Pharcyde, The - Trust Lyrics

[Intro: Imani]
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
I'd like to welcome all of you
Into the secret sessions of the sacred talisman
You are here with the three conductors of rhythm
Yes, constructors of reality through musical composition
Yes, relax and interface as we take you into the next phase

[beat change]

[Imani & Citizen Strange]
Where ya at, where ya at? They keep asking where ya been
We been preparing for two thousand and beyond, Pharcyde
What's the gripe, clown, turn that hype down
You had your chance but wasn't able to advance
Now you're stuck in a trance
All caught up in our rhythmic avalanches
Biting our sound like sandwiches
You fucked up your chances
Due to certain circumstances that you could've controlled
But had no real substance so under pressure you fold
Freak the peak of this lick, ghetto chic over fresh beats
Overexposed and cheats with verbal traction like cleats
Trying to get skeets, huh
Yup, they trying to get mine but I walk that fine line
Cause fools carry heat like sunshine
Damn! Pharcyde's popping, they hipping and they hopping
And it ain't no stopping, repeated shots to they noggin
Banging until they jaws is dropping, again

[Chorus x2]
When it seems there's no one to trust
You can always count on Pharcyde to bust
We readjust, combust from dawn to dusk
Leave fly girlies with a crush, wack rappers on hush

[Bootie Brown & Frank Fiction]
Waiting around, it's like a hot day to burn it up
With another hot plate, got your neighbours irate
Volume way past 8, keep me booming in your system
From your residence to your auto, niggas envious
Green like an avocado, no beef, only equals cattle
Por favor, give you what you want and more
At the record store, first letters ‘ph' as in phosphorous
Learn to enrich my mind, working on being prosperous
A fool with money is quick to part
Some things start off sweet and end up tart
I speak in the front like a [?]
When you was expectant it the crew and I connected
Keep it collective from first to last
Is it banging is the question that they ask


Impressed with the wrong impression
About this rap shit, it's more than my profession
It's heartfelt, this life dealt a deadly hand
Life's lessons, hard times made a deadly man
Out of the soft, stressing, I fall down to my knees
For my blessings, push my wants aside for a minute
Cause greed had me testing my own fate
My own self-worth and how it goes to waste
All these things that I'm supposed to face
It gets scary on my planet sometimes
My intuition in the back of my mind
Tells me right from wrong
Giving me strength to write this song
I might not be here long
So I take it serious and stop chasing a dream
Cause it made me delirious
All cats are curious entering wrong

[Chorus x4]

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Pharcyde, The Trust Comments
  1. Meera Moran

    Who’d they sample

  2. Michael H.

    Waiting for Jimmy Neutron to show up in this video

  3. Thepharcyde4ever


  4. Ivy King

    Once you got it, the succes, as an artist or group it has to be kept cause you aint never going to get it back once it leaves.
    Especially when it comes at you seemingly easy, like with a first album, or hit.
    There is a lot involved in making it to a next level of famous and succes, luck is the biggest factor.

  5. Kiel Li Mikal

    luv this right here

  6. South East Bobby

    PLAIN RAP is a slept on album, glad i got mine

  7. David Fernleigh

    I wonder which version/remix this is as it is not like the album version?

  8. Andy Carothaters

    the clown was fatlip

    Mr. Johnson

    ROFL how they treated him in the video!

    Michael Bull

    Andy Carothaters yeah it was cause of the way he left the group it s a diss track very underrated


    They did Fatlip dirty in this song. 😂

  9. Surge Álvez

    Fuck that, Imani and Bootie Brown are dope!   Much respect to them for keeping it flowing.

  10. Flop God

    The clown represents Fatlip... Sad.

    Steven Dorsey

    Actually, in the video "Runnin" they have one of the rappers scared of clowns. The clown in this video simply represents all their fears adn adversities and such. If the clown did represent Fatlip, he wouldn't be rapping in the video, he'd have already have gone.


    @Steven Dorsey He was already gone, he left the group and isn't in this song/video. The song is about how he left.


