Pitney, Gene - Mecca Lyrics

I live on the West side, she lives on the East side of the stree-ee-eet
And though they say that East is East and West is West
And never the twain shall meet
Each morning I face her window and pray that our love can be
'Cause that brownstone house where my baby lives
Is Mecca (Mecca, Mecca, Mecca) Mecca (Mecca, Mecca) to me-e-e-e-e-e.

Oh she's my dream goddess and her ruby lips are so div-i-ine
And though her folks say we're too young to know of love
I worship at her shrine
Each morning I face her window and pray that our love can be
'Cause that brownstone house where my baby lives
Is Mecca (Mecca, Mecca, Mecca) Mecca (Mecca, Mecca) to me-e-e-e-e-e.

Each morning I face her window and pray that our love can be
'Cause that brownstone house where my baby lives
Is Mecca (Mecca, Mecca, Mecca) Mecca (Mecca, Mecca) to me-e-e-e-e-e.

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Pitney, Gene Mecca Comments
  1. Joseph Spiteri

    This was the song that hooked on to Gene Pitney with amazing force way back in 1966 or 67. I spent day after day thinking about it. I still love Gene Pitney of course and am still sad about his sudden death.

  2. Rick rick

    There used to be an Indian movie with Gene Pitney singing Mecca on here but it’s disappeared

  3. Jill

    Oh, you should 'a felt those days.....(Gene was fine !)

  4. Shawn Nieves

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    Please, share this information
    People need to know that God is light. Let’s look at our human behavior:

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  5. Birk Burkason

    A time when the middle east was associated with mystery and adventure

  6. Andy Connell

    Super Gene Pitney rendition of a great Neval & Gluck song; they also wrote the undeservedly forgotten 'Trouble Is My Middle Name' (Bobby Vinton, Brook Bros, Four Pennies)

  7. thomas_55

    Have loved this song since the first time I heard it. (Age 7).

  8. salemst

    God could this guy sing. The music on the regular radio station with my wife and I doing errands was so bad we just shut the radio off. Never would with Gene Pitney.

  9. R. Ben Madison

    I wonder if you'd get arrested in the real Mecca for listening to this.

  10. Lena Tsuji

    Always loved Gene Pitney songs!

  11. timothy foleyjr

    “Oh she’s my teen goddess and Her ruby lips are so divine.”

  12. Larry Mick

    Curious and tragic how all of our really super talents were taken too early-and not by drugs!.....Gene Pitney--Roy Orbison--Ricky Nelson--Elvis--and there were quite a few others, but I'm not "crisp" enough to come up with right now--pain pills ya' know. Regarding Elvis and drugs, People close to the situation said his agents, handlers and such were always pushing him too hard for THEIR benefit, pushed the junk on him and we all know where that ends up. Then again, maybe it's just a cover story. Either way,he was taken way too early. Oh, then there's Buddy Holly. Just seems too regular to have been "normal" circumstances.

  13. Larry Mick

    I'm gonna say something not often heard---It's absolutely among my fav's!

  14. Robert Rios

    Love this song. Does anyone hear a the guitar &drum riff at 1:31 and think “Ventures” are playing ?


    Though She's My Dream Buddy. I Know They Say That East Is East And West Is West And Never The Twain Shall Meet x

    Rodney Rawlings

    It's "Oh, she's my teen goddess" and "and though they say. ..."

  16. Robert Rios

    This man could wail!!!Wow what a voice. This song had a great message for all young lovers that are separated by obsticals

  17. Hubert Vale

    Remember hearing this on WHTT in Springfield, MA in the 80s!

  18. Colt Starkey

    Mom mom was named after this song...

  19. Paul Putnam

    The great Gene Pitney - a voice that could cut through glass !
    Love the echo on the chorus too !

  20. Richard Fontane

    for Sevgi

  21. Andre Caron

    J'ai toujours adoré cette chanson

  22. jennifur sun

    wonder who played guitar on this song?

  23. John Baker


  24. Suzanne Darroch

    A GREAT who was never got the fame he should have had. My first record. Eventually saw him in Glasgow about 12 years ago or so. Lucky me.

