Pharcyde, The - The Hustle Lyrics

We gotta hustle ya'll We gotta hustle

[Bootie Brown]
Lookin to advance in this world that's monopolized so I utilize
careful not to jeopardize on my chances
Some niggas pack 17 to stack their advances.
I had a couple of homies that went to Kansas and Colorado.
I never been one to follow
I'm a lone desperado on the come up who rather sum up.
Siskel gets paid to sit down with his thumb up.
Asshole, watch cash flow take a downfall when your shit not on the ball.
Who you gonna call?

Hustle hustle hustle hustle

First you see a flash & then you smell smoke
Schmooche cat, controllin the whole scene
as my people choke, the hustle
I want to be down & all off into it
like Russell Simmons, I like the women's
The hers not the him, Ipass L's to my bredren
In my pocket stacks ends
but I always find myself saying, please excuse me sir
place down your bottle
I didn't mean to step upon your eypps throttle
and get her overheated ready to be treated
for the Schmooche Cat addiction affection
To her state and being I had her seeing triple visions
blue mountain tops and purple valley
wantin' to hang with her eypps in my alley
Some do it illegal Brothas just want more than their equal
Tryin not to get coated up in the evil This goes out to all my
hustling people... Just do it do it do it... do it do it do it

[Randy Mac]
Smokin doja in the south central streets keep me noid
til I puff bomb E T just to fill the void and recollect the word
of a Vet once put me down with Be about your paper mack and watch
the folks you clown with life's a hustle have money have heart
My matrimony to this playa shit is death do us part
and chasin papes from the nine six to infin
Blazin endo stems sippin yack and straight Hen
Gettin twisted out of shape like a pretzel
Comin wit more cross over appeal
that Van Exel and I hope to God that I don't go to serve no
Cavi stressin to maintain self preservation up in Cali
My partners of mine are skyballin out of control
but I ain't feelin that part of the game so
Slow your roll and pump your brakes for goodness sakes
I spot the fake the scandalous dulo one-time popo & the jakes
would love to ship my ass to Foledad or maybe Foesome
But I recognize a trick-a-ration so I mob by my lonesome
and see my status as a playa elevated as the hustler anthem
For all the haters is regulated
Some do it illegal Brothers just want more than their equal
Tryin not to get caught up in the evil this goes out to all my
hustling people... just do it do it do it... do it do it do it

[Big Boy]
You see back in the days crime pays
But now rhyme pays, so I had to hustle in many ways
now let me break this down
I used to pack pipes like Wesley Snipes, and new jackin like Nini Brown
puttin suckas in fear
Lettin ya know Big Boy is the nigga in charge over here
I'm buying new shoes and new clothes
Give me one of them two of these aw fuck it
Nigga give me three of those
My homie Shaun Juan used to give me 5 for 1
Back in the days that's how my hustlin' shit was done
Then that game went astray fools droppin dime
Catchin time and brothas gettin blown away
So Suavecito my Negrito put me with the Pharcyde
Tours and pours of Hennessy by the barside
Makin papes makin tapes doin dates
All over the world in each and every state
Now I'm on the other side of the tracks makin tracks
But still got fat backs and fat stacks
Yo Bootie Brown I guess I'm out
paper chase hustle that's what it be about
Some do it illegal Brothas just want more than their equal
Tryin not to get caught up in the evil this goes out to all my
hustling people... just do it do it do it... do it do it do it

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Pharcyde, The The Hustle Comments
  1. Alex Montano

    Never never can't forget the Pharcyde

  2. John Drake

    1:25 - 1:27. Mister Cee on them trans

  3. D. Mac

    Others just want more than the equal

  4. Jean-Eude Meyer

    I love it my name is rita chraibi

  5. Joseph Tate

    3 people missed out on good music.

  6. Xavier E. Posso

    too much level

  7. northbay707killafornia

    Risk it for the biscuit


    We gotta Hustle yall! We gotta Hustle!
    I ve got nothin but love 4 Pharcyde ;)

  9. Rich Senyor

    Roy Ayers - You Send Me!!!!!!


    Rich Bensenyor nice catch, good ears

  10. Pavito09

    can't stop listening to this

  11. Shane Mulcahy

    I miss these days :( the rap nowadays wack as fuck. the pharycde, people under the stairs, mos def, wu tang, tribe called quest, big l,.... I will always take the old school over this new rap nowadays

  12. Turbo 77

    Big Boy got bars

    Master Hand

    Used to pack pipes like Wesley Snipes, new jacka like Nino Brown 🔥

  13. Calves

    I seem to have a clean version... wtf


    damn me too man

  14. Mae Brinkley

    Start hustling youngins

  15. Guillaume Routhier-Ouellet

    Kidz betta start takin' notes. #nufinbutdatruschool #Zulurespect

  16. liveguy

    Bootie Brown on the beat!

  17. Jammy Dodger

    roy ayers- you send me

  18. jermaine davis

    This and outkast "atliens" are the best sequence albums ever

  19. Heatfan1214

    Fresh track

  20. Mr. 2000


  21. TheFuckOffMe

    this is by far the 1st album i heard by them and my favorite by them

  22. ladydontekno

    I like how this has no dislikes. :D

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  24. marko sorovic

    i would probably already be chilling there

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    hating on your own self

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    its like you can't beat your self the more you try
    the more you try the deeper your hole is
    this story is alices wonderland
    look in glass
    lol theres 2 shots
    one makes you big the other small
    witch one am i

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    pop s a culture hip hop a way of life

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    this is my shit right here
    the pharcyde and buckwheat
    about to enter

  34. dhampex

    Always love how they sample Roy ayers!!!!!

    Matt Watson

    dhampex what Roy Ayers tune is it?

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    Big Boy? ...Power 106? whaat?

  36. Cesar Palacios

    @TheMcpaul23 Actually This Song Wuss Produced By Bootie Brown...

  37. Mc Paul Espinoza

    J Dilla!

    Damon Richardson

    Nope. Booty Brown did this