Pharcyde, The - Devil Music Lyrics

[Slim Kid3]
The way that momma raised us was pure faith
So diablo wouldn't faze us or daze us
Or lay us down to sleep
Know the wolf from the sheep
Or the sheep who cried wolf
And threw the deadly hoof
While the wolf was asleep
I keep my mind a ghost
Follow my heart the most
Don't play fools too close
Sleep with my eyes at post
So Diablo won't be hostin the game of life
The knife sits by throats of the young
and blows death straight through the lungs
as the mind gets washed by visions of sugar plums
But we shall overcome cause we ain't dumb
but we ain't smart, they got the girls by the hearts
And the niggaz by the nuts
Ear, tongue and butts
Yeah, they're trying to fuck us up
but, shit, you know what's up
We gotta get with the movement
and move men soon
They consume every womb who bares
beneath the stairs of their doom
Best believe they're gonna shove em in a tomb

[Chorus: x4]

Cause Everytime I step to the microphone
I put my soul on 2" reels
That I don't even own

[Bootie Brown]
Early Saturday mornin I was cartoon gazin
slowly broke into the kitchen
to fill a bowl with some Raisin Bran
as I ran up and down the TV stations
I witnessed Indian Joe
getting tricked out of this nation
by a silly hillbilly
who laughed as the shit happened
Everything's the same
the game continued into rappin
Deception is at an all-time high
You give a piece of your soul
to receive some crumbs from the pie
But you know I keep on rappin til the break of dawn
even though it is my soul that I do not even own

[Chorus: x4]

I was po', nlack and broke
beyond a shadow of a doubt
Ass-out, wide open waitin for my shit to come on out
Speakin about the time before I got signed
I was coolin behind Coolio in the County Line
My big brother used to say I was an asshole
didn't graduate, couldn't handle the hassle
of high school, why fool
wit' foolish rules and guidelines
fuck the cap and tassels
said forget the trade and tried rhymes
Hooked up with J-Swift, got with 2-4-2
me and my nigga L.A. Jay back at S.C.U.
I grab the MIC one-time
Check it, 1-2, we in
freakin' major flavors with my fellow Nubians
Takin shit to the next level
Too bad I sold my soul to the fuckin devil

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Pharcyde, The Devil Music Comments
  1. Saudi Tate

    1994 u of r

  2. Star Fall

    You know their old record company had to feel this. Like wolves preying on a starving man in the wilderness.

  3. Puzzle Bobble

    old skool! :')

  4. anak yang malas

    the hook is sick, this what i want all time

  5. Malcolm Nelson

    The Pharcyde on the mic; J Dilla on the track!

    ra7 Sun

    Fatlip produced this song.

  6. kkjjkx kxjx

    My FreeStyle take to this beats beatbox cover/re-imagine

  7. KrispFlav 714

    Peace ✌️ out to the true Hip Hop heads. 🎤🔥

  8. Seen Bean

    Feel the soul, the real flow is with underachieving rappers like the Pharcyde

  9. toofine9

    man this beat is sick..banging this in 2016

  10. Garry Blow Jr.

    Dopest Hip-Hop Beat Ever Made!!!


    one of the dopest for sure


    Drop is better. But yeah...this is a goodie fasho.

  11. EFH

    "Thinking about the time.. before i got signed.. i was coolin behind Coolio in the County line.." phat lip showed his [email protected]@ on this album

  12. Sandra Calderon

    Shit muki 

  13. stangeriam

    Bout time fo a REVolution

  14. gotflava1

    Ive been looking for this song for a very long time!! Glad i finally found it courtesy of I thought the Boogiemonsters made this song! Dope song I remember first hearing this song on a mixshow back in 95. They just dont make music like this. I wonder how many artist even understand the concept of this song.

  15. Kyle V

    2 inch reels

    Shakespeare Fan

    Kyle V. 2-Israels

    this is definitely a kek

    @Shakespeare Fan why are correcting a 6 year old comment especially when he was right and you're wrong

    Shakespeare Fan

    Bully Hunter lol @ non-spiritual people

    this is definitely a kek

    @Shakespeare Fan

  16. Lebogang Legodi

    they mean that when they signed a contract (as #phoen99rising) they were fooled, but they have realized that they have signed with the devil (company dealers or owners, which are devils because they control em) might also mean that they sold their soul due to the fact they are controlled by the ills of this world dues to the money they got from the deal or contract because SLIM KID3 says it at the beginning,yet later says "we aint dumb"
    thats what i think. . .

    MF Kid

    also alluding to selling their soul to the devil

  17. OtakuSuper

    They're talking about record labels "two inch reels I don't even own" meaning the labels own the masters. They are speaking on the injustice of it and at the same time the necessity (in that day), and calliing the execs devils.

  18. SickBabySeals

    Much better than today's music

  19. smartsmusick

    i got this on tape but doesn't sound anything like this .. can any one help me upload the mix i have of this song

  20. Carlos Millan

    Real music

  21. Ruven

    this shit is the shit!!

  22. marko sorovic

    my dad won't even let me post his website up
    cause he thinks I'm crazy
    it would help him I'm guessing
    but you can't force people

  23. fiddude1

    true, stuff like this is genus...I see the pop garbage is about 85% but if you find the good stuff like this 15% it's pretty rare.

  24. EFH

    such a massive influence..