Phair, Liz - Supernova Lyrics

I have looked all over the place
But you have got my favorite face
Your eyelashes sparkle like gilded grass
And your lips are sweet and slippery
Like a cherub's bare wet ass...

'Cause you're a human supernova
A solar superman
You're an angel with wings of fire
A flying, giant friction blast

You walk in clouds of glitter
And the sun reflects your eyes
And every time the wind blows
I can smell you in the sky
Your kisses are as wicked as an M-16
And you fuck like a volcano
And you're everything to me...

'Cause you're a human supernova
A solar superman
You're an angel with wings of fire
A flying, giant friction blast
You're a giant, flying friction blast

'Cause you're a human supernova
A solar superman
You're an angel with wings of fire
A flying, giant friction blast...

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Phair, Liz Supernova Comments
  1. Colin Rice

    I just got into Liz Phair and she has changed my life.

  2. Victor Q

    Her and Allison Brie have the same eyes and eyebrows 👍

  3. Steve Tell

    I forgot how cute Liz was!

  4. Anthony Genovese

    When I clicked the video to watch the Liz Phair video and trust me, she kicks ass, there was an ad where some guy was sitting there with a guitar singing or trying to sing. He sounded horrible! Oh God I pictured Beavis and Butthead telling this guy to stfu. I love Liz Phair!

  5. Eduardo Venegas

    ....beautiful Lizzzzzz.....

  6. Thiago Ap

    Amazing Song

  7. Memo The Middling Guitarist

    Looks like they let Blackie Onassis out of Guyville to make an appearance in the video

  8. Mike Yerian

    This was her peak. Why can't I was her bottoming out.


    Female community of praising of loving at any time or space. ❤


    Old alcoholic hag.

  11. Matt Gaydosh

    Nice boobies good song too

  12. Chuck E

    I have this on cassette! She was and still is beautiful. Man I wish I could have met her back then and dated, got married, had sex everyday, had kids, had sex everyday and yes had sex everyday. 😑😐😑😬

  13. starsky hutch

    She’s the hottest

  14. starsky hutch

    One of the funniest things in the world that I have ever personally witnessed. I drove by this ginormous grocery store, and spray painted on the side of the building was, “ Liz Phair Wants Me”. Hahahahahahahahahahhhahaha

  15. paul Aragon

    Clean up aisle 1

  16. John Harter

    “...and you f-ck like a volcano, and you're everything to me.”

  17. Beau Michael


  18. Brent Wilburn

    Ms Phair put out one of my all time favorite songs from the 90's! She really knows how to paint a portrait with words and the band really puts the icing on top her wickedly well baked cake. Thank You Liz Phair! You ROCK!

  19. tom cline

    No idea who they are! Never heard of em! When in the 90 's did this group exist!???? Hell I turned 21 in 94 ,was in all kinds of bars for 3\4 years before thAt! Never heard of Liz phair! She's friggin beautiful!!!

  20. Martin Olson


  21. J Kent

    Wow. It's been awhile.

  22. Katie Jo

    2020! And this still fuckin jams!!

  23. engrtobe

    Nobody can make a plain t-shirt and motorcycle helmet look sexier than, Liz Phair.

  24. Lou Gatto

    The 90s.
    Such a good time.
    And Liz Phair, well.......
    It's a family thread.....

  25. Scott Dane

    Oh God ,I wanna pleasure her and Kay Hanley from letters to cleo - here and now ! Smokin hot !


    Finally happy for the first time since wait that's not hello kitty thats just walking out its perfecto itsste haze well ste wwe tweeting about war over for who cares feton they dont want HELLO SWAYBEES PLEASE DONT YOU KNOW WHAT I forgot about you how? U a cowboy u gone edit: well did u see kudos last year? Me neither man to be without triumph

  27. jimzazz

    Just about the perfect rock song.

  28. Abe Froman

    90's SUCKS !!

  29. Jose Ramirez

    stone cold rock goddesssssssss

  30. Sammy Sue

    Like a cherub's bare wet ass? My god I love this woman

  31. Freddie

    The last rock girl who liked men.

