Pitney, Gene - Town Without Pity Lyrics

When you're young and so and love as we
And bewildered by the world we see
Why do people hurt us so
Only those in love would know
What a Town Without Pity can do..

If we stop to gaze upon a star
People talk about how bad we are...
Ours is not an easy age
We're like tigers in a cage
What a Town Without Pity can do..

The young have problems Many problems
We need an understanding heart..
Why don't they help us, try to help us
Before this clay and granite planet falls apart...

Take these eager lips and hold me fast..
I'm afraid this kind of joy can't last
How can we keep love alive
How can anything survive
When these little minds tear you in two..
What a town Without Pity can do..

How can we keep love alive
How can anything survive
When these little minds tear you in two..
What a town Without Pity can do..

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Pitney, Gene Town Without Pity Comments
  1. dav01kar

    IMO this was one of his best.

  2. DMC

    He's only 21 here what a voice .

  3. Sherika Addison

    Hairspray 🧴😂 brought me here!

  4. Truth Hurts

    The original and much better version of Hairspray brought me here

  5. guru-in-drag


  6. NancyBaron1

    Try to see the movie- you won't believe what was controversial in the late 50's early 60's .I'm so sad that he died alone in a hotel room with no one to call for help when he had a fatal heart attack. God bless!

  7. NancyBaron1

    My mother worked for a movie theater and sneaked me in when I was about thirteen yrs. old. It was a controversial topic at the time but she knew I could handle it. No problem.

  8. Lenny Ershov

    Nazis brought me here

  9. Irishman Rants

    Silent Hill in a nutshell

  10. William George Sr.

    Why isn't Gene Pitney a great voice in the Rock and Roll Hall oh Fame It's ashame

  11. Victor Dykes - Fakolujo

    Brilliant music!!!

  12. Jane Causey

    Defined an era.

  13. Rahul Saldanha

    man in the high castle

  14. montanari francesco

    piccolo Gene quanto mi piacevi......!

  15. Ashley Harris

    Look who’s talking brought me here 2019

  16. Brandi

    Who’s here with me in November 2019?💙

    usmale 49

    I sure am! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    montanari francesco

    me ....from Italy......this song number 8 in Italy november 61

    Michael Franklin

    Keep the faith! For some reason this song bugged me and made me depressed as a 6 year old kid. But now, I can truly appreciate the complicated and brooding atmosphere this song evokes. Pure early turbulent '60s that the world might never have the pleasure of reliving again.

    Jimmy Cranston

    December 2019 ;-)


    We love you and we're here!

  17. RGGn DFW

    Brings back mems when I was a little boy and my mom was ironing or washing dishes, Still holds up.

  18. divadee183

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark brought me here 😆

  19. Dr. killpatient

    Love the film noir feel of this song. Keeps it eternally hip, & cool.

  20. Hope Parker

    That voice is irreplaceable. Great voice. 😍

  21. James Turner

    What a voice love this song

  22. Doug Piranha

    Dinsdale and me, we ran a town without pity.

  23. Scott Angell

    Here were the original lyrics.

    He was running for the bathroom door
    Couldn't hold it in anymore
    But he lost control of it
    And he began to sh*t
    Right outside the bathroom door

    Standing there defecating
    The odor was nauseating
    Stink Stank Stunk
    As chunk after chunk

    Slid down onto the floor
    Right outside the bathroom door.

  24. sarah gale

    Hairspray original version xxxxxxx

  25. Gypsy Witch

    I'm in love with him

  26. Deborah Hall

    Am I the only one who feels like this is about being young, gay, and in love back before that was acceptable?

  27. bonniebairn

    What fabulous talent.

  28. Try Hard

    *The Man in the High Castle Season 1 Episode 9 brought me here*

  29. JcP jean-claude

    i discovered this song a month ago..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm very enjoy!!!!a very good song and a great voice !!! !

  30. Stella Ercolani


  31. william heppner

    love the movie the theme of movie

  32. Jeff Dowell

    Wise guy music

  33. Prestina Mccall

    Gets me everytime!👍😍


    Colonna sonora del film grasso è bello

  35. Elo Escriva p

    Que bello eres tan joven y tan bello con una voz preciosa xxxxxxElo

  36. Prateek Misra

    More like....

