Pitney, Gene - She's A Heartbreaker Lyrics

I've got another heartbreaker on my hands
Girl, I can't stand up to you and be a normal man
My heart can't take it, I'm fallin' in love with you
You'll trap me into doin' things I wouldn't ordinarily do
You're dynamite, you've got me uptight
The way you sock it to me, girl, you're outta sight

Heartbreaker, heartbreaker
Heartbreaker, heartbreaker

She's a heartbreaker and all my buddies know
She makes me feel like a king behind closed doors
When we're out on a date and none of it shows
She makes me feel like the lowest man on the totem pole
She's dynamite, she's got me uptight
The way you sock it to me, girl, you're outta sight

Heartbreaker, heartbreaker
Heartbreaker, heartbreaker

What a heartbreaker, the devil on wheels
Whatever you got, you sure make me feel real
I'll keep on hangin' out, hangin' in as long as I can
I can't help myself, here I go again
You're dynamite, you've got me uptight
The way you sock it to me, girl, you're outta sight

Heartbreaker, heartbreaker
Heartbreaker, heartbreaker

Heartbreaker, heartbreaker
Heartbreaker, heartbreaker
My heartbreaker, heartbreaker
Oh heartbreaker, heartbreaker

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Pitney, Gene She's A Heartbreaker Comments
  1. MrSteveb80

    one of the best, he left us way to soon.

  2. de Hoins

    Nicht nur für die damalige Zeit, eine Mords Song.

  3. Kevin Morris

    This song has a very unique combination with some of the best guitar licks along with 4 of the most dated lines of all time " she's dynamite, she's got me uptight, the way you sock it to me, you're out of sight". My favorite GP song.

  4. lee christopherson

    good. thanx

  5. taminator013

    Gene Pitney's all time best...........

  6. John LaStrada

    The best rock song Gene Pitney ever recorded -- hot and relentless. Great voice. The orchestra really works well on this. He wasn't known for this type of track but as usual, it works for him.

  7. Louis Ramos


  8. Julieta Ballester

    1968 really heartbreaking.

  9. groovinmoose

    You're dynamite, ya got me up tight, the way you sock it to me girl...you're out of sight YA!!

  10. Sultry Sue

    I had more fun with this song in high school than anyone could have imagined. The quarterback on our high school football team was after me and his team mates sang this song to him on the field during practice. He was so bumbling and disrespectful to girls just because he thought he could score with anyone. Yeah, with an 1 win, 9 loss record. Right

  11. DH Quin

    Used to listen to this while riding back from high school on the bus. The song was frequently played on a now-defunct Los Angeles AM radio station. It brings back a lot of good memories.

  12. Ymous Anon

    Gene's soul music song .

  13. jennifur sun

    once again LOVE LOVE THAT DRUM AND LEAD GUITAR. for some reason this song reminds me of the singer who did Mustang Sally



  15. Paula SCOTT

    Great!!! Timeless...passion plus...love it.

  16. Roger Black

    Dreadful ! Must be his worst ever .Can`t believe people say this is his best .Have they heard Town Without Pity . 24 Hours , Something Gotten Hold etc  Not real .

  17. doo58wop

    The hardest rocker I can ever remember Gene recording yet he still pulled it off. A great singer can sing in any genre!

    jennifur sun

    you never saw Eddie Cochran

  18. Lut Van den Berghe

    one of the best

  19. halbie71

    Good song, I had this 45 back in '68

    Rich Miller


  20. Linda Petrongelli


  21. Laird Sasser

    one stupid-ass fucked up ditty

  22. Westfield Recording

    The GREATEST BRIDGE in the history of music IMHO

  23. 7777LORENZO

    One just one of his BEST songs and he has many ! Love him Thank-you

  24. James Nunnelley

    GO GENE!!!!!!

  25. badmom2 goody

    The Best!!!

  26. Doug Brooker

    Very cool song . . . very much in the style of a northern soul song from the early 70's.

    David Thaw

    I agree heard this in 70s at soul c.

  27. BF6ct


  28. k Kwok

    Thank you for posting this great song. It is belated but RIP Mr Pitney. Thanks for the music

  29. Teresa Kraft

    One of my favorite songs...ever

  30. centralparocker 888

    Cool song....

  31. UoyEtahIrm

    This is clearly a 45 RPM turned from 33 1/3 RPM. 

    It doesn't make sense when it is sped up.

    Jaime Ramirez

    No, it isn't.  This is the original speed.  It wouldn't make sense slowed down.


    @Jaime Ramirez Try listening to it slowed down on my channel... It puts the original version to shame.

