Pitney, Gene - True Love Never Runs Smooth Lyrics

Stand beside me all the while no matter what goes wrong
Separately we're weak, together we'll be strong

For true love never runs smooth,
But I don't care, 'cause
True love is worth all the pain,
The heartaches and tears that we may share

When the world outside my arms is pulling us apart
Press your lips to mine and hold me with your heart

For true love never runs smooth,
That's what they say,
But true love is worth all the pain,
The heartaches and tears we have to face

For true love never runs smooth,
That's what they say, but
True love is worth all the pain,
The heartaches and tears we have to face

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Pitney, Gene True Love Never Runs Smooth Comments
  1. leslie oliver

    reat song great singer

  2. Marjorie Dickinson

    Great photos n album covers

  3. denise lefeuvre

    I'm in love 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

  4. Linda Clarkston

    Love this song soooo much!! Miss you Gene!!

  5. MrMace224

    Gene was a cut above the rest.

  6. Mary Cope

    Listening in 2019〽️❤️🎼🎤

  7. kimbo 306


  8. Cindy Purnell

    i would not trade that music for anything; he was one of my faves

  9. robbo291181jessica

    I’m 32, loved him since I was 14! Beautiful music, with a meaning 🎶

  10. Fifi Ikayati

    True love never runs smooth

  11. Roger Ragland

    o gene getting down. U go buddy.

  12. Steve andrews

    Luv's cycles Like a SeeSAW ride/ Hold on I'm still here

  13. pedro daruna

    Man does this take  me  back.........

  14. Milton Moore

    Back in the day,
    it seemed like
    the hits would never end, and then they did!

  15. Carl Lawson

    brilliant UK artist of all time

    Philip Sidney

    Gene Pitney was an American.

  16. Giuseppina Federico

    Bellissima canzone che dice il vero sull'amore e Gene ci mette il cuore nel cantarla. Grazie al signor Brent per il testo

  17. Bill Moss

    He was fabulous.

  18. william stanney

    I wish young people these days could hear his songs -

    Carl Lawson

    william stanney true I'm 39 tho golden oldies songs can't beat


    They have their own music. Did you love your grandfather’s music?

  19. Janet Sapcote

    love this song x

  20. will schilt

    a time when singers could sing

    Reaver Bowerstone

    Singers can still sing


    Hey Im voicing a opinion, you dont like it dont reply back. Simple as that


    Hey I can talk nonsense all I want. Im voicing a opionion, you dont like it dont reply back, simple as that. You dont own the world, its a free country the world doesnt evolve around you.

    Milton Moore

    +jason75 Who
    in the heck are
    you writing your comments to?

  21. Graham Jones

    Pitney Pitney oh Pitney meant so much to so many people, made every man that heard your voice want to be a better person.... RIP

  22. Billy S

    I guess it's very apropos that this is yet another Bacharach/David song.

  23. Donna Palmer

    Thanx for the memories :) 

  24. Jane McKenna

    The title of the song is so apt!  Many of us have had so much heartache - but listening to tracks like this, ensures we are not alone.  R.I.P. Gene & some of your fans are with you too!

    Greg Taggi

    Jane McKenna - Jane......are you from Chicago??

  25. Lory Florio

    My favourite singer. I like all his Italian and American songs

    Shaun Wakefield

    love this underated song also live Petula Clarks more up tempo version.

  26. KatsinVoorhees

    back in the sixties, my boyfriend and I broke up for a few months.  When we got back together, I remember all our friends singing this song to us.

  27. Alan Vandersloot

    One of my favorite songs of all time- and my Favorite Gene Pitney song!  


    Ditto! And I didn't even know of this song until a few years after it came out even though it was on the air while I was in HS.

  28. Dana Gouette

    Should say "we have to pay"

    Sheri Gilmore

    +Dana Gouette,Yes you are right he is saying "pay" isn't he?

    Siegfried Gravemeyer

    Yes we have to pay not face

  29. OlRetro

    - For sure. He wrote some real dandies. Cheers, '62 Mathew St. (Total Retro Rock)

    Mookie Spindlehurst

    He did write some dandies, BUT THIS ISN'T
    Burt Bacharach composed the music, Hal David wrote the lyrics.

  30. jjs499

    Wow, im reading Burt Bacharac's new book" 'Any one who Had A Heart". Very interesting, incredible book/story. I might have known he wrote this Beautiful song. WOW such talent, he deserves all the accolades he gets.

  31. caroleroberts25

    @tom kalin .....find her...younever know....ithappened to me after 36 years....

  32. Hilary Gallant

    Amazing voice and true he is sorely missed x

  33. Hilary Gallant

    So sorry to hear that, God Bless !

  34. chucknchar T

    Once in a life time voice, I want to introduce my grown kids to Gene

  35. denise lefeuvre

    For true love never runs smooth
    But I don't care cos
    True love is worth all the pain the heartaches and tears
    That we may share

  36. Gary Hendrix

    I have been a huge Pitney fan since the early 60s. This may be my favorite. So many great songs; but this strikes a special cord.

