Pinegrove - Palisade Lyrics

I don't think this is where we end
But I've got some things that we must attend to
I've been indiscriminate
But I can't hide behind accidentals

I've been saying somethings I don't like
But what else can I identify with?
I can't sleep I'm on them vines

I knew those easy days
Long days
Long aisles in between me
I'm living on easy line
Blue vine
Then I'm sick, I'm sleeping all the time

I said I'd be there, so I'll come and let you in

O, it's for you, Leo
From across the meridian
When I was over you
My arms were trembling

I said I'd be there, so I'll come and let you in

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Pinegrove Palisade Comments
  1. Dan O'Dea

    was anyone else hoping this was a mineral cover...

  2. sam borden

    incredibly and astronomically underrated. overlooked, tragically fallen between the cracks. 2.7k views? that’s literally a fuckin joke. what in the world.

  3. Kyle McQueen

    came across you from a roommate. awesome song!

  4. Natsukii

    my life have been saved

  5. Natsukii

    so good

  6. Josh Fay


  7. Josh Fay

    Best song

  8. Josh Fay

    I listen to all of his stuff