  25. Vin D

    Anybody here to answer, from whom was the high voice at the high note?

    janice graham

    it was gene himself

  26. Rad MillerJr.

    When I first heard this song, it stopped me dead in my tracks. NO ONE can plateau like Gene does on the word MECCA. I asked my dad if I could learn to do that, he said: nope. Only he can sing that range. I sat on the sidewalk and cried like a baby. the Radman

  27. dzul azim

    kombat and the kugiran track13 yg bawa ku ke sini

  28. BljarrLjewis

    I can't ever seem to track down who played the guitar solo on this. One of my all-time favourite solos.

  29. Milton Moore

    For years, about
    the only place
    one could NOT
    play this record
    was in Moslem
    controlled MECCA!!!!
    (Has that changed, anyone?)

  30. popbottle

    Funnel of Love

  31. Giuseppina Federico

    Mi è piaciuta sempre tantissimo questa canzone e la voce di Gene per me è magica, puro diamante!

  32. carmel gardner

    Mecca brings backs so many memories

  33. Baskerville22

    It's Gene's unique singing voice that makes this quirky song so memorable

  34. groovymovie84

    When my friend texted me in 2006 that Gene passed away, I had to run out of my college class. I was crying. I'm a millennial that loves his sound. Great music that is sadly never reproduced...

    Joseph Spiteri

    The third day after he died I ended up with a headache. I simply could not accept it. He had put in so many happy hours in my life. R.I.P.

  35. Mecca Weatherhead

    I was named after this song

    Milton Moore

    Beautiful name and
    testament to your
    parent's good taste.
    A song that will live
    beyond the PYRAMIDS! Bless you.

    jennifur sun

    interesting, my two fav girls names are after songs i loved, Gina and Michelle. the other one is after a pretty sweet lady i knew years ago in collage named Seija. she was from Finland

    R. Ben Madison

    I met a girl named Rhiannon once. And yes. :-)


    OMG ! Mecca ! You sing ?


    Do you sing, Mecca.....? 💕🎵💕

  36. Mitch Canin

    An unheralded musical genius


    Totally agree

  37. andy little

    liberty valance would have kidnapped that Arab woman. haha

  38. Jill

    OK, I'm just mental about him.....I play his songs all. the time....I learned how to sing by imitating him...Gene Pitney must...must sing during my life....♥

    Jim Moffat

    He is very addictive, I have enjoyed his stuff along with much other music. One of a kind and brilliant, great stuff !!

  39. Kiersten Smith

    Matt and Rebecca?

  40. Tonithenightowl

    He was the first to do something with a mid eastern flair. Worked very well.


    let perform hajj in mecca

  42. Candace Crocker

    God he had a wonderful voice! I had a chance to speak with him after a show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent and he was as nice a person you would want to meet!

    Rene LeClerc

    I never got to meet him, but I did see him in concert, and there and in a number of interviews he really did come across as a nice man.


    he came from a nice Catholic family, was nice all around.

    William Somerville

    Rene LeClerc qa

    Joseph Spiteri

    Candace Crocker - How many times I dreamed that one day I would meet him. You are very lucky.

  43. Mark Weinstein

    I defy anyone to listen to this song to not get taken up & away by it.

  44. vonmazur1

    The Official Jihadi Update Theme...

  45. nitropost

    Mecca then was exotic and frankly unknown at the time, today the Muslim world is the most important social evolution since the fall of the Berlin wall. Good or bad,the verdict is out for quite some time.


    @***** OK, one sometimes can hit a road bump on YT, just meant that the region itself by force of events is well known today compared to then, as for the verdict being out,well very bad phrasing from my part. Still stand by the social evolution (or devolution if you whish) that is ongoing considering that it is being fought between Muslims and they are mainly paying the price.I cannot believe that ISEL psychopaths will prevail and we must do all that we can to eradicate them but in the end the people who suffer from them will be the ones to finally defeat them. Thank you for your warranted response, next time I will be a bit more concise since I agree whit your point of view.

    Paul Coppage

    Tom Ferriday just enjoy the song

  46. Barry Schlesinger

    Still relevant today. Forbidden fruit.

  47. Vin D

    From whom was that beautiful high note?

    Vin D

    +stephen dwyer I've always wondered about that ever since hearing the song as a teen. Thanks!

    janice graham

    that was gene him self

  48. Maggie Koch

    I like the exotic rhythm and rock style of this. Quite unique for 1963

    Timothy Thorne

    Awesome effect. Really adventurous for early 1960s pop music.