  32. Sean Watson

    I remember this was like 1994 and this song and Jen Trynin's Better Than Nothing were two of my favorite radio tunes when I switched over to 106.3 (central jersey modern rock at the jersey shore, lol). I was going back and forth between early 90's hip hop and poppy guitar rock (still two of my favorite types).

    Also, I used to subscribe to Details magazine, and they'd send out compilation CDs all the time... pretty sure both Supernova and Better than Nothing were on one of them.

  33. Kenny C

    Super fuckin' yummy.

  34. Nittany America

    She's good at something so she gets a record contract for it

  35. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts

    Still rocking to this in 2019! A classic in Woodstock's Jukebox ☮️❤️🤘🖖♒😘 Rock on!

  36. Mark Cook

    Went to the LIz Phair concert at Starwood in Nashville area 20 year's ago, great show . Still have the concert shirt , in perfect condition,,,

  37. Na K


  38. Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

    how am i only JUST now finding this nice little gem?!?!

  39. Marc Belanger

    WTF - didn't know this was the edited version. Crap!

  40. paul Aragon

    She walked three the crowd at Lollapalooza in Denver and well let just say clean up aisle 1


    you jazzed from her walking by? wowzers

  41. Raindeer Projekt

    This was a game changer for my Heart and soul...... Liz was/iz Wicked whip smart tricky flex gotcha flash in the pan of pop gone right

  42. John Maurovic

    Liz was so hot then, she is even hotter now! Greatness never dies!

  43. Crashburn 32

    I'd rather listen to The Muffs.


    I'd rather eat your mothers.


    Crashburn 32

    @shadrock99 lol Well played sir...

  44. videoluvr4204

    so hot in the red shirt with no bra

  45. Nadia Monaco

    This song rocks 2019

  46. Eric R

    Man she is so SO Hot!

  47. Green Man

    My 90s mega crush 💚💛❤

  48. NewGoldStandard

    I'm sorry, you do WHAT like a volcano?

  49. fossilguy BMF

    I miss the 90's, and not just the piles of cash, I was in my 30's and had it all. Still have it but needs repair...

  50. Keith McCormick

    What’s happened to Liz?

  51. Stan TheObserver

    Thatsa when pretty girl sold records when they used the f word. Never hear Taylor or Katie or Pink try that..

    CHANBAEK Enthusiast

    Okay and P!nk is a fucking badass singer and sells records. Also her music rocks. Don't hate, appreciate

  52. Barbara Edelman

    gen x had the best music. i grew up in the 70s, and aside from david bowie, roxy music, bruce springsteen & the ramones, there just isn’t much to say: dead, prog rock, disco...none of these spoke to me.

    except for rem, i pretty much ignored music in the 80s. then comes liz phair, counting crows, indigo girls, gin blossoms, cowboy junkies & so many more. the 90s were not great for me, but the soundtrack...brilliant.

  53. Rougeone1972

    Angie H. you already know

  54. Marc Belanger

    Great lyrics!

  55. Brian Walker

    Who is here in 2019?

    Andy O'Brian

    Yeah gearing up for the Alanis tour.

    Lisa Traupane-Nolan


    Sydney Prescott

    Brian, before I even looked at the comments I many comments will it take until I get to the most orginal comment , it's on every music video on YouTube, people will see that there are already 500 of the exact same question of WHO'S LISTENING IN 2019, what do u win if u get the most likes?? Fuck off Brian

    Brian Walker

    @Sydney Prescott it's not a question of who listened to it in 2019, more than it is a question of who remembers listening to it on a actual radio in the nineties before everyone and there mother had a fucking hand held computer in there hand

    Mike Westfall

    I'm listening in 2020.

  56. teddy pendergrass

    God I miss women like this.. who celebrated their power by welcoming men into their world for a revelation of greatness together

  57. sidney collier


  58. downthepines rubicon

    I would squirt on her taint

  59. Michael Savin

    Pure Coolness 100 percent

  60. Michael Savin

    Semper Fi

  61. Michael Savin

    Omg Queen L. P.

