Phinehas - Truth Be Told Lyrics

Teach me how to be brave in my last day
You grew up in a broken home and your mother said the porch was your bed
Manipulating your father into confinement
Just so they could cut the hairs from your head
They tried to steal your strength and beauty away
Forcing betrayal of a man I barely knew
Abandoned and thrown between white walls
But they could never, they will never break you
When they put the gun to your head
An angel stood between you and the trigger
When they said your breath was worth nothing
You made them listen to the voice of a leader
Teach me how to be brave in my last day
You awoke to empty hands so you worked them to the barest of bones
You were found knocked out with blood on the floor
But they could never, they will never break you

When they put the gun to your head
An angel stood between you and the trigger
When they said your breath was worth nothing
You made them listen to the voice of a leader
Teach me how to be brave even in my dying day
The truth could never be taken from your lips
The shortness of breath you were clutching your chest
The world went black but for only a moment
You opened your eyes and they locked to mine
Never afraid you were never broken
I see now as you’re reaching out you never let a second pass away
Unbreakable reflection of grace teach me how to be brave in my last day

Teach me how to be brave in my last day
Teach me how to be brave in my last day
Teach me how to be brave in my last day

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Phinehas Truth Be Told Comments
  1. MmmChestnut

    I think this is my favorite musical intro of all time

  2. Primeval Art

    These are some of the best lyrics I have ever read, Instant goosebumps

  3. Rowmanez Dathyane

    Those 32 dislikers,still can't handle the truth...

  4. Kyle Piggins

    Woah man where did this come from!!!! Every ten seconds gets more intense with the passion!!!!

  5. Aden Moran

    Future dimebag!!🤘🤘

  6. Don'tCallMeStupid

    That solo at 1:25 geez man so good

  7. Amnesios

    Fucking amazing band,ot deserves waaay more recognition,its so underrated

  8. Joshua Alexander

    Still one of my favourites from you guys! 💖

  9. Pablo Callizo

    0:15 😍 that intro is sick

  10. Aquanox 19

    Found this band out couple nights ago. Slowly becoming my favorite Christian band. And i freaking love that chorus.

  11. noah harper

    “You grew up in a potato”

  12. Palma Entertainment

    This is on a whole nother level of dopamine

  13. SM DL

    One of the greatest metalcore bands ever!

  14. Travis646

    the pinch harmonics every 5 seconds ruined it

  15. Benjamin Kelley

    Teach me how to be brave in my mustang!


    XDDDDDDD omfg



  17. VeiledOwl13

    These guy are all bad ass. if you have the chance to meet them, do it. I have, and they are are all cool as hell

  18. C.Edward

    good instrumental...
    bad vocals...

  19. Dee

    I love😍 this song wow. Forever my favorite. God bless

  20. Mike Ash



    I totally agree bros 😎

  21. Omega Daggler

    more guitar solos please

  22. vagales

    just listened 3 seconds, and my like was assured D:

  23. PDMxRage

    Hold the door... and the shred

  24. Deangelo Vickers

    Just discovered these guys. Love this song! How do you pronounce the name of the band? Like the cartoon "phineas" and ferb?


    yeah, like that.

    Christian Dominguez

    no, it's phine has, fine ass

  25. Mr420QuIcKsCoPs

    What the fuck. I just saw a Deus Ex Mankind Divided MOVIE trailer for the ad?

  26. 8ejgonzalez

    I hope someone makes an 8 bit version of this song to make it sound like a boss battle. That would sound awesome.


    Canto 34 is a good boss battle song


    +Scream Like You Mean It
    I checked out that song, and sure enough there is an 8 bit version. It was awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. Check out Sixpounder in 8 bit. It's pretty sweet.


    Id never heard the 8 bit version before you said that

  27. Gio Alfano

    hodor brought me here


    lmaoooooo same here


    Haha yea, me too! Hodor shredding it out!


    Young Hodor had exceptional taste in music haha


    . . .yep. . .yep.

    Deangelo Vickers

    lol, yeah!

  28. DMP D

    el sonido de la guitarra me enloquece

    Alfredo Zamudio

    Son unas malditas bestias los guitarristas.

    M S

    Puro Fierro esto compa.

    Alex Connor

    DapRay Ye Y que lo digas, al comienzo las guitarras hacen que se me erize la piel, son monstruos en la guitarras!!

  29. Tilla Munster

    oooooooooof why is this band not headlining all over the planet yet

    \Metal head/ Turner

    That Metal Head Kandi Kid I seen them last year with for today they were amazing like for today was I got a pic with the drummer he was kewl

  30. DarkSolaceOfficial

    This is freaking amazing.

  31. Wood-Lee

    I find it hard to listen to anything but Phinehas when I'm in a metal mood, they are fucking awesome. Those guitars just make me melt <3

  32. spgmifter

    Been awhile since a song has given me chills- I always had a few Phinehas albums on my master playlist but never really listened that closely. After being blown away by this track I went back and listened to them all... so good!! Few things put a smile on my face like a kickass metalcore song.