  49. Rumpole Del Bailey

    Gene Pitneys music reminds me of my childhood. Saturday mornings Dad would crank the stereo playing Genes albums while Mum was out doing the shopping. Good times. Been a fan ever since.   

    Nanc RMEGS

    How familiar is that scene. Sounded like my home. 😀

  50. John D

    I was stationed in England from 1970- 1972 and Gene Pitney was still very popular.
    So was Elvis, some of the young English guys dressed like Elvis and had the same hair style.

  51. Neil Spear

    This is one of Gene's real rockers. I love the guitar and flute break. I really wish I could have gotten to see him. R.I.P. Gene Pitney.

  52. Gino Manzanero

    The styling of this song sounds a lot like the theme from the Batman TV show.  The writers must have been smoking off the same hookah.

  53. archangele1

    Another great song  by Gene. 

  54. Daniel Giamario

    An interesting piece of trivia....Mecca actually reached number one in Northern Virginia, where I was living at the time in 9th grade!  I have never understood how this song often gets forgotten, compared to Pitney's other hits...I always thought this was his best, and it had a HUGE influence on me...pretty much preparing me for the mid-late sixties.....And at that time we all understood the Mecca reference as having nothing to do with Saudi Arabia or Islam, but referring to loving someone who was unattainable due to money and class!....How times change.

    Paul Gavin

    @Hippy(Bboomer) TNXs for the comment ....  i got carried away there .They mention June 6,1966 .My birth day is similar & I copped lots off shit growing up with being the Devil or mark of the beast DOB 29,6,66 All good thou I'm over it & all means nothing now ! p:+)

    Joseph Spiteri

    @Daniel Giamario This was the song that made me a fan of Gene Pitney. I didn t even know who he was at the time. I was fifteen years old (now I am sixty three). It was on an extended play at the time 45rpm on which were Twenty four hours from Tulsa, Town without Pity, Mecca, and Every breath I take. I was also amazed at the Gene's falsetto at the end of the song "Every breath I take". He died too young. R.I.P. dear Gene.

    Jack Rosen

    Yes, my favourite Gene Pitney song...although there were many. Went to see him several years before his death and I was really disappointed the backup singers were male...knew there would be no Mecca

    Suzanne Darroch

    ME TOO. My first re cord and I still have it. Cost me 10/9d - price is still written on it.

    Juanita Richards

    But Mecca for all Muslims is their holy of holies......as the girl in this song was for the singer. It makes it all the more special and sacred in a way.

  55. Cissy2cute

    Beautiful song with that exotic edge to it.  Beautiful female voices in the back, too.

  56. elamite66

    Loved this! I was 13 and she never knew I loved her for the whole school year she was beautiful and I was way too shy especially as back in the Bronx she was Puerto Rican and I was Irish actually very little but if you were white and didn't look Italian with blonde hair and blue eyes you were Irish whether you were or not if you were fair haired and blue eyes No brownstones either just 6 story walk up brick tenements on the block A few years later in high school a Puerto Rican beauty by way of come on said
    "I like Irish boys" Oh man Maria made up for the 8th grade! su quiero mucho, sera siempre amanta la DEP Maria Vaya con Dios  And of course the title back then was not cause for Jihad


    @elamite66 Well, my GF did live on the east side across the street from my west side house in the barrio. We are both Hispanic, dated, went steady, attended HS school dances, and OH HOW WE KISSED! Our song was THINGS by Bobby Darin, and I really loved her, dang this puppy love until she asked to break up. She wanted me back but by then I was dating and taking other girls to the Military Ball and Proms, I never thought I could forget her, but I did!


    @VeteranUSArmy sure you don't mean "Things" by Bobby Goldsboto??? 


    +elamite66 No, Things was by Bobby Darin. Anyway, this song along Tonight My Love by Paul Anka, Wonderland by Night, and Winter of our Discontent, and anotherone that really gets to me is After the Lights Go down Low by George Maharis. Man, to be a teenager and all that puppy love with bouncing hormones, and high school dances, proms, military ball, ROTC parades? I'm from Party Town USA at San Antonio, Texas.