    'Town Without Pitney'

    Alright I'll show myself out

  37. Sherry Keough

    as a child driving thru connecticut we were lost and asked for directions. We actually landed at Gene Pitney's house asking for directions, unaware it was his place of residence. His red headed and charming wife opened up her doors and welcomed us to swim at their fine beachfront. What heart to welcome in a strange, tired, hot ,and sweaty family. I understand Mrs. Pitney that you lost your dear husband Gene a few years back. I just wanted to express to you my deep gratitude toward my family, and that your kind act of compassion I have carried in my heart all these years. Thank you for your kindness shown then.

  38. Belvin Sweat

    One of my favorite songs by Gene.

  39. gyrovague

    This be gangsta.

  40. SONY

    Awesome is too weak of a word for this song...Beyond AWESOME...WOW!!!

  41. Ariel fangirl Mendez

    You that song came on the movie casino.

  42. Erik Banksy

    Soy el comentario #500

  43. Dr. killpatient

    Has just this cool film-noir sound.

    Marcel Audubon

    Yes, very louche

  44. lw bren

    Lard liked this

  45. Kevin Rafferty

    What a great song. How different to the garbage we hear today.

  46. Philip Mayer

    One of my favourite songs of all time.
    Thanks for all the photos -
    I didn't realise he was so good looking.


    Colonna sonora del film senti chi parla

  48. Juliana Davila

    I can repeat this song on and on until late night!!!!So beautiful!!!!

  49. damarion price


  50. Rosalind Carrington

    This song only reminds me of that movie of sane title song can relate to many cities

  51. bisonette5

    I went through basic training in the Air Force with Gene Pitney. After training all week, on Saturdays we had to pull KP (kitchen police for the uninformed). Gene wanted to be like the rest of us and do KP. The Officer's Club had other ideas. They wanted him to sing for them. He resisted. He was one of us. They threatened him with an Article 15 (a level below Court Martial). So he sang. We all respected him for trying to be with us on KP. He was quiet, but a nice guy. And a REAL good singer.

    Rene LeClerc

    What is with all the fairy stories here on YouTube? Gene Pitney was never drafted and did not enlist in the armed forces.

  52. Gandalf Shakur

    Town Without Pit(ne)y

  53. Edward Bottomsworth

    an even sadder song would be "World Without Pitney"

  54. Almudena Carnero

    Alo saludos te call me espage grc grc grc.

  55. David Sheriff

    Song writer for many other stars of that era..I had all his songs

  56. Jill

    I was alive.....then.....whatta hearthrob !!

  57. james pasifull

    I think you'll find Eddi Reader made a pretty good version, but, like most songs, the original will usually be the best.

  58. Aldo Forliti

    Sempre nel mio çuore indimenticabile

  59. Fredy Canchari


  60. Dylan Beebe

    Now that's entertainment

  61. Jan Ruytenbeek

    Miss you Gene....,.,Thx!

  62. Rosey01222

    What a singing talent! Whatever song he sang he made it his own. No one could sing it like him. With genuine passion.

  63. petzefisch


  64. Keala David

    The show cold case brought me here from the episode a time to hate. Great song

  65. Diane Anderson

    6th July 2019 still listening to this classic.

  66. Maggie B

    CT native. Enfield to be exact. . Great song.

  67. Squee Dow

    Being blessed to be born into this era brought me here. I wouldn't trade my era and its music for any other!

  68. Tom Baker

    Love the words & the whole feel of this song. I know it's a cliché, but they just don't write 'em like this any more!

  69. music loversaxgirl

    My first kiss was to this. Man walked on the moon same day :)

  70. Todd Kimmell

    Being a punk rock kid at the end of the 70s through the 80s didn't mean we listened to the latest rip snortin' punk sounds all the time. Yeah, we went to those shows and had those records, but the thing was to have tons of great music that was off the radar and share that with your friends... ALL the time! Town Without Pity is a great example of that. Knowing it and being able to sing it really loud at the drop of a hat for the sheer drunken hell of it was the gold membership.

  71. Doug Carruthers

    I'm sorry but I can't listen to this without Picturing John Travolta bursting through the door belting it out

  72. Maria Rosa

    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖DÉLICIEUX,,,,,,,,,, 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  73. Cristian Reyes

    Corny Collins sock hop slow dance

  74. Matthew Adkins

    Love that occasional roar in his voice.

  75. Eliseo Tess

    Completely in love with this song

  76. sgt lamancha

    A most appropriate song for this day and age...

  77. Richard Lawson

    This wonderful song was associated with then divided Berlin in some movie. It did fit.

