Pinegrove - Morningtime Lyrics

What if I went down to the pinegrove & didn't find anything?
What if I went past it, yet nothing in me sang?
Now I'm behind again because my bones won't align that way
Some other time, in another life

Ever since "The Archangel
Michael Killing Satan"
I've been tryna capture
Both ends of the splinter:
The visible part between my fingernails
And the part still in my finger
Ever since I can remember
Since the day before they split
I've been tryna capture
Some realm I don't know yet
You and I, we're immiscible
I've known it since we laid in the thistles
And in the moments when I'm difficult
You silence me in my revolt

Every since "I,"
Since the moments when the night limped by
And all of a sudden it was morningtime
Morningtime, morningtime

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