Phil Ochs - That's What I Want To Hear Lyrics

So you tell me that your last good dollar is gone
And you say that your pockets are bare
And you tell me that your clothes are tattered and torn
And nobody seems to care

Now don't tell me your troubles
No, I don't have the time to spare
But if you want to get together and fight
Good buddy that's what I want to hear

And you tell me that your job was taken away
By a big ol' greasy machine
And you tell me that you don't collect no more pay
And your belly is growing lean

Now if I had the jobs to give
You know I'd give them all away
But don't waste your breath calling out my name
If you don't have nothing to say

And you tell me that you don't have nothing to do
And you keep on wasting your time
And you say when you want to get your family some food
You gotta stand in a relief line

Now it's a sin and a bloody shame
'Bout the way they're pushing you 'round
But when you decide not to take no more
You know I'll put my money down

'Cause I've seen your kind many times before
And I'll see 'em many times again
Oh, but every bad thing that's happened to you
Has happened to better men

So don't explain that you've lost your way
That you've got no place to go
You've got a hand and a voice and you're not alone
Brother that's all you need to know

And if you're still wondering what I'm trying to say
Let me tell you what it's all about
Now nobody listens to a single man
When he's walkin' 'round down and out

So if you're looking for an answer
He's standing there by your side
And you'll never really know how far you'll go
'Til you join together and try

So you tell me that your last good dollar is gone
And you say that your pockets are bare
And you tell me that your clothes are tattered and torn
And nobody seems to care

Now don't tell me your troubles
No, I don't have the time to spare
But if you want to get together and fight
Good buddy that's what I want to hear

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Phil Ochs That's What I Want To Hear Comments
  1. Person Person

    U N I O N I Z E

  2. Comrade Corbin

    this song sounds like he's singing to greta thunberg


    greta's fighting harder than you ever will be, hon

  3. sn sn

    My heart has never fell for someone as much as it fell for him, for his laugh, eyes and pure soul. I’m so deeply in love with him that I don’t think there’s someone in this entire world can be as salem and there will never will be. He gave me this amazing song and believe me not everyone has a good song taste but he for sure knows what it means/takes to make a piece of art that’s why he appreciates everything beautiful just like him.

  4. Abril Larramendy

    alex turner que hacés ahí

  5. Margaret Ross

    You tell 'em, Phil!

  6. Fopenplop

    join a union folks

  7. Jeffery Matuszak

    Phil Ochs cannot be stopped!🙌

  8. Edward Branca

    Vote 2020. Dump Trump.

    Person Person

    And join a union. Electoral politics have never been enough to get real shit done

  9. Pirate Opossum

    and call it a day

  10. Robert Alper

    "And you tell me that your job was taken away,By a big old greasy machine".I used that line more than a few times in term papers when I was studying Labor Economics.  I love this song and most everything that Phil recorded.  I wish he was still with us.  We could certainly use his songs now.

  11. Steve Zemmelman

    This is an amazing song that is just as relevant today as it ever was back in the day when Phil wrote it. It could well be an anthem for our present predicament but I wonder how much darker it might be if it were written today. Then again, it is a song of hope, not despair. Forever grateful for Phil Ochs.

  12. 4EvraScot

    Absolutely incredible how relevant his songs STILL are today. The world lost an amazing talent and caring man. We are blessed he left us his treasures of song. Thinking of you on your birthday Phil...may you be at peace.

  13. yummyjackalmeat

    50 years later and still valid


    And as of this week, painfully more apt.
    I have just created a playlist titled "Patriotic", where I am placing selected songs which I hope will uplift the head and the heart of patriots like myself during these dark and troubling times.

    Trip Lucid

    Sad but TRUE!

    Spinning Spin

    Phil could not know how dirty the swamp would eternally be. But when I get to the other side I shall repeat his message. Humanity is spent it is a blight.

  14. malibu64

    Such a brilliant man, he died so tragically and so young. He left us such beautiful, inspiring, and intelligent music and it's known by so few. 


    Depression is one of the most painful of incurable diseases. It has robbed us of great talents, and robbed great talents of years of their lives.
    But at least we have what Phil left us, and we can thank him for that.

  15. pancho grande

    He was the soundtrack for my youth too - & how very lucky & blessed I was.  Beautiful voice - heart & soul in every line - just a one off gem the likes of which I haven't seen again.  RIP - gone but never ever forgotten.

  16. Puppycakez

    Seeing only seven comments on this video makes me want to cry.  Phil Ochs was a genius who was WAY ahead of his time, in ways, yet pinpointed many issues of his own time; therefore he is timeless.  It is a crying shame that this generation of internet addicts doesn't appreciate real music from real people like Phil Ochs.  RIP


    No, it's entirely appropriate for Phil Ochs. He lived his entire life in the shadow of Bob Dylan, a man who didn't even _like_ hippies and says in his autobiography that he wanted to shoot them all. He was always overlooked because he actually believed in the things he sang about, and eventually hanged himself in despair. I think being ignored on YouTube is just part and parcel of the tragedy of Phil Ochs' life.

    Suzuki Halwende

    Puppycakez It's hard to appreciate someone that you've never heard of. I'm sure a few more internet addicts would listen to him if they were I don't know, FUCKING TOLD ABOUT HIM! Also if people don't like his music nowadays, that's fine. His references are a half a century or more out of date, and folk isn't very popular anymore. Oh yeah and people would be offended by stuff he says so life sucks for everyone.

  17. cameron196

    This has always been one of my favourites of his songs.  I only got to see him in person twice, but his albums were part of the backdrop of my youth.

  18. Rachel Zack

    Songs like this make me feel like Phil was way, way ahead of his time. I'd like to dedicate this to the social justice bloggers.

    Suzuki Halwende

    Rachel Zack Doesn't sound quite as good to say that in 2018.

  19. Monica Esono-Sanchez

    :-) just awesome!!!!!

  20. malibu64

    This is amazing

  21. Saoff

    great one, I wanted to dedicate this to my ex-girlfriend but come to think of it, I'm glad I never did.