    @Steven Dorsey 1st verse is a pretty obvius diss towards fatlip

    Steven Dorsey

    Well, at least in this video I see one of the rappers grew a little between this video and "Knew U". In "Knew U" he says, "They say having money is the root of all evil, but not having money is the root of all evil". However, in this video he sings how his "greed had me testing my own faith, my own self worth and how it goes to waste." And I think its really awesome seeing him actually develop a personal conviction or belief in something despite what happened between them and one of their friends and what-have-you. Until just now, I had percieved that he had somehow allowed his love of money come between him and the dreams of one of his friends pursuing a life with a woman he had fallen in love with. In that regard, I thought he had fallen a little, but I see that he had instead come to terms with something that he was personally struggling with as well, and then overcame it and reasserted his goals to making music he loved and traveling with friends that he considered his brothers.


    @Steven Dorsey , he's actually right .The clown is in fact supposed to be Fatlip . He was let go in 1997 , so I guess they still had some grievances to air out .

  11. wim bartels


  12. MrVonguzoff

    Fatlip and Slimkid3 are the best, two geniuses, real artists, independent artists. There's no Pharcyde without them.

  13. MrVonguzoff

    Fatlip and Slimkid3 are the best, two geniuses, real artists, independent artists. There's no Pharcyde without them.

  14. Doctorwithnopatience

    I like how Slimkid3 flew out after his verse. He left the Pharcyde after this album. Pretty symbolic

    Colonel Sandurz

    And the name of his album was The Legend of Phoenix.

    Mr. Johnson

    And it was horrible too! LOL!


    I thought SlimKid3 left the group after the album "Labcabincalifornia" ?

  15. SoJustCool

    Love Pharcyde forever man...i memorized they raps more than any other

  16. ChocoMiIk

    Chorus is definitely sung by Booty Brown

  17. Casey Smith

    Gez, song is awesome, video is kind of wack.

  18. PlatderGang

    poor Fatlip

  19. Triangular Merkel

    20th anniversary of bizarre ride gig in london in november

  20. HDMouseR

    that song is the fucking greatest song of nthe word dude ^^

  21. deedeedaman

    No it does not. That is clearly Tre

  22. berlin rose

    they had a reunion a while ago for a tour

  23. YouTube Is Life

    Any new news on these dudes ? reunion ? new album ? still not talking ?

  24. DaBum916

    You can tell it's a diss just by the video and beginning lyrics

  25. DaBum916

    Why is that the stupidest comments have the most thumbs up

  26. AeonPhoenixZero

    No dislikes...Wow. Maybe you kids HAVEN'T lost yo damn minds...

  27. dennisj3

    The CD IS TITLED Plain Rap . I know no one really buys cd's anymore but trust me this is one you need in the collection!

    Allen Cole

    I own it

  28. Illadelphia Freeze

    All time classic!!! Follow Ganksta Enterprize on twitter @GankstaE17 and on Facebook/Ganksta Enterprize

  29. Warriorz181

    there is a vinyl release. search for it second hand.


    It's on Amazon

  30. antmck

    The whole song is a diss to Fat Lip. Makes sense once i watched the interview by Spike Jonez with FatLip. Kinda sad.

  31. antmck

    I wonder is the clown a diss to Fat Lip... Remember on Fat Lips's single he was dressed like a clown like that..

  32. 1trx2

    This is the remix!

  33. Demoremda Rigel

    such a shame lip aint there no more, they brilliant together, and yea the chorus does sound like nate

  34. hapz3000

    in wish imani and booty brown did more cameos on other artist shit

  35. KrystalRunner88

    @RunNGun26 what? no it doesnt

  36. steeltownbrown52

    @ferishmaz WRONG with a capital W.

  37. steeltownbrown52

    @quedin2u There was a incident I read about where the 3 of them were performing live and Fatlip grabbed a mic and jumped up on stage. He was then thrown off the stage and began crying. When they reunited at Rock The Bells in 2008(Mississauga ON), Fatlip performed "What's Up Fatlip" and the crowd rapped-along.

