Phinehas - WWII Lyrics

Dear father I must first confess
that from the stone inside my chest
I have nothing to offer you

I'm shaken by your righteousness
at a loss of words to do justice
so grant me grace in silence

I will learn to love you
and abandon the rest

If your children lost their voice to sing
and fled the shadow of your wing
would you reveal yourself to us?

Crashing waves calm at your feet
but further still my body sinks
I am a man of little faith

But I will learn to love you
and abandon the rest

Not abandoned
Bound by grace we sing
You are my everything

My last breath is yours
My last breath is yours to breathe

My last word is yours
My last word is yours to speak

To love you and abandon the rest

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Phinehas WWII Comments
  1. Josue Zules

    I love this song, so many years following phinehas🤘🙏

  2. Vitor Vitor

    Jesus is good

    7 Angels 7 Plagues


  3. Michael Valdes

    Interesting how this song is panned! I like it!

  4. stonecraft98

    Cant feel the message in the song but its a really calming song

    x _ x

    stonecraft98 yea it’s better then their newer stuff all that djent shit is so generic

  5. seven bbosh


  6. Pewter7

    Wow. I love this song.

  7. Brandon Bem

    cn u PLZZZZ stop swer????

  8. Lois Yingling

    James 5:12; Matthew 5:34

  9. Dreamer Deciever

    My last breath is yours

  10. Mayor McCheese

    I just love this song so much it really makes me think a lot about who I am as a Christian and how i should live my life....... it really is a deep song
    when i talked to sean himself after a concert
    we talked for 1 whole hour and he prayed for me and my best friend right after. he is the most passionet person i have ever met that is a real christan

  11. Jacob Watson

    fucking awesome song fuck fuck fuck....

  12. Dee

    The last word is God bro😎

  13. Dee

    Great song praise God bro

    7 Angels 7 Plagues

    HAIL SATAN TOO, you triggered me by leaving the dark lord out of your praises.

  14. Marcos Vinicios

    linda essa música.

  15. Mal Rosette

    I love how calming this song is. I love it. ♥

    x _ x

    shut up ho

    Over Storms


  16. David Kelley

    My brother plays shows with them...and even talks to the lead vocalist, Sean....i cant wait to meet these guys in person!!


    @David Kelley REALLY awesome guys, seriously. Very down-to-earth and genuine people. If anyone doubts that they're a Christian band, that doubt would be eliminated once they get to chat with them.

  17. Austin Wagner

    can people stop swearing.. i understand that this song is amazing, but you can express it in a better manner. this is a christian band that sings christian songs, im sure a lot of other people can agree with me..

    Marcus Jedig

    still, the guy said that his 'extremely christian friend' wouldn't hesitate to call OTHERS a b*tch. That IS against the bible.


    If it isn't in a derogatory manner than no, it isn't. He could say "Bitch please, that's not right" And it wouldn't go against anything in the bible.
    You people preach things you don't even understand. Before you force the word of god down someone's throat, at least *try* to have a small grasp on what it's trying to say.

    Marcus Jedig

    +Scream like you mean it I'm sorry, I wasnt trying to shove it down anyones throat, and I realize I didn't express anything clearly enough, nor did I mean to anger you or anyone else in any way. However, I'm sure you understand that usually when the word 'Bitch' is used, its not for a good purpose (at least in the environment I live in). Still, I understand that sometimes people calls other Bitches without any harmful intentions. :)

    love throughblood

    the Bible teaches you to be like Christ. if He never did it your safest bet is to not do it yourself. people who live by the Spirit of God dont have a natural desire to say such things like swearing. if sinners teach respect amongst their kind what more should the saved in Christ be like.

    Nick Cheatham


  18. Arkvexum66 Nomatic

    This song is so good. I has been a long time since I have enjoyed a song so much.

  19. 38SSM

    yup. "my last breath is Yours to breathe, my last word is Yours to speak."
    i pray that my last words are spoken by Him.

  20. 38SSM

    check out their acoustic songs on The Bridge Between-- listen to the original versions on TheGodMachine, then listen to the acoustics. amazing. especially Crowns.

  21. Daderic V2

    I have never liked acoustic music but you guys made me see theres a first time for everything love this love the album God Bless you guys keep rocking

  22. Caleb Hauser

    My phone tried making itself popular by using auto correct .-.

  23. Austin Hancock

    Not abandoned
    Bound by grace we sing
    You are my everything


  24. Eric MtDewFan

    So beautiful :')... Love this album, and this was a great way to end it

  25. aney revenge

    i love kumis metal

  26. GuitarSignal

    this song is so beautiful that make me cry :')

  27. Chandler Whitney

    Phinehas, you guys make such beautiful music!

  28. Azai SN

    Very good song dude.

  29. TotalDestruction Studios

    Man. That is beautiful. :')

  30. trez32

    It might be the iphone autocorrect thing too. Still funny though xD.

  31. Brandon Krause

    I'm gonna guess it was voice recognition fail, "phone has" is probably supposed to be Phinehas. It happens to me on my phone (I actually mean phone) ALL THE TIME!

  32. trez32

    phone? xD

  33. trez32

    Stop with the teasing red cord...

  34. Dwėsk

    Their acoustic songs are fucking good

  35. AA7able

    Yay! More music by Phineas!

  36. metmajorrf13

    I really feel that Phinehas steps it up a notch when they turn their music down a notch. Incredibly powerful.

  37. Caleb Hauser

    I've never heard phone has acoustic. This is sick

  38. SaucedoeluKe

    God damn you guys are amazing!

  39. alex velez

    so powerful

  40. alex velez

    i'm freaking tearing up here :' )