  33. Derek Wertz

    Track is too dope...Glad to be able to say they played at my Church...

    Brandon Johnson

    That's awesome bro wish my church could do the same

    Tim Reedy

    they've played at mine too! have an autographed poster and all that! they let me on stage to play I am the Lion with them!

    edward solo

    @Tim Reedy awesome church bro lol and also that's awesome too.

    Gault Christian

    That would honestly be so so cool to witness🤘✝🔊

  34. Yosia Octafreira Iyandraputra

    S A V A G E

  35. Tim Thedens

    Definitely shed some tears listening to this song and reading the lyrics after watching the explanation video prior. I knew I loved this song when I first heard it, but now I know the full meaning... whoah!!!!

  36. BabeOfCakes

    Fuck. This new album coming out of left field with feels.

    Just Blaze

    Dude you look like pewdipie lol


    +Rayvon Facey so I'm told

  37. We Are Triumphant

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  38. Ponie Abdurahman

    hope to see u in phillipines \../

  39. Wafflemix86

    If this track was released in 2007 these guys would have been on top of the fucking world. Don't get me wrong, Phinehas is amazing, but if they were around like 8 years earlier they would have owned the metalcore scene


    Wafflemix86 And the funny thing is, they've been around for a looong time haha They were the "big" local band around my part of town as I was growing up. I was fortunate enough to be able to play and hang w/these guys alot. Glad too see them get bigger :)

  40. prismajane

    They've been around forever, how are they this underrated?

    Austen Cordero

    +JaneGhettoism probably because they aren't incredibly popular yet, and also because their production on their past albums has been meh. But this sounds freaking incredible. I've always loved them for lyrics and melodicness even when i didnt like the production. but this mix sounds so good!!!im stoked

    Cale Bafile

    +JaneGhettoism I feel bad for only finding out this band since they brought this song.

    Austin Durden

    because they are a Christian band

  41. Man In The Arena

    Amazing such intricately put together parts between the drums and guitars. One of the best songs of 2015 on an amazing album

  42. Infinite arizona

    Aww man pretty riffs

  43. RGT 85

    These dudes need way more exposure.

  44. Dustin Bud

    I've listened to this way too many times...... Wait no that's not possible, there's no such thing as too many times for this song. Love you guys

  45. Alec Monteiro

    ermehgerd, jerst lerk ersking erlexerndrier. (herpderp)

    Stop whining babies, this is METAL at its finest. Amazing and heart-wrenching message, head-bang-your-buttt-off riffs, and a brand new sound thats better than ever. Pure gold.

    Rock on Phinehas. Mustache forever. \m/ -~-

  46. Miguel Rivard

    juste wow ... the guit is magicc
    good come back !

  47. Razi

    I think Phinehas deserves better than a "album cover on the left, titles on the right and random dust particles drifting across the screen" video

    Dwight Schrute

    @Razi If I'm not mistaken, it's the record company that's in charge of their music videos and all stuff like that, so they probably just did that because they didn't get paid enough to do anything else IMO. I don't know a ton about this field, so I could be wrong.


    @Loner Amalt Right, and I'm saying Phinehas deserves better

  48. Damon Anderson

    I love this band, I always have. I love seeing the passion they have for music they create from album to album. I HATE hearing people say, "too generic, to much like this or that" My response? Suck a lemon. If any of you write music, it comes from an influence of some sort, and that is heard in your music. GET A GRIP! This band has come a long way from godmachine, I'm proud of them. Do I prefer the old music? sometimes, Do I prefer the new album? Most of the time. That is why we have a shuffle option on our mp3 players. Grow up kids, enjoy music.

  49. Cam

    I love what the new guitarist brought to the table. His writing is awesome.

  50. Porcelain Jester

    aaaaahhhhh soy good!!

    Porcelain Jester

    this band till the end

  51. STÍX

    I did a studio quality drum cover of, "Dead Choir", by Phinehas! Please check it out on my YouTube channel and let me know that you think!! =D

  52. The Silent Welder

    Bought this album a week or so ago on iTunes. Been listening to it everyday. You kick ass Phinehas. Keep making amazing albums!

  53. JLogan Wallace

    What the name of the lead singer



  55. kl number7

    This rocks.

  56. Jonathan Kiene

    As you can see in my pic I have guitars 16 to be exact that's not important but what is important is the Phinehas they're #Amazing if you like this band check out my project band Across Forty Aprils I play lead guitar and looking for a girlfriend

    Jason Combs

    @Jonathan Kiene this aint tinder brah

    Ishaan Kumar Singh

    Jason Combs Is that really you? :o

  57. Giselle V

    Awesome song!

  58. Daniel Tonkin

    Daniel Gailey makes me want to quit playing guitar lol, too freaking good and he doesn't miss a note live, I've seen it with my own eyes on two different different occasions.

  59. Guillaume Belanger

    1:25 DAT SOLO

  60. oOSAKURAOo1

    toujours aussi bon! *.*

  61. The Grappler

    Dudes, I'm so proud of you guys getting past the loss of the last guitarist. The sound is evolving so well. Oh yeah..and keep coming to the Cleveland area!! Rock on.