  38. Tact52

    dude come on, seriously! the only thing they got were the same notes, but it took a handful of them to produce the multi layed voice that Nate did himself. And he has a soulful smooth voice, the hook just has guys who cant sing tryin! still a dope track tho!

  39. GOOGLA1996

    @cubanrefuge7900 use the programm tubebox ;) legal and save downloads , i use it on my own , i love it ... u just copy the link of ANY video in the searching machine and there ya go ;)

  40. feri mousavi

    J Dilla did

  41. Robert Tautiaga

    The music video is so crazy. the clown is supposed to be Fatlip after he got kicked out and then they knew that Slimkid3 was going to leave the group so they put that in the video too.

  42. aristhera

    that Flavor Flav can't truss it - scratch is fucking sick. Big up to Mr. Choc

  43. ratm1211

    @ogodsell171 Nate Dogg on the chorus of Passin Me By? I'm pretty sure it was FatLip that does the chorus on that one...

  44. Carlos Davalos

    Wow they dis on Fatlip on this track.

  45. sethinator8

    @cubanrefuge7900 ...u can buy the album

  46. kyoukilis20

    this is the remix change the title

  47. maseo drago


  48. 805Diabolical

    @quedin2u Thats what I was thinking also

  49. Cyro-Nydd

    @cubanrefuge7900 Check one of the hip hop rooms in SLSK.

  50. shaheed79

    @RunNGun26 I think that's how they sound when they sing together.

  51. coocoo4cocopuffslol

    That town look EXTRA dead lol

  52. Mark Gant

    @cubanrefuge7900 its off the album plain rap ...... you might have to take some risk and do it the illegal way just saying you might luck up get the discography

  53. Priest Shoob

    @RunNGun26 LMAO... NATE DOGG??? Naaaa that's just Slim singing in a lower tone.. He does that at times.

  54. Drew Sowienski

    This song seems different than the one i downloaded, i used shazam on this and tha one i downloaded it says there the same:/

  55. playnbluntly

    @cubanrefuge7900 I have a copy of this album I got from them in 2007. Plain Rap.

  56. begglesworth21

    @cubanrefuge7900 its on the album PLAIN RAP.

  57. Daniel Johnson

    Fukin dope I completely forgot about this song. Mad ill beats. Is this an their original video?

  58. spantgar

    J dilla did

  59. Valsydalv Ak

    @cubanrefuge7900 Go to Tube 2 mp3 !!! (the converter) put the URL of the song on you tube and you'ldownload !!!

  60. loverc1

    @pharcyderob what is Vdownloader cause i really wanna put this song on my ipod i cant find it nowhere

  61. blair170


  62. YaoiHuntressEarth

    Dude, this is my favorite Pharcyde song ever.

  63. flueSick

    this is da remix tho

  64. carmellac2000

    YES SIR!

  65. Erik

    Is this a remix, b/c I thought the original sounded different...?

  66. M2G

    @rachidkingofsouth Dude I swear Nate Dogg did the chorus to Pharcyde's "Runnin" as well! It sounds just like him

  67. Gene Zane

    You can't mess with classics like this.

  68. Che ZonaFe

    @cubanrefuge7900 in the vinyl Lp Plain rap the pharcyde...

  69. nicholas kehe

    @cubanrefuge7900 Try something crazy and go to a record store :-D

  70. Alison Watson

    @cubanrefuge7900 download directly & safely using: wwwDOTvideo2mp3DOTnet

  71. Rob Cyde

    VDownloader use the program to download directly from youtbe.

  72. seanyt21

    @cubanrefuge7900 download the album on torrent :)

  73. lookingatcrap

    i like this but why dis fatlip

  74. superoldboy

    Ah yes, the late '90s-early '00s trend....whenever the band hates eachother or the rapper is dead, make a bad CG video to go with the single. :) Wasn't there an animated Fat Joe / Big Pun video around the same time?

  75. Mackadoeshez

    Even though they talking about Fat Lip and his alleged drug problems & Tre leavin' the Crew this song is butta!!!!!