Phil Vassar - Good Ole Days Lyrics

I work my job all the way to the weekend
Call all my buddies, ask where you been
Let's get together somewhere, seven o'clock
Wanna pop a top, pop a top
Wann go, wanna roll, wanna rock it

Hey, hey let's make some good ole days
Hey, hey let's make some good ole days
That's right,
Let's make some good ole days tonight

Hey, baby, what's the chance you dancing with me?
Been watching you all night
Like what I see
That big old moon is shining down from above
You know it's stirring up magic stuff
This could be the night we fall in love


Ice cold, wild free
Night's young for you and me
Let's do something that we'd never dare
Something we'll be talking about in our rockin chair

Hey, hey let's make some good ole days
Hey, hey let's make some good ole days

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Phil Vassar Good Ole Days Comments
  1. Kris Knisley

    One of the best writers of country music ever and a great singer

  2. Brody Kaaka

    “You my boy blue!”

  3. Prince Gio13

    I jus now heard of Phil Vassar. All his songs say 9 years ago. Hes been doing it a while obviously and a lot of his songs not even a million views. That really sucks cuz his music is great.

  4. steven jennings

    yea but its still cool

  5. Cody W

    Some one said it is coping Animal House. Not it isn't it is coping Old School with Will Farrell, Luke Owen, and Vince Vaughn.

    Christopher Davidson

    +XxCode Man94xX that opening scene was Animal house though, with the guitar

    Sean Morse

    It actually is copying animal house even the old man having a heart attack from the hot girls straight from it

  6. Josh Gates

    I love Phil Vassar, but I swear, I played the intro guy singing like... 10 times. hahaha

    Yellow-White Rose

    I believe that is Jeff Smith, one his band mates, another Lynchburg born and raised boy.

  7. Denice Miller

    Get to go see Phil Vassar tonight and get to meet him. He has so many great songs!!

  8. Mansi Ghatge

    Excellent clip. Youtube is made for this kind of info.

    My friend had been bullied. He explained he was intending to get bigger. I did not believe him. Right up until in only weeks he gained 40 pounds of 100 % pure muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible - look for it in Google. No one dares to bully the man now. :)

    I personally registered a few days ago. See exactly what goes on. And the mans emails are cool...

  9. Hiddles4Ever -For The Love Of Tom Hiddleston

    Phil is the man...Saw him here in Ky a few months back..He was awesome !

  10. Dennis Augustine

    This song deserves more than a few thousand views!

  11. Nadeto Mirkova

    Velikolepen e!!! Obicham da go slysham i gledam. Pee sas dyshata i sarceto si!!!

  12. Akilah

    i heard this at Logan's steakhouse, love it!

  13. Killahnoobz

    Blue!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!

  14. sixwingproductions

    toga toga toga.this sounds fun.(man i need to ask for forgiveness everyday if i didnt im so bad id definently be in hell when i die cuase of all the stuff i do every day)

  15. Jason Foley

    dance grandma dance !!!!!!!!
    you go grandma lol

  16. SasyTequila

    Phil Vassar my friend, you are going to rott your liver, if you keep on drinking like that. Please slow down! I might have Tequila in my name, but I don't really drink that much anymore.

  17. J1P2K

    Singing Grandma for the win.

  18. Josie Penn

    @Paperb0y112 haha Old School referance