  62. key hi

    excellent !!!!

  63. Gustavo De Lima Costa

    Plenty of harmonics, huh... Lets see if this album surpass ABR's one, that one was amazing

  64. You Wot

    Can't stop rewinding that intro...

  65. HappyRusscup

    that was perfect!

  66. tristananvilcaster

    YES so good

  67. Troy and Tiffany Ulshoeffer

    This reminds me so much of killswitch engage and that's a good thing.

  68. Clayton Binder

    I am more excited for this album then I was for August Burns Red's new album...Don't get me wrong, I love ABR's new album, but Phinehas has always just got me absolutely pumped. And having met these guys when they came to Seattle when there was only like 10 of us in the crowd and still playing their hearts out, I have mad respect for them.

  69. AdamD

    These dudes are true metalcore. One of my all time favorite genres period. I love it.

  70. Leon Syn

    Im stoked for this new album like i love how their new guitarist has puts a little bit of Jason Combs style of playing in it a long with his own style on it as well i really like the direction their going in he's really pushing this band

  71. James Webster

    2:43 ...chills every time I hear it.

  72. Kenet Aguilera

    The new guitarist have a rare style with you harmonics

  73. Kenet Aguilera

    Very good Phinehas

  74. Saveliy Karakashev

    What a label. You've got pieces of shit like fronz and Attila and such great bands as Phinehas or Iwabo.


    love the perfect blend of emotions and playing technique. rare thing these days. <3

  76. Mojo Witwicky

    The Air I Breathe, is that you?

    Mojo Witwicky

    Great Faith in Fools was so good.


    @Vince Burton Look up burn it to the ground, same lead singer but different members.

    Cool X

    @Mojo Witwicky i wish man, they were like my favorite band, BITTG will be amazing too though

    Henry Rivas

    Nowhere near. You trippin

    Mojo Witwicky


  77. AfroShark

    I don't know how to pronounce their name but they are so sick!!!

    jonathan pr



    Fin ne es

  78. GuitarSignal

    Shiiit this is awesome D:

  79. MaxOnVox

    2:44 is fucking mental

  80. Book of Joe

    Did they get Zakk Wylde on this song? Those harmonics are fucking annoying.

  81. andrew bariteau

    Holy shit. This might be your best music yet!

  82. ThruRock

    Digging it!

  83. Arthur Ramalho

    " *Teach* *how* *to* *be* *brave* *in* *my* *last* *day* "

    The best part 01:25


    0:00 - 3:34 Best part

    Traveler Volkriin

    +TheHuricange True.


    Awesome 😎

    Johnny Gee_19

    Hell ya! I love when a band can make a phrase sound just heavy as fuck with not only the music but with a deepness with which the message resonates.

  84. Collision065

    all thumbs up for this Song !!! i'm excited about the Album .. and to see you live.. Mayve you'll come to austria/vienna one day:)

  85. iHeart FlavoR

    Kinda sounds like
    parkway drive.


    @iHeart Cody Parkway Drive wishes...


    @IAMTHEJUGGERNATE not sure if trolling or just stupid ?


    @maxwelld23 Hah, neither... Phinehas and Parkway Drive... Both have good screamers. Phinehas has far better cleans. Both have good drummers. Phinehas has a superior guitarist, better lyrics, more energetic beats/riffs...

    I mean, if you prefer Parkway's sound, it's fine to have that opinion, but I'd definitely disagree with you on it..

    Blake V000

    +IAMTHEJUGGERNATE Phinehas and Parkway are a little hard to compare to each other because they're just so different

    Dylan Gauthier

    Parkway drive is much more powerful, like Winston McCall has a downright vicious mid and low scream

    Phinehas, from what I've listened to so far, is much more melodic and more technical, and has greater cleans

  86. mulletrules1

    that guitar :o \m/


    I know right awesome 😎😜😎😜🎸🎶👌!

  87. Pablo Callizo

    Finally i can hear the song with the riff used in the teaser about 6 months ago 😁😀

  88. DeadMansBallet

    I hate how pretty much all record label videos have links to buy the music and merch but not to the bands facebook or anything, insignificant I know can easily type it into facebook but cmon...

  89. lDerelict

    Ah yes, zero dislikes.

  90. Blake V000

    I really hope these guys get really famous. This album will probably be one of my favorite metal albums

  91. Gabriel Cardoso

    0:14 ~ 0:29

  92. Chris97k

    Ooooo sick

  93. EquesX

    These singles are so solid.  This album is going to be amazing.  T^T

  94. The Debra Sanchez

    I would love to get the lyrics to this song. Can't wait until the 10th!

    Joshua Woltz

    @TheDebra Sanchez they are in the description

    The Debra Sanchez

    Awesome! They weren't there a little bit ago, glad they are now! 

  95. Jagvillboienhatt

    Whole band is awesome, but that guitarist is true earporn! <3


    @Jagvillboienhatt One of the most melodic guitar riffs I've ever heard was the one @ 0:14, and I listen to a lot more melodic metal than metalcore for the most part.