  37. mark woodman

    very sorry for your loss fred

  38. dean24uk

    I Am quite happy with most of todays music being rubbish
    It gave me the chance to dig into music and find alot of golden oldies,
    And now i dont need new music the 50s 60s and 70s have said it all for me musically,
    But i was not born until the 80s, i guess im just weird

    John Gray

    You are obviously a person who appreciates great music and far from weird. Now that you have found the talent and voice that was Gene Pitney you will have many happy hours of listening pleasure.

  39. denise lefeuvre

    1 of me all time favs just love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  40. denise lefeuvre

    repeat button plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  41. tonyhgv

    gene pitney...LEGEND!!!!!!!! what a great track

  42. OlRetro

    Bachrach/David, right? Total killer song, singer, production - kool audio/vid - thanks! Cheers, '62 Mathew St. (Total Retro Rock)

  43. Denise Hartung

    Great song!from a great singer!

  44. fred flintstone

    One of our favorites back in 1963 when Donna and I started dating. Donna and I loved it so much we made it our song back then and it was still our song until cancer took the love of my life, my wife, Donna on 4/1/2012. Thanks for the post

  45. Michael Fennelly

    @Brent441 "we have to try" should read "we have to face"...

  46. codewall1

    The poetic lyrics of this song are almost transcendental and would stand alone a capella. Combined with music, that plaintive voice, so uniquely gene Pitney, and the studio arrangement, and you arrive as close to artistic perfection as it get gets!

  47. Tutone66

    I cannot believe this song only reached #21 on the charts. I suppose it's a testament to the quality of music in the 60s.

  48. Ross Ewage

    not only the prettiest song Gene ever recorded, but one of music's all time great ones. I remember hearing this in the summer of l963 on WBZ in Boston. whenever the nighttime personality, the incredibly witty and articulate Bruce Bradley, would play this song, he'd always say something like " a great song with poor English grammar..it should be 'True Love Never Runs Smooth-LY' "

    Rene LeClerc

    Ross, as much as I love this recording, I have to give the nod to "Only Love Can Break A Heart" as being Gene Pitney's prettiest song.

  49. Alan Moore

    what a song

  50. Charles Britton

    Too bad it wasnt in the movie

  51. dlkacz

    One of my favorites and here's a correction for you. Where it says "We have to try" in the 4th and 5th stanza, it should be "We have to face". Thanks for posting it.

  52. RandBForThee

    My favorite Gene Pitney tune. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Peter Ruff

    Google the lyrics it's not try or pay but fa-ce

  54. 69ssrszl1

    @mebanedeac47 Very true thanks.

  55. Robert Kunz

    Take a listen, "we have to try" sounds more like "we have to pay", which is more in tune with "worth" in "true love is worth all the pain, the heartaches and tears..."

    I also think you were correct the first time with "when the world outside my house..."

  56. fhardyb


    It's not "try" and it's not "face" as some have said. The lyric is "pay".

  57. doch57

    @60phile I did, and still in love.

  58. tgifa5

    Thanks for posting... great song, great voice

  59. chucknchar T

    i wish i could sing like gene, its amazing talent

  60. Tonithenightowl

    When you heard Gene or Orbison there was no doubt who was singing. Unique voices. Range to die for and delivery from the heart.

  61. soulguy10306

    Gene was the best, the most soulful of the white singers of the 60's - no surprise since he was a labelmate of Jimmy Radcliffe

  62. Sherryjay Lovkins

    gene hun, i feel you, i see you, i am truely blessed, all you guys need to beleive there is everlasting love. god bless you all. xx

  63. 247GPfan

    This is one of my all time favorites.I'm thankful to Burt Bacharach for choosing Gene to do this timeless song.

  64. vte4chg

    Gene, R.I.P.----Thank You

  65. RandyBful1

    No one can do Gene, but Gene!

  66. jarhead66

    Right on brother!

  67. sunshine

    i love this song over and over

  68. Wind SanduSterne


  69. chezfun

    No one can say it like Gene Pitney!

  70. Odessa4me


  71. evildcvma

    I'm old and expeirenced, grew up with Gene, this one hits the nail on the head, better to have loved and lost than to never haved loved.

  72. smitheree

    Lovely song

  73. vinylsingleman

    I think it's clearly "we have to PAY"

  74. arcallftw

    tyvole :D

  75. kwokwing

    About the LYRICS. " we have to try " ? Could be we have to bear, pay or bring , I am not sure.
    Thanks for posting.

  76. Cynicus Smith

    Bacharach-David song.
    Couldn't go wrong.

  77. tgifa5

    Thanks for posting this. I still love Gene Pitney music. I saw him in concert, along with Chad and Jeremy, years ago, he was fantastic!

  78. singinjohnny

    Beautiful song! One of my favorite Gene Pitney songs. I love the musical arrangement as well with the mandolin (or some kind of lute), chimes, and musette accordion. There's definitely a European flavor to this wonderful recording.

  79. Jim Sieferman

    Although he had many great hits, this was my favorite of Gene's. What a voice!! So sorely missed.

  80. Benjamin Lukoff

    Nice, but I prefer Petula Clark's version...

  81. Anouman

    just sensational - give in to the emotion and ride the borderlands of heartache

  82. rirover

    Linny...this is for you


    This is one of Bacharach & David's more underappreciated opuses.

  84. speedy45rpm

    A Pitney classic from the wonderful summer of 1963. Very under-rated. Thanks so much for posting it.