Pitney, Gene - Nobody Needs Your Love Lyrics

I've tried so hard to make you see
That I'd be what you want me to be
But no matter what I do
I just can't get through to you
You don't want to love me
Or are you tired of me?

Ohh take my heart
That's all I've got to give
If you don't want me
I don't want to live
Don't run away to somebody new
Nobody needs your love more than I do
Nobody needs your love more than I do

Why can't it be like before?
Don't you need me anymore?
Why do I go on this way?
You don't hear a word I say
If you care about me
Please don't leave without me

Ohh take my heart
That's all I've got to give
If you don't want me
I don't want to live
And baby please don't say that we're through
Nobody needs your love more than I do [repeat while fading]

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Pitney, Gene Nobody Needs Your Love Comments
  1. Ken Hatchett

    One of the best from the great man

  2. Louise Wilson

    Fabulous song One of the greats!!

  3. Emma Emma

    My parents haven't been the greatest over the years and sadly we are no longer in contact.

    On the rare good days they played us records

    This song breaks my absolute heart reminding me of them and how I used to sing the words to them both in my head 💔

  4. Louise Wilson

    What a singer What a song!!

  5. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1966 {June 17th} Gene Pitney performed "Nobody Needs Your Love" on the British ITV network television program, 'Ready Steady Go!'...
    At the time the song was at position #18 on the United Kingdom's Official Top 50 Singles chart, four weeks later it would peak at #2* {for 1 week} and it spent thirteen weeks on the Top 50...
    Between 1961 and 1989 the Hartford, Connecticut native had twenty one records on the UK Singles chart, eleven made the Top 10 with one peaking at #1, "Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart" with Marc Almond, for four weeks in 1989...
    Gene Francis Alan Pitney passed away at the age of 66 on April 5th, 2006 {heart attack}...
    May he R.I.P.
    * The week that "Nobody Needs Your Love" was at #2 on the Top 50 chart, the #1 record for that week was "Sunny Afternoon" by the Kinks...
    In addition he had one other record peak at #2, "I'm Gonna Be Strong", for two weeks in November of 1964...

  6. Paula Ashley

    Nobody needs your love more than l do Gene , gorgeous man gorgeous voice , so rare and full of passion ,gone too soon too young ,Gene had so much more to give ,l loved him when l first heard him in the 60s ,still do R I P darling God Bless You See you with the angels , Just One Smile ,Paula xxx

  7. Paula Ashley

    Gorgeous man Gorgeous song Love the Great Gene ,all his songs he sings effortlesly Rare beautiful voice up there with the greats , gone too soon and too young R I P darling Gene you are loved by many , Just One Smile ,Paula xxx .

  8. Elaine McGarry

    One of THE best singers of all time.

  9. sarah holland

    ive had enough x

  10. Margaret Roberts

    Can't stop playing this song ,I remember hearing it when I was a little girl but forgot who sang it love his voice with the background music out of this world

  11. Margaret Roberts

    Love this song

  12. sarah holland

    I've tried so hard to make you see, that id be what you want me to be, But no matter what I do I just cant get through to you.
    You don't want to love me, or are you tired of me x ooorrr take my heart that's all I've got to give. if you don't want me then I don't want to live xxx Why cant it be like before x u don't want me anymore x

  13. janice graham

    this is what i wanted to say to my daughter's dad but he ran out of my folks house so fast after he found out that was his little girl that i couldn't get in a word edge wise so i waited 48 yrs before i tryed to find him . to at least get to see him before i died or he did still love him to this day and my daughter got to see him for the first time. nobody needed his love like i did

  14. Diane Edgar

    He is playing with my nerves

  15. Diane Edgar

    Never seen a slow man like that

  16. Diane Edgar

    Well show me my love

  17. truth

    Hello Bob Moore. Know how you feel. My sweethaert was call Elaine - she dedicated this record to me in a letter... how I regret never replying - she's still in my heart 45 yrs on

    Bob Moore

    was only 16

    Bob Moore

    should ave been aving fun !!!!

  18. hippie dylan

    luvly,the great gene.

  19. Greg Maxwell

    Saw him in '68.  A fan for life. Great singer.

    Chris Sawyer

    1962 myself.

  20. Colin Baker

    He never managed a solo UK no 1, but this and I'm Gonna Be Strong both reached number 2. Ask people to say his biggest hit and they'll say 24 Hours From Tulsa. Nobody Needs Your Love ahould have an instrumental break and a reprise of the chorus. It finishes too soon.

    Jack Alexander

    you are aware you can just listen to it again?

    janice graham

    why not both?

  21. spartanbradley11

    Gene Pitney, great singer, wonderful songs and so good looking
    Verna x

  22. Richard Keogh


  23. paul Ridgway

    my absolute fave pitney track,

  24. shonazadog

    I've had this song going round in my head for 40 years and never knew who sang it! I just googled it and there it was ... thank you very much!

    Margaret Roberts

    shonazadog its the same with me ,just came across it on you tube and couldn't t believe who sang it .

  25. nedthebed07

    Massive song from Gene especially his harmony, didn't know Randy wrote it though.

  26. computerrage

    @sweetnpeachy1 Written by the great Randy Newman now an Oscar winner

  27. kldwallace

    me likes gene pitney

  28. Susanne Andersson

    Such a sad song :(

  29. Yvonne Lycett

    there will never be a voice quite like this one. Makes me goose bumpy

  30. Thylaylii

    Wow, lucky!

  31. Mats Oost

    i noticed the same, should be i dont want to live i think

  32. tom kielty

    so glad i saw him in concert in edinburgha few years ago


    Another early Randy Newman tune. Unlike "Just One Smile," I can actually picture what this might sound like with the composer singing it.

  34. sipenholz

    very very nice !
    thanks again and lots of love from belgium !