Petra - Midnight Oil Lyrics

[Based on Matthew 25:1-13]

We wait since the day He ascended
He said He would come again
Some think it will be such a long time
Some they the know just when
We live like there's no tomorrow
We wait with out lamps of oil
We watch for the midnight hour
The day we cease our toil
When the trumpet sounds and the bridegroom comes

The wedding's gonna be so royal
So we gotta keep staying loyal
'Cause our feet are gonna leave this soil
When we burn the midnight oil
When we burn the midnight oil

Some wait from the top of the mountain
Away from the world below
Some work while there's still a harvest
No rest when there's seed to sow
We go out to wait for the bridegroom
Some bring oil of readiness
Some lamps will be burned out waiting
Left out in their emptiness
Will our lamps be full at parousia?

When the bridegroom comes we will hear the call

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Petra Midnight Oil Comments
  1. Poujik

    A song from rock n roll level faith. This song is in a level higher than Jekyll and Hyde

  2. Rebecca Fair

    I remember when I was young, my mom played this album in our minivan. I might've not been so fond of it at the time since I was so young. But I recently wanted to know about it and had no luck. So I decided to look it up and I finally found it today and gonna fall in love with this! 10/10

  3. Chris Cwej

    Awesome Song! 😇

  4. jamie .jamie

    There is something about this material : Hartman rubs shoulders with J.S. Bach himself.

  5. John Q. Public

    Jehovah be praised for this gospel band.

  6. Michael Mattson

    Fun song

  7. Bruce Wakeman

    - Matthew 25:8 -   And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

    - Matthew 25:9 -   But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

  8. Samuel Hendrickson

    I pump iron with this song!

  9. jamie .jamie

    The Bon Jovi band could NOT have written this OR sung it OR played it

  10. Edna Lopez

    This is my favorite song because the music is great 👍🏻😆😁😄

  11. jamie .jamie

    this music is just so completely thrilling

  12. Santosh Joseph

    I love you thank you for adding this songs

  13. Doctor Dubstep

    drake has scawt on petra

  14. 1202 Program Alarm

    Who disliked this video, Black Sabbath?

    le fruit identifie l'arbre


    black sabbath is a sabbath of the devil

  15. Omar Ricardo Ramos Buelvas

    Bendiciones. Me gustan tus traducciones, pero en esta canción en particular, la expresión "burn the midnight oil" es un modismo que significa vigilar, aunque literalmente sea quemar el aceite de media noche. Bye

  16. sol solecita

    no sólo su música es genial, la letra, el mensaje es poderoso

  17. Gospel Broadcasting

    Keep burning the midnight oil! Thank you Petra!!!

  18. Elizabeth Palacios

    PSALM 83, PSALM 69: 22, EZEKIEL 38, 39, 1 THESSALONIANS 5: 3. ISAIAH 29: 5....................

  19. Elizabeth Palacios

    Go Back To The ROCK!

  20. Justin Cooper

    Can't wait to be united with Jesus!

    Andres Castro

    La3ke of tearsJustin Cooper

  21. Moises Muñoz Manrrique

    amén la gloria se para el señor .

  22. Pablo Herrera

    trasciende las épocas. Petra. Que banda. Si no es la mejor...

  23. Soy Feliz

    This will be my new jogging christian song!!! Yeaaaaaaaay!!!!

  24. Rodrigo Nepomuceno

    que rock


    Rock at it's best!! Crank it up to 11, lol..I actually learned the guitar riff & solo..

    Armydillo 101

    Dew it!

  26. Cole Menard

    Is it Throwback Thursday yet? No? Who cares, this rocks.


    my favorite one!!!!!! love this song

  28. 1Corinthians2:2

    I've never heard this song before...but I had a dream (a sleeping dream) about meetings called "Midnight Oil," where people get together to let the Holy Spirit move after hours -- say after church services where the Holy Spirit is not allowed to move as He should. Now, I see it's not only to keep the oil of the Spirit in operation but it's to keep oil in our lamps to be ready for the Lord's retrun. The Holy Spirit IS the oil in our lamps! So, I had to check this song out! GOOD STUFF!!!

  29. Mr. Metric

    You can't stop something that does not exist :)

  30. Tim Dell


  31. Triple MVP legend

    the unbeliever there, u may well get dammned if u don't repent from your sins, and from taking
    GOD'S Holy Name in vane. When a person tries to curse GOD'S Holy Name, the devil loves it so he can curse u.

  32. MrSugarFreeman

    Amen to that :] Think about praising the lord all day long in heaven with bands like this after death! Can't wait :D

  33. Jonathan Davi

    not a believer, but GOD DAMN THATS GOOD MUSIC!!! \m/

    The Æternal Wölf

    Jonathan Davi sure as hell is ;) I'm not a Christian but I do love this song. I don't actually believe in any religion though I firmly believe in God


    @The Æternal Wölf _...though I firmly believe in God..._
    Why though?

  34. st th

    @lonzenator I totally agree. There has not been any comparable band since

  35. yes90125

    @Agapeforefront Haha, God bless you brother!!

  36. OutWithNewInWithOld

    There's a reason why there is zero dislikes!!

  37. yes90125

    This album and band kicks big fat demon ass!!!

    The Æternal Wölf

    yes90125 Lol

    Rebecca Fair

    Yeah buddy!

  38. lonzenator

    Mi banda favorita--- my Favorite band of the last (scared to say how many years). I have been listening to them since the albums More power to ya, Never Say Die and Not of this World. Never been a better band... When they decided to stop, the world of Christian music lost an extremely incredible gift... Thanks for posting these for the memories of us 80s rockers and every one else....

  39. kingnuke

    @evilunixuser1 i desagree too.. you could save alot of people by telling the word of god and not trully believe in his words.. it would be like a car salesman selling a car without an engine alot of people are doing this nowadays.. god knows about these things he can see the true intensions of your heart :)

  40. John Green

    I love this song. play this in my truck every day.

  41. Tanpopo Hana

    I did like how exceedingly, amazingly high Greg could sing. *melts into a puddle just thinking about it*
    But John is no slouch, in fact I like his voice just as well.
    If Petra needed a replacement for Greg they picked the right vocalist, he has a true 'rock & roll' voice.
    And really, would you have rathered they just quit?!
    Many of the songs off this album have helped me through some really hard times, I don't know what I would have done without them.

  42. Edith Juneau

    John IS STILL awesome !!!!

  43. Espeelover

    true dat is!

  44. mikosoft

    They can not shut down the word of God tho.

  45. eflint1

    Just wait. The secularists at WMG that now own Petra will shut this down.

  46. JoeCamelLives

    Well, that would make three of us. I can't stand slow songs either.

  47. Karson Zeltwanger

    Haha, this is true :P
    this is one of the best
    christian rock bands
    ever, also..
    i have seen
    Pillar and SuperChick in concert..
    Pillar was louder :P

    metal warrior

    Karson Zeltwanger saw them on this tour I think I was 14 then

  48. Karson Zeltwanger

    This song is
    the best Christian-Rock
    song ever MADE!!!!!!!!!!!
    'Right On'