Pitney, Gene - Princess In Rags Lyrics

There's a girl who lives down the track
In a little shack made of timber wood
And her clothes are all hand-me-downs
From the folks in town who treat her so good

Though she hasn't got a dime
I'm so proud that she's all mine
'cause to me she's a princess in rags

Now her dad, he's a worn-out man
Prayin' if he can make enough to eat
And her mom cleans for everyone
Till the day is done just to make ends meet

All her wealth is in her charms
And the sweetness of her arms
How I love my poor princess in rags

I know some day I'll find a way
To take her out of this old place
I'll work and slave, scrimp and save
To change her rags to silk and lace

Though it hurts and my body aches
From the pain it takes just to set things right
But for now I must be content
With each moment spent in her arms each night

She's the only girl for me
And some day it's gotta be
Just me and my princess in rags

She's the only girl for me
And some day it's gotta be
Just me and my princess in rags

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Pitney, Gene Princess In Rags Comments
  1. Christine Klinger

    Had anyone ever seen the resemblance between Gene Pitney and actor Richard Thomas when they were younger? I tell you what if they made an biography movie on Gene's life and musical career Richard Thomas could play him.

  2. Paul butcher Lucas skegness

    Belter reminds me of being a 12/13 year old boy dad had it on cassette in motor hated it growing up but now i listen to all of the same stuff i did as a youth (35) now lol

  3. Ken Hatchett

    Don’t know why but I think gene Pitney was more popular in the uk than he was in his own country,he seemed to be always performing here.

  4. Ken Hatchett

    A true legend.

  5. Katherine Hollada

    a new one for me but GENE is so awesome. Love and miss him.

  6. Randal mc'murphy

    wonderful stuff

  7. bernard Hudson-Scott

    My little brother who passed 29 years loved this song. I think about him when hear it. Nice memories.

  8. Annie Aston

    Classic by gen

  9. Angel Murfpy

    Woww 💞 super love this song ❤️

  10. Same Old Thing

    Wow! I'm glad I discovered this man's music!

  11. Thomas Holland

    Lovely Song That Tugs At The Heart Strings

  12. Marlene Sullivan


  13. wynn

    My Grandpa wrote this

  14. Betty Burke

    One of the greats

  15. Brian Moore

    Could some one please tell me what the time signature of this song is, it's driving me up the wall.

    John McGloughlin

    Brian Moore princess in rags

    Brian Moore

    Time signature. Like three quarter time, four quarter time. Stuff like that.

  16. PAULINE Taylor

    Liberty val was,nt his first song, he got that because of his
    Success with Town without Pity

    Joan Marks

    His first 45 was "I Wanna Love My Life Away"

  17. PAULINE Taylor

    Just another fab song, the Gene Genie was the perfect package.

  18. Krissie Roberts

    just love this mam .could listen to him all day n night .wow that voice ..rip our gean xxx

  19. C Armstrong

    This song sounds a lot like Come A Little Bit Closer by Jay and The Americans.

  20. Janet Sapcote

    lov this song

  21. SteveonLI

    sounds very very close to 'save the last dance for me'

  22. SteveonLI

    wow this is a good song. i never heard it before. i heard of it today reading a UK obit of billy joe royal

    Same Old Thing

    I just found him through the Rolling Stones!!

  23. gerry o'keeffe

    I miss my brother who sang this song memories

    declan o'keeffe

    I'm an o'keeffe,no bull! Loss is a terrible thing.When my mother had the remaining brothers to carry our kin to the church and grave

    Janet Abbott

    @declan o'keeffe

    leslie baines

    Janet Abbo

  24. Ellen Reichwehr

    DieStimme ist einmalig!

  25. JuiceGrape

    It's gene pitney, so expected her to die for some reason.

  26. Philip Dickinson

    same here

  27. beavisbonce

    True talent

  28. maldy williams

    The years roll back when i listen to this, superb.

  29. TeAorangi Hina

    remember my grandaddy playing this <3 miss you gradad <3

  30. SeanAkaMcGlitch2

    gene pitney one of the first artists to harmonize his own voice.


    Connie Francis; "Sound on Sound" From the middle 50's.

    Cris Coleman

    One other who harmonized with his own voice was Neil Sedaka.

  31. Benson Stone

    Great song, but it's never been on one of his greatest hits anthologies. Wonder why?

    Cris Coleman

    I'd never heard of it, but I did noticed it got to #37 in the US. It's not one mine, either.

  32. Chris Sawyer

    RIP Gene. I saw him perfom, in Guildford, when I was 16, & he was a youngster not much older! Now, Im married to a fan, these past 42, going on 43 years next March, & we have some of his albums & play them. Thanks to youtube, we can fil in the gaps!

  33. Pilar Rivadeneira

    estas lindas canciones nunca se olvidaran te queremos gene

  34. singerlinger123

    reminds me of my granny she loved gene pitney she passed away in 1981 at the age of 54 i will never forget her i am now 48 and still luv listening to him and remembering my granny luv you RIP cya soon

  35. Andrew Bramwell

    @Tinker1066 same as me,My mother played Gene Pitney constantly

  36. Anthony Hayes

    my dear old mum love this man and his songs, thank you Mr Pitney i play this song as it reminds me so much of her and she loved this song, thank you once again

  37. Tonithenightowl

    Gee I haven't heard this one in ages but I remember it well. I'm a huge Pitney fan and will go to my grave being one. He was and is the best of the best.

  38. Kim

    Wow... what timing... would've loved to have seen him in concert... :)

  39. Kim

    Thanks... glad others share the same kind of memories...

  40. MrCubic1

    Another of my absolutely favorites , all times

  41. SoloPilot6

    "I only saw him in concert once" is what the sentence says.

  42. John L

    How can you really be close to him when you only saw him in concert?
    Dream on!

  43. Nigel Smith

    MrKimmber72 wow I have the same memories so when he came to the UK in my hometown I had to see him live and sadly he passed away a week later.

  44. Kim

    My best memories of my childhood are of my mom and I singing his songs while doing dishes, chores, or just simply lying around the house... Thank you for posting all of them....

  45. Linda Page

    Wow. Does the talent live on in the family?