  32. Carlos Aguilar

    Is that Darlene Love in the background of the photo starting at 3:03 in the video?  That woman has been everywhere in her time!  Gene Pitney, what a unique and terrific voice.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQKqoVUGKak must have been around same time as this judging by the hairdo

    Barbara Harney

    It is Darlene Love, she presented him when he was inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame in 2002.

    Barbara Harney

    All you Gene fans should come over to the Gene Pitney Show on Facebook!


    Barb, is it this group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/127453277828049/

  33. floyd robinson

    that song reminds me of this girl from st. louis  i had a crush on in 5th gr. her name was alma

  34. Abradax147

    My favorite Gene Pitney...thank you for sharing

  35. Gary Brice

    @:42 he sure had some big mitts on him!

  36. Red Vynil

    Electric sitar!

  37. Sal Belleci

    I had Gene Pitney's  ITALIANO One of My Favorite Songs."E Se Domani" Im Sicilian but Dont understand or Speak it :)

  38. red meat

    The only Gene Pitney record I ever owned.  What a voice!

  39. janis crutchfield

    Sent to me by my sweet love Henri Paul❤

  40. joe wardle

    excellent song gene, sadly left us now , hey guys did you know , this song is still played today at northern soul gigs around the country , legend !!!!!!!!!!

  41. Scott MacGillivray

    I'm right in line behind you. This is my favorite Pitney record.

  42. Howard B. Chak

    I really like his music.

  43. Toni Cordova

    Thanks for posting. Great song, great artist, great year for music. Takes me back to 1968-what a year!

  44. Robert Cohen

    spring of l968.

  45. gerdeen

    Pitney, from Connecticut, was an extremely versatile entertainer. He not only did standard pop and rock, but also sang country and had some European hits in the Italian language. He remained popular internationally after his fame had faded in the States. He died while on tour in Britain in 2006. He seems to have been a fun-loving guy. The obituary that he had prepared for himself mentioned his wife, his kids, his ex-wife and his dog.

  46. fmazzar

    this was a very cool sound that held it's own during a period in pop music that did not favor the solo artist

  47. Abradax147

    Ty, ty for loading this! I think it's his best song. What a voice!

  48. Bobbie Askren

    Great audio on this masterpiece !!
    Happy Birthday yesterday, Gene !! Rest In Peace...

  49. marie55

    Love Gene Pitney! Pure soul, pure sensuality!!

  50. Tonithenightowl

    No one beats Pitney.

  51. Kevin

    What year was this?

    r s

    1966. Bluebird bar, Atlantic City, N. J.

  52. Kevin

    Love the way he screams, "Heart breaker" here! What a great song!!

  53. efrem1

    Google Books has the old Billboard magazines up now. I checked out the Hot 100 from June 1968 and came across this song. Definitely different from his earlier tunes.

  54. Pilar Rivadeneira

    excelente cancion de Gene Pitney

  55. zanetierney

    just love this song!!!

  56. Kevin

    liking it!

  57. DJ stalky

    My best friend is gene pitneys son!!!!

    jennifur sun

    wonder if he sings?

    Barbara Harney

    Which son, Todd?

  58. Bobby Heffley

    @spacepatrolman A heart attack killed him at age 66.

    jennifur sun

    wow he was only a year older then me

  59. chemicalsoup

    Well done video, liked it. Great song. Thanks for posting it!

  60. centralparocker

    One of the truly great songs of the 60's....

  61. Pilar Rivadeneira

    excelente cancion se paso de serie muy buena

  62. Seikei San

    He was one of the all time Greats. Saw him Live at Valley Forge Music Fair. He was awesome. Great Voice & Great songs. He will be missed. Sadly he Died way to young...

  63. My Daddy Cool

    this was the first Gene Pitney song i ever heard. His voice is ... different. That is why his music is so good. it is not the same.
    I just found this and I am going now to sub and friend. Thanks.

  64. TheHardcase

    Summer 1968. A crazy time, and this song was right in the middle of it.

  65. SuperDragonWagon

    /happy birthday !Gene 70 Years Young today 2/17/2011

  66. Andrew Conicello

    I think his death was sad and lonely. I would like to see some kind of investigation.
    His music will resonate forever!

  67. Shilo Harrington

    I miss Gene, the music world lost a brilliant musician and singer.

  68. Bobbie Askren

    Gene Pitney was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2002... Sometimes, they get it right...

  69. 46razzledazzle

    I thought that I was the only one that thought this was one of Gene's best hits. Very few people remember this one.

  70. Bobbie Askren

    One of my favorite Gene Pitney songs... Thanks for posting!!... RIP Gene...