    @VeteranUSArmy The song I was referring to was "Little Things" by Bobby Goldsboro Sorry for the miscue By coincidence back in 1990 I answered an ad for the third bedroom of a three bedroom apartment in Yonkers just over the Bronx line The two brothers renting the apartment were from San Antonio Their dad was from Tennessee originally and their mom was Mexican Great guys that had spent most of their lives in San Antonio and were fluent in Spanish Strangely the older brother most people would see as maybe Italian even with an Anglo name but in any case white although dark The younger brother looked Mexican and he said as a kid in school with a relatively small Mexican student body he envied his brother's being taken for white not that he wasn't proud of his heritage but it just made life harder as a kid The older brother was also quite a bit bigger But both of them especially the older brother could fight believe me not that they ever looked for trouble! They came to the NY metro area looking for jobs which they both soon got. 

  57. Tommy Deville

    Thank you daddy for listening to this MUSIC when I was a kid! :)

    mags tillcock

    thats how i know all his songs too, and now i play them to my kiddies 

  58. Brutha Dnubian

    Im a relatively young brutha from Gary,In and i got deep into 50s/60s music in the early 80s as a teen and i love Pitney.I fell in love with Hes A Rebel and had no clue Gene wrote it until about 10yrs ago. I can sing some of his hits pretty well too.Does anyone know who the great operatic soprano is on Mecca??

  59. stuckinnebraska

    great song. I was just a little kid when this came out but I definitely remember it.  I also remember hearing Dick Biondi on WBZ radio in Boston.  The guy was a radio "geek."  Worked at a ton of stations.

    gordon gannett

    Dick Biondi also worked at WLS in Chicago...best disk jocky ever

    todd windyhill

    You MAY have Biondi and Dick Summer confused....I don't recall him on WBZ... listened to BZ (and other AM rock stations) from '58-'71.


    Both worked at BZ. Biondi was there in '72. Summer ran the night show in the mid-60s. Also remember Carl DeSuze & Dave Maynard.

  60. 5star555555555

    Fun fact: this was the opening song for the 2/23/63 edition of the Dick Biondi Show in Chicago, which was the first time the Beatles were played on US radio!

  61. Bob Wilson

    During our time he was a super star

  62. Bob Wilson

    During our time he was a super star

  63. Bob Wilson

    During our time he was a super star

  64. DrifterThai

    zajebiste, pare lat szukalem tej piosenk, dzieki

  65. friendfrom yesteryear


  66. St Pauli

    Mecca is "Heaven"

  67. Barbara Harney

    @vonmazur1 It isn't completely 'Pitneyless' in Rockville! Gene is gone and missed but Todd runs Pitfield Productions that his dad started in his home!
    RIP song bird xx

  68. Shaun Henderson

    Gaza strip, Israel

  69. Shaun Henderson

    Gaza strip, Israel

  70. vonmazur1

    Rockville Connecticut, "a town without Pitney"....I really think he was one of the best

  71. bobaloo47


    Ranoos A magic !

    Mecca is in saudi arabia

  72. Tonithenightowl

    I hope to hell you're sharing whatever it is you're smoking.

    Larry Mick

    Tonithenightowl ...... GET THE F... OUTTA HERE !!! Get back into your own generation and "smoke" or "sniff" or pop pills or "do" whatever you wanna do, but don't try to trash ours!....Besides-I think you'd be wasting your time, anyway.

  73. thomas comis

    any omissions? who wrote the bloody song? why is there no songwriting credits on any songs on YouTube?

  74. Scary O'dwyer

    I live on the Westside...in Mecca! lol

  75. joan pendleton

    When I was 16 this was my favorite song. The middle eastern sounds were to me exotic and strange as was romance for me at the time. I wished I could be somebody's Mecca.( I was a wallflower.)
    . But I meant no disrespect. I knew something of Islam ( high school ) and at the time it had the reputation of being the most tolerant of religions. Really did.. Mecca was a metaphor for worship. Like Holy Grail is. Not to take away anything from the faraway real Mecca, city beautiful as a mirage.

  76. Atillio Infante

    Gene Pitney was half Polish and half Italian American. He recorded many songs in Italian and was very popular in Italy.

