a great voice also. After seeing the little thing on the side saying great version of Borrowed Angel and listening I was hooked. Mo Pitney is the first CD I have bought in several years. My last ones were older ones by Brad Paisley!! I love you Mo.. Keep it up honey.. Fantastic work. And was glad to hear the story on one of the videos in Larrys country diner about you singing in my hero (Buck Owens) studio!!

  31. Neville Dennis Kerr



    yes he will

  32. Robert Smith

    That is very cool

  33. guibox3

    A little too 'rocky' for good solid country but he has a great voice and is a great guitar player. I prefer his more traditional country songs.

    colin fairhurst

    listen to his other stuff very traditional

  34. Teagan P

    Wow, he's got a good country voice for how young he looks.

    Bill Hopkins

    I think he's only 22

    donna nash

    yes he does have a great voice and he is very young!! He's in his very early 20's!!

  35. Donna Johnson

    This guys amazing

  36. yvonne vaz saxena

    Such a great country voice from a guy as young as you. Mo, you are really gonna do do well for yourself. I love Merle Haggard and I hope you you reach as far as Merle one day. All the best Mo. Keep singing and making records.

  37. michelle G

    Who's gonna fill their shoes? Mo is 😊

    Ginger Silvers

    Merle Haggard the farmers dayghter

  38. Alpha Wolf


  39. Alpha Wolf

    I like this :)

  40. Duncan Ferguson

    Awesome :) :) starting to really like your stuff!!

  41. Jethrey Monroe

    Awesome Pickin' and Singin'! Great Song! Love it! I'm a new Mo Fan for life! I bet Merle loved it too! Meryl heard it right after it was written.

  42. Jeffrey Lancaster

    Awesome Pickin' and Singin'! Great Song! Love it! I'm a new Mo Fan for life! I bet Merle would've loved it too!

  43. Roman Silverfox

    because I met Merle Haggard today!! lol

  44. Cornelius Furnell

    mo your good a lovely voice and got a long way to go keep it rockin

  45. George Rawlings

    great singing

  46. Shelia Pea

    God, this kid, right here gives me hope that REAL country music isn't dead. Love, love, LOVE!!



    lila smith

    I wish that MO would release more official music. I believe he is good enough to be in the super stars of CMT. HE NEEDS A CHANCE TO MAKE IT BIG. I LIKE THE OLD WAY OF SINGING COUNTRY. He can bring some of that back where it belongs. The real country people want to hear COUNTRY not ROCK. THANKS IN MY OPINION

    Joey Paluga

    Totally Agree Sheila..
    If you get the chance , see him perform live.
    Even better person than musician :)

    Joey Paluga

    @lila smith absolutely lila

  47. Steven Watts

    No one can ever say that again :(

    j o

    Until we get to see him in heaven!

    Steven Watts

    what a concert they're having up there.

  48. Allen Knight

    he will live on with songs like this !.

  49. Irene Latte

    What a shame, Mr. Haggard passed today, on his birthday. Nice that Mo has this song about him.

  50. Steve G

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  51. Greg Wardell

    very strong voice

  52. Margaret Brown


  53. jmounce11

    This I just a rip off of "make up and faded blue jeans" by Merle. Not impressed. But good thing for like Mo keeping it country !

  54. marklhall

    My god, there's hope after all

  55. The Dillan Holliday

    So sad Merle isn't doing well... Hope he feels better


    He's out of the hospital now👍

  56. Michelle Jerman

    5566y6 the

  57. Angela Owens

    well waiting for his CD to come out thought I saw it but hubby says not out I love it's just s dog. he's gonna go far.

  58. steve

    That was great man!!!

  59. MaryKay Stevens

    I want to see this young man everywhere. !! Everyone is right, this kids needs a big break now! He has the most beautiful voice that has come along in the last 30 years.

  60. Mark Senter

    Wow! Help us save country music, Mo! Great job!

  61. 1bundy11

    You got a lot of Merle in your voice. I love Merle. Enjoyed it man!

  62. PamAndGarNH

    great live at mohegan this past weekend. love this song

  63. Hunter Bowers

    Bud I'll tell ya I play music I make music and I've tried to learn to play like that ... You sir have true talent and I hope to meet you one day and share musical talents

  64. Rhonda Bagley

    Hey folks, let's help get this guy's name out more. I just went on iheart and created a station with his name. Now, I'll 'thumbs up' all his songs. I'll do the same on AMAZON prime music. Then post on Facebook! Let's see if we can make him a household name. He deserves a big break!

  65. Lorri Thornhill

    Go Mo... Go.... we need more of you boo.... hahah Wow! loved it!

  66. SirElvi1

    Nice where can I buy it

  67. Norm E

    Mo, I really like the twist you add to the classics.  Your stuff is great to, thanks for making our day.

  68. Deneen Babin

    about 500 of these hits are me lol can't wait till you come to Ontario Canada! Go Mo!

  69. Sonia Leadingham

    Go mo !!!!!!!!

  70. Jason Lemley

    Hah give me some mo

  71. catchinbass86

    Great job.

  72. What Kendyle does daily

    So great Mo!! You're as talented as they come and then some!! You're style and sound makes me love country music that much more!!

  73. torpedonindy

    hey dude try to get airpay on the raido very good songs i play guitar and sing i know it's good

    Kentucky Lottery Scratcher

    His song "Country" is getting lots of AirPlay here in West Kentucky!


    thats great he should be air played he's good 

  74. Brandon Hinz

    I love it! sounds just like makeup and faded blue jeans! great job, you earned a new fan!

  75. Dan Noel

    He is great..even sounds like Merle in places!

  76. zacpricemusic

    Mo, you are an awesome guitar picker and songwriter. People like you inspire me to be a better player and songwriter! Keep on rockin man!

  77. Sellarmusic

    Great job Mo. You've got that special something that all the traditional greats have. So refreshing at a time when I can hardly stand to listen to crap that's passed off as country music today.  Like Bill Anderson, I was so impressed when you performed on Larry's Country Diner.  You're a great writer, guitar player and singer.  Your version of "Borrowed Angel" is the best I've ever heard.  I'm predicting here and now that just like Randy Travis did, you will help lead country music back to its traditional roots and become one of the greats yourself.

  78. Brandy Hernandez

    Is he signed, if not he needs to be. He is awesome, great voice!

    Jeremiah Smith

    @Brandy Hernandez He's signed to Curb. Lets hope they dont ruin him like they have countless other artists with a traditional sound.

    Brandy Hernandez

    Yes Yes let's hope, he is very very good

    Georgia Peach

    @Brandy Hernandez Mo signed with Curb over a year ago......in 2014! Pretty sure it was in May 2014. (or just before). Just following that, Mo debuted on the GRAND 'OLE OPRY - June 20, 2014!!! I hope that you are listening to ALL of his songs and interviews, etc., on YouTube! There is all sorts of "Mo" stuff out there! I even love to watch some home videos that are on YouTube:) Be SURE to listen to his new song, if you haven't already, called "Country"! Check out his website, too! He's moving SO FAST, I don't know how he's keeping up with all! A Mega-SuperStar has been born!!!

  79. Mark Wright

    Go Mo!
    Great Job!

  80. latokatn506

    Great  Talent IMO  A True country Voice So far He is Staying in The country Music With No Fake


    Love this!

  82. Monica Diaz

    Love, love, love Mo!