Petra - Marks Of The Cross Lyrics

[Based on Matthew 10:39, Luke 9:62]

These days shallow and feeble resolve abound
And true devotion and passionate fervor are seldom found
But there are those who often feel they're all alone
Those of whose identities are known
By the mark of the crucified Son

Praying, caring, loving, sharing
These are the marks of the cross
Giving, bearing, feeling, daring
To lay down your life on the line
Forgetting what you leave behind
And willing to suffer the loss
Of the marks of the cross

These days the search for detachment and solitude
Lead to retreating to fortresses no one would dare intrude
Then there are those whose restless burdens start to show
Those who unmistakably most know
There's no crown 'til we suffer the cross

All our identity rests in the knowledge
Of who we're created to be
We are His workmanship, made in His image
For all of creation to see
The marks of His pain and His glory

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Petra Marks Of The Cross Comments
  1. For me Sumer

    This is one of Petra's greatest songs.

  2. Jeffrey Martin

    All I know is that I've been walking with JESUS for 22 years since 97 and I was VERY deep into satanism and heavy metal. But when the LORD got a hold of me and turn my world around that was one thing I was afraid of wondering how I was going to start listening to Christian music. But GOD HE already knew what HE had instored and HE introduced me to somebody I didn't even know as he knew all about Petra and a few other Christian bands. And he made me a VCR tape with three videos of Petra in concert which it had unseen power and Greg Laurie, and another one. IT was awesome how GOD turn my world around and now I listen to everything about JESUS PRAISE music Christian rock 🎸 from Petra. PRAISE YOU JESUS as you get all the GLORY.

  3. Blessy A

    All time best 💚favourite christian song .Thank you petra 💚.

  4. German Aparicio

    This song encourages me to be like Jesus

  5. Clara Luque

    Unos de los mejores álbumes de petra.

  6. Justin Cooper

    I need to love my neighbour as myself more. I will not be ready to go home until then. Please pray for me to have patience for my fellow man.

  7. manuel torres

    Impossible is nothing for our God!

  8. manuel torres

    The love's marks on his cross!

  9. manuel torres

    In His Son JesusChrist!

  10. Nathaniel Martin

    Good Christian song!

  11. Justin denson

    This got me through my teens.

    Jaster Disaster

    Justin denson
    Same! Also the song "Just Reach Out" (:

  12. André Anything

    Great Band! Bob Hartman rocks!

  13. stitch16261

    Thanks for posting all of these songs.!

  14. meljpetra

    One of My ~ Fave, Timeless ~ Tunes !  t : )

  15. Harry Matias


  16. 3fitzgrld

    Are YOU bearing the marks of the cross?

  17. Alex Panmei

    Amen, brother and sister in jesus christ, christ had died for us on the cross

  18. Justin Cooper

    3 going to hell

    le fruit identifie l'arbre

    3 billions

  19. Brendan Lepeska

    No matter what for the past 8 years of listening to this song I will never let it go. In fact this song inspired me to dig deep in the marks of Jesus and what this song really meant.

  20. Joseph Chang

    最近我常在車上聽 Petra 以及 TYE TIBBETT 的歌
    剛聽到這首歌時會以為是哪個一般熱門的 ROCK BAND
    這個樂團卻是個道道地地的CHRISTIAN ROCK BAND.
    其實,在美國 Petra 在基督徒搖滾音樂裡面的確也是個 熱門樂團
    應該說台灣的RADIO 或是 TV 是很少撥出這些樂團音樂的

    謝謝上帝給了我們 Internet. 正確的說應該是 YouTube...

    Bledi Shtegtari

    The same for me, this band is not known in my country,but these guys are really encouraging.

  21. Sitnievski Siteneski

    All our identity rests in the knowledge
    Of who we;re created to be
    We are His workmanship, made in His image
    For all of creation to see
    The marks of His pain and His glory

    Scott Believer

    +Marcio Fernando Amen my brother. Jesus is our life.

  22. Sitnievski Siteneski

    Letra da música muito forte

  23. mateus902

    uma das melhores da carreira do Petra

  24. jointherapture

    This is the video of the day for Oct. 22, 2013 on Rockandroll Bible on Facebook. Thanks for sharing it.

  25. jorge ruiz


  26. Helder Brito

    Muito bom, e abençoado trabalho!!

  27. tendenciashop

    EU TENHO A MARCA DA CRUZ EM MINHA ALMA... nao do instrumento de morte mas de quem esteve lá e hoje habita entre nós....

  28. simkob1

    the best music ever!!!

  29. tendenciashop

    I have the mark of the promess and cross in me. gloria a Deus !!!

  30. tezemoa verxiupi

    Petra is AWESOME!!



  32. Larry Skoreyko

    Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. He is always there when you call upon his name.

  33. DJPantanal2014

    I saw them in concert in Tacoma, Washington in 1994... what a wonderful evening ! Great memories.

  34. nomorelies86

    amen to that;)