Petra - We Hold Our Hearts Out To You Lyrics

[Based on Philippians 2:2]

Here we are gathered once again under Your Name
Thinking of the ways we all have caused You shame
But we can find consolation in the things that You said
We are all bound in our hearts by a common thread
We look to You who made us one
To give us strength and bring our hearts back to where we've begun

So together we hold all our hearts out to You
And we all can believe You know just what to do
Heal and forgive us, make us all just like new
Jesus, we hold our hearts out to You
Jesus, we hold our hearts out to You

Sometimes we forget what it is that brings us here
Sometimes we forget what it means to be sincere
And there are times we are bothered when we don't seem to feel
Then we all focus on the One who makes things real
We look around and we feel strong
We feel Your presence then we know that this is where we belong

And when we hold out all our lost and shattered dreams
You will be binding every heart with broken seams
With a warm and loving hand
You understand

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Petra We Hold Our Hearts Out To You Comments
  1. Gesiel Nascimento

    Is love Petra 2019 Forever.

  2. Danysae Sae

    like 2019

  3. Semato Sematoyeps

    Such a nice song

  4. random person

    Petra fan here. Been listening since Beyond Belief was released. My cousins introduced me to Petra in 1990. I’ve been on a Petra listening binge today. Today is September 3, 2019. These songs make more sense now that I’m a grown man. Life in general makes more sense now. Life wasn’t always easy growing up, but Christ was always there. I remember giving my life to Christ when I was very young. Thank you Jesus. Anyway, God bless you.

  5. Transito Salazar

    2019? Alguien? Tremendo tema

  6. TaticalDuD

    Not a religious guy but I remember my mom would listen to this all the time since she was Christian, nonetheless Petra has excellent instrumentals and vocals and I can admire that from a musical standpoint
    TL;DR: I’m not Christian but I love Petra

    Anungla Lemtur

    May God's love touch your heart. He loves you.

  7. giseli rocha soares rocha soares


  8. Rock man

    2019 guys! i'm still hearing and still gives me the chills.

  9. Paulo Crispim Silva

    Ouvindo em 05/2019

    Ezequias mata da silva

    Essa música me faz chorar!!

  10. Jonathan Castro

    I don't believe in god anymore but I still love this christian music from the 90s, Petra was a great band along with Stryper and DC Talk.

  11. Ashis Tamang Official

    Anyone..... 2019
    This song makes me more closer to him... Tears again

    Sunish R

    I’ve been listening to this from 2000 on my tape casettte .. I’d always come back to this and all through these years each time I listen to it these songs, it would speaks to me in a new way n I’d find new strength to cope with the situation I’d be in..
    How amazing it is that God used Bob to write these blessed songs, that’s been touch lives since the time it was released n continue to do in the years to come..

    random person

    Same. Tears. Thank you Jesus.

  12. Alexander Ramirez

    Listening in 2019


    Amen! This song never gets old.

  13. Leandro Cruz

    Such a sweet song! True praise!


    Merry Christmas 🎅🐏🌲

  15. Gamers Montage

    Forever and ever.!

  16. Jawon Ryan

    All glory To God

  17. Maringmei Maring

    2018 anyone

    Malsawma Fanchun

    dec 2018

  18. ma a

    Listening in 2018

    Blessy A

    Me 👩👍

  19. Alessandro Frota

    One of the most beautiful songs of Petra.

    Jared Hayslip

    Most Of Petra Songs Are Love Songs ...

  20. ma a

    Listening on 1st April 2018

  21. kit Marbaniang

    This is the best

  22. Stryper Pangururan

    i created my son name "PETRA" because my past full memory about this group...

    Jared Hayslip

    You Named Your Son Petra ...

  23. Paulo Crispim

    I am listening here in 2017. Beatiful!

  24. jesse samuel

    This is like a beautifully sung prayer of some sort. Of the sort emanating from broken hearts and disillusioned minds, seeking refuge and healing.

  25. Nathaniel Martin

    Good song!

  26. Kekhrie Tetso

    still listening this in 2017

  27. LRKA khiangte

    my all time favourite

  28. Junrey Taoy

    i love this and nothing can change....

  29. Alfredo Arellano


  30. jean max vaso

    Uma das minhas preferidas.

  31. Triple MVP legend

    " Jesus, we hold our hearts out to You!"

  32. Triple MVP legend

    This song reminds me so much of Jesus' matthew 25, parable of the sheep and the goats. " Lord, when did we see u hungry, thirsty, naked and in prison?" It should be the Theme song on our first day in Heaven, saying: " Jesus,

  33. Rahul Jetson

    it make me cry evrytime i hear this . wat a song

    kit Marbaniang

    Same here

  34. Steve Graham

    One of my favorite Petra songs... I bought this album for two songs... this one and Enter In. Love them all, but those two are my favorites.

    Chothazo Nienu

    I was searching for a song titled 'Love them all' thinking you said 'Enter In' and 'Love them all' are your favorites :-D

    Thangkai Singsit

    My favorite gospel song.

    Lngz Hnamte

    I love this song

  35. Albra Oficial

    This album is the BEST!!!... NO DOUBT!!!

    Jared Hayslip

    No Doubt...1995

  36. Shirley Ballester

    I love the fact that you've put this all up on YouTube! Thanks so much UnknownPetraFan. These songs are legendary and never fail to inspire.

  37. Helye Álnév

    My favorit song from them :) It remembers me some special times. God bless You all!

    Paulo crispim

    Amem. God bless you too!