  77. OlRetro

    Kool audio/video - thanks - have loved this since high school! Cheers, '62 Mathew St. (Total Retro Rock)

  78. Cathie Soli

    I agree. For the love of pete it's just a song. To make so much out if it is ridiculous. Get lives you idiots.

  79. gilredg

    A great song by the late, great, Gene Pitney. Leave politics and racist comments outside you tube, and enjoy the music.

  80. sauquoit13456

    On this date in 1963 {March 23rd} "Mecca" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100; eventually it would peak at #12 and spent 8 weeks in the top 100...

    Reached #2 on the Canadian Singles chart...

    This record followed "Half Heaven - Half Heartache", which also peaked at #12...

  81. snakeeatingkiller

    @GouledXD you wrong cuz i listen to it..

  82. Diablo666Daemon666

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeecum!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecum!

  83. samisunc

    from now on i'll listen to this excellent song on a different channel so i don't have to deal with all the bullshyte about islam......................

  84. Pilar Rivadeneira

    extraordinaria voz de nuestro idolo de todos los tiempos

  85. TheOldpoop

    Gene Pitney as a rock and roll person and the Kingston Trio singing folk were my musical beginnings. I had actually forgotten he had done this song until I found it on YouTube. What is this about 1960?

  86. rencrow


    Thats because at that time the US wasn't dropping bombs on the heads of muslims. They were already busy doing that in vietnam.

  87. vonmazur1

    So sad that he's gone, Rockville Connecticut is now a "Town without Pitney"

    Unless you were around in this era, you can't know how hard it was to get the lyrics on ancient AM Radios...We argued for hours about this song and others, like "Moody River"...it was just too fuzzy to understand sometimes...

    Dale in Alabama

  88. Matthew Villani

    @rebbeccanne The 60s had a lot of great rock and roll stars that specialized in sad songs, another one I'm sure you remember is Del Shannon.

  89. Tonithenightowl

    One of my fave's among many by Pitney. He was the first to use this mid eastern background music and it paid off.

  90. elamite66

    @JJMFB1 I just read my channel which i had never payed any attention to and saw your rantings I won't get personal about your family not knowing them for all I know they're great people and as I said before maybe you yourself are a hard working family man and as I also said before what's with Arizona and California? I never mentioned them I got a family too which you don't have the decency to respect My Dad was on Iwo Jima and I was in Vietnam and my son was in Desert Storm you should read it

  91. Vin D

    Only her true spirit of her heart could sing that way... thank u for responding!

  92. Vin D

    @chuc555 What a MISS! I've been there, and again!! How I wish I had know what to say and what to do! I share your disappointment , and your JOY, for the memory of that beautiful girl!

  93. jacfred

    @VinDcator Probably just a session singer, but she sure could hit that high "C" couldn't she?

  94. jacfred

    @Babyluvstheblues That's a beautiful story!

  95. vinylsingleman

    @Stormy868 Muslims do face Mecca when they pray. Pitney (or, I should say to be so utterly precise, the character singing in "Mecca") faces his girl friend's house when he prays. That is what the reference to Mecca in the song was about. I should have stated it more carefully. Muslims worship God, not Mecca, but they do regard Mecca as a sacred city, do they not? If not, please correct me and elaborate on this.

    And by the way, what does the Koran say about the use of profanity?

  96. chuc555

    When I was in high school in the early 70's ,a friend and I went to a girls
    house after school . There were a few girls there and we were listening to records
    One of them put this record on and did a little Egyptian dance , I feel in love with her
    right then! She had dark hair and had it in a poney tail. Too bad I never saw her again. I never saw anything so sensual up until that time. Now every time I hear this song
    I think of her!

  97. elamite66

    @JJMFB1 Mohammad was not a warlord but a trader married to an older widow when he supposedly recieved the message in the cave, maybe later he could be called a warlord, but was not Joshua a warlord? the old testement is full of war and violence and that may be why it's such a major influence on the Koran the new testement is mentioned only as regards Jesus etc. the message of Christ is barely mentioned and the apostles are not mentioned at all

  98. elamite66

    @itchycoopark2 myself also I was 12 when the record came out and I loved it and understood the conotation of Mecca I guess because I was always interested in history, in any case great song, great song writer and great vocalist and probably great musician, producer etc.