  78. maxine Gray

    Many people just discovering Gene Pitney and his music are obviously not aware what a force he was in music in the early sixties. Definitely deserves his place in the R&R Hall Of Fame. In my humble opinion 'Every Breath I Take' is an absolute masterpiece - composed by Goffin and King (Carole), musical arrangement by Phil Spector and sung by Gene Pitney. Songs he wrote include 'He's A Rebel', 'I Wanna Love My Life Away', 'Hello Mary Lou', 'Todays Teardrops', 'Harmony', 'Marianne', 'Aladdins Lamp'. A brilliant sound engineer, this man could do it all - and did!! He was successful at Country and Western, voted Italy's Top Singer in 1964 and made a point of going to the countries where his records did well hence he was extremely popular in the UK, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Thank Heaven, 'cause this meant I was able to see him live in Christchurch, New Zealand when he was at his best. An unforgettable moment. The only singer I keep listening to again and again and again.

  79. Bob Jones

    He is in rock and roll hall fame.he deserves it.cause of his music and songs he wrote.Hes a rebel and hello Mary Lou and rubber ball

  80. David Emery

    single women in pa

  81. Diamond fangle megalodon

    Golden oldie and still so nice.

  82. Ms. Gutsy Mummy

    Chastity Pariah: And now I understand she is out looking for a job

  83. Alex Holub

    This is another number done by Gene Pitney that wasn't used in the film (same as Liberty Valence).

    maxine Gray

    Hi Alex - The film wasn't successful when first released. When this song was recorded by Gene Pitney and used in the film the film then went from the red into the black. As you rightly say, because of a dispute between United Artists and Paramount?, Liberty Valance (the film) did not include the song sung by Gene.

  84. Robert Henderson


  85. Tonette Lee

    The original hairspray with Ricki lake and devine

  86. Jambis Dean

    That was a fucking religious experience.. it feels like my soul just left my body

  87. Robert Henderson


  88. 59larro

    The official song of the Town of Cicero, IL.

    Marcel Audubon

    haha!  I shudder to think what Stickney's town song might be

  89. ed polk

    The Intro sounds like a James Bond movie.

    Marcel Audubon

    Town Without Pity *was* a movie.. but a very different kind of movie than 007

  90. Robert Henderson


  91. roneparker46


    Marcel Audubon

    coz it's a country without pity ... happy brexit!

  92. Born March 26 1979 Buffalo ny

    I made a independent horror movie for my college thesis and I use the song in the opening credits this was before the internet was popular I had so many questions of what the song was? I grew up with this type of music my grandparents would have a couple of drinks on Saturday night and this music would be the stuff playing and they would dance to

  93. Robert Henderson


  94. Kristian Martins


  95. Baskerville22

    A rather poor song, but Gene adds his class & gives it a lift to respectability.

    Marcel Audubon

    poor? you're joking ...I've thought of the lyrics to this song many times in my life, poor songs don't stay with you like that

  96. Joni Michalski

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sad Song

  97. Colby Stilton

    This song is so very well-crafted to create the mood for which the writer, arranger, producer and singer all must have aimed. Superb result.

  98. Brenda Davis

    Everyone who gave applause re gene pitney are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I love all of his songs. Such a voice.

    Is he still living? Does anyone know?

    Maggie Quinn

    NO.Been gone 13 yrs 2019.

    maxine Gray

    Hi Brenda In 2006 Gene Pitney had completed 14 shows of a 23 show tour. At the end of his last show in Wales, after 90 minutes on stage after which he received a standing ovation, he returned to his hotel and died overnight. He died of badly occluded arteries but apparently passed peacefully. This was a man who looked after himself so his unexpected death was a huge shock to his fans, many who remained loyal fans for years and who miss him greatly. Yes, I am one such fan. He was born 17th February and died 5th April 2006. I never tire of listening to this man's voice and how he delivers a song. There are some wonderful YouTube clips of Gene singing live - 'Town Without Pity' (when he was only 21 years old), 'That Girl Belongs To Yesterday', 'It Hurts To Be In Love' (1964), 'Trans Canada Highway' and 'Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart' posted by Yuri Aguiar. My favourite Gene Pitney song is 'Every Breath I Take'. Patrick Teater has posted 'Gene Pitney - Music 45RPM Records - 1960-1965' which gives the listener 1:43:29 mins (NO ADS) of Gene Pitney's music. You may also enjoy a concert he performed in 2000, when he was aged 60, which can be found on YouTube. He played guitar, piano and drums, was a brilliant sound engineer, sang in Italian, Spanish and German and was a real force in music in the early sixties. Married for almost 40 years to Lynne (his high school sweetheart) he had three sons - Todd, Chris and David. Not just a great performer but a really lovely man.