Pinegrove - Recycling Lyrics

Rolling on his back like an ocelot
Crawling on his stomach you make the lids stick together
Nothing really bugs me out
Nothing really bugs me

Tightening the slack on the millimeter tape
Trudging through your stomach I make the walls split forever
Nothing really bugs me out
Nothing really bugs me

Anymore. I've had enough
Now we're on the same page

Circling the gap like you don't know what you hold
Drying out my knuckles you tucked it between the folds
Nothing really bugs me out
Nothing really bugs me

Recycling the cans at the center by the boxcars
We've been carving little symbols in the bark
Nothing really bugs me out
Nothing really bugs me

So let it go:
There's nothing I could tell you
That you don't already know

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Pinegrove Recycling Comments
  1. GIP

    Awesome song, awesome performance.

  2. Taylor Holloway

    From now on when a producer tells my band “it’s really hard to get a great recording live in the room” I’m gonna direct him to this video. The mixing is amazing on this

  3. Brian Bowhay

    what a gifted group of youths

  4. DaNeOMiTe313

    Found these guys about 1.5 years ago and they’re always at the front of my listening rotation. This Audio Tree session is specifically the preeminent versions of these songs imo. This band —and I do mean the entire BAND—is the best kept secret in the music industry. They’re a breath of fresh air and their creativity and ability to be completely original yet comfortably....ear wormy(? ) is a beautiful thing. I look forward to to catching them live in Omaha. Their evolution from their earlier folky/acoustic beginnings to a four piece guitar rock/art rock group gives me high hopes about their future.

  5. Ali Reid

    fuck. me.

  6. Zmargo702

    heavily underrated song

  7. Smooth-Insomniac

    I've watched these videos so much, and only just now realized the bassist is playing left-handed. As a left handed guitar player, i'm usually a lot quicker at noticing that haha

  8. maura mulvihill

    hi. god bless evan stephens hall. that’s all.

  9. Shane Stull

    I've been following this band for about 2 years now and the way he sings "now we're on the same page" for the 2nd verse is the most beautiful fucking thing I've ever heard. This song and band is fantastic in every way! Really has pulled me out of some slumps the past 2 years.


    For me that special feeling is in Size of the Moon when he sings do you wanna die

  10. Jeremy Mckinney

    could listen all fuckin day! pure!

  11. Mike Milett

    yo that chord structure in the chorus is reminiscent of some grizzly bear song, right??

  12. Landen Winkles

    they placed this live at Shaky Knees this year and it's hands down one of the best sets I've seen from an Indie band

  13. Sam

    Those bass lines too !

  14. TheScotmanPlays

    Are they on Spotify?

    Olivia Press

    TheScotmanPlays yes

  15. cagereel

    I need a version of this where the camera is on zack the entire time, those drums are too good

  16. Trisha Marielle

    THESE GUYS ARE RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! I hope I see them live soon 😢

    Isaac Henry Glover

    Trisha Sheppard I've seen them twice. One in a big venue and once a solo set in a living room. Both incredible.

  17. Sarah Galang

    this one is good

  18. piss nachos

    sorry to be that guy but typo in the desc

  19. Evan Frazier

    Fuck these guys are good

  20. Chris Mejia

    mind = blown