  62. Dick Triangle

    I'm just here to watch her titties jiggle, TBH. But cool song. Deserves a richer production. Feels lifeless.

  63. Nacho Ballsgrande

    I'd like to teabag her

  64. Livid Imp

    Oh god, this is the radio friendly version, blaaaaah.... Ok kids, they censored out the "fuck", got it? No?

    Got now kids? Tell your folks you learned a new word today. Tell 'em you learned on Sesame Street.

  65. Mauricio Ramirez

    So stunning 😍

  66. KingKaitain

    First time I heard this song I thought she was singing " a sheriff's bare wet ass".

    I still prefer my version.

    Enid Coleslaw

    Wait you mean she's *not*?

  67. wmfivethree

    Saw her live at Taste of Chicago, loved every minute(she tried to rock it in high heels,but had to kick em off).

  68. LTJfan 1992

    Liz Phair is the G.O.A.T!!

  69. Joe Fisk

    Supernova = Superlame

  70. gerald 413


  71. Tinted Hourglass

    One of the most talented women in music, then and now. Long live Liz!

  72. Steven Stifler

    Liz = 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 Who's with me?

  73. bob smith

    Holy Shit! A Yamaha RD-400!

  74. Wendy Sumpter

    Damn I used to play Exile in Guyville all the time she was the Sh#t to me...just a girl with a guitar singing what was on my mind!

  75. Jonathan Bristow

    Oh man, so talented and sexy it's unbelievable. Woman with a guitar and boots... oh yes, yes indeed son!

  76. David Hutchinson

    94...what a year it was. 27 years old and life full steam ahead.

  77. Pete Marcell

    I love the Yamaha RD400 they hop onto. That was my first roadracing motorcycle back in the day.

  78. NaughtyVampireGod

    Liz is like so "fuck censorship" 1:25

  79. Angela Wood

    Olivia jade this is crew

  80. Jose Ramirez

    This song is everything to me......

  81. GiantRobot Vs. Kaiju24

    Holy '94 mega crush! Oh how I wanted to make sweet sweet lo-fi love to Liz Phair (even though I was only 18 when this song came out lol). Liz Phair, such a rock babe :)

  82. Destroy Mars

    1994 called, but i was on the modem, so i missed the call.


    I love this comment because its so true

  83. LTJfan 1992

    Am I feeling some garage/indie rock vibes here?

  84. The Truth

    She's bad

  85. John Erkman

    Damn I literally forgot how F’ing cool this song IS 🤘❤️🤘

  86. Kevin C

    her 1st album was serious great

  87. SowSideSTL

    1994 was a awesome year. Miss the 90s. And....Liz is fine AF.

  88. Daniel Guimarães

    Matador Records had uploaded a remastered version with better audio. Where is it? The audio in this one sucks 😛

  89. Gary Tolodziecki

    I miss Liz !

  90. penncakes07

    I look at the year it says 2009 but this is soooooo 90's.


    It is the 90's, I believe 1995.

  91. happymemories

    Sabrina the Teenaged Witch flying thru the sky


    @NaughtyVampireGod who? Me?


    @happymemories Yes. I just thought that comment was very RANDOM.


    @NaughtyVampireGod i was watching sabrina the teenage witch on tv. Song was playing in episode i was watching. Sabrina was flying over the town


    @happymemories Oh. I had no idea. Okay then . . .


    @NaughtyVampireGod sorry I'm a bf is a vampire...

  92. starsky hutch

    One of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life........I’m driving by the side of a huge grocery store and spray-painted (big as hell) on the side of the store is, “ Liz Pair wants me”

  93. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    I hear You Chevile This Should be me, but it's not going to Be, I'm Takeing the Super Nova and Getting out of Dodge City.

  94. Not One

    Always had a crush on Liz Phair! Her best song here!!

  95. Matt Downer

    Very powerful, and yet brash! She made her job look easy!

  96. Eric Barnett

    The world has just never been ready for Liz.....

  97. Dick Triangle

    Damn look at dem titties.