Pharcyde, The - Knew U Lyrics

And I still, gotta ask
You could've told me

[Chorus: x4]
and I thought that I knew you
better than that, better than that
better than that, better than that

[Verse 1: Booty Brown]
So, So, So
from the beginning it was known
had a brother here, but now he's gone (real gone)
he's not six deep, find him on 6th Street
his mind now mends me, sleeping on concrete
can tell when she went to sleep, she's still weak
about a big bro, overdid it one day
decide to hit her, no booz, no drugs, no playaz
no thugs, no luv no hugs
when she caught me, found the stash in the coffee?
call me from the payphone speaking real softly
that I've broken the seal of trust
on her way to her momma's house
on the bus, it was old for us, don't make a fuss
she said, as the tears shed, explained that she felt
mislead, she couldn't take the pain if I was jailed
or found dead, or if I'd went onside her head
I tried to convince her, only happens to a few
How could I question, after all she'd been through
she said she felt bad, but there was nothin I could do
I thought I knew, I thought I knew

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Imani]
Yeah, me & my man's go back way before the music
I'd never thought that he would lose it and do that
all year he used to be in my house, but now I can't wait to
smack the taste out of his mouth
they say that money is the root of all evil, but not having money
is the root of all evil, chilling, talking, walking with my people
talking the walk about how shit goin' be, we gonna rock under
any circumstances, when I'm on the microphone
you know we advancin', with or without you, can't fuck with you
we try to forget you, cause we're trying to get richer


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Pharcyde, The Knew U Comments
  1. Greg Pham

    Yeaaaa levels to that

  2. Austin Edwards

    The Pharcyde Forever man no Question💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  3. gabriel ferreira da silva

    better then that !!! PORRA VAI BRAZIL

  4. Anonymous Guy

    Its the maze bank building lmao. Jk

  5. GAm a

    wtf 18'000 views ? I thought this song was famous !

  6. EnochTheFreestyle Prince

    Been listening to this song since middle School. More than 15 years ago

  7. Ann Hofbauer

    What a great song and album!

  8. Mitchelle Doraan

    joe hv seen...

  9. Solarisxx

    This is like the only song that is good on this album
    if you want a good Pharcyde album 
    go for Labcabincalifornia or Bizarre ride 2

    Steve Osborne

    it aint nothing on bizarre ride or labcab, they are considered legendary classics

    Isaiah Erskine

    Stephen Osborne true that

  10. Alyssa M

    My favorite on the album!

  11. Surge Álvez

    Awesome song!