Petra - Lord, I Lift Your Name On High Lyrics

Lord, I lift Your name on high
Lord, I love to sing Your praises
I'm so glad You're in my life
I'm so glad You came to save us

You came from heaven to earth
To show the way
From the earth to the cross
My debt to pay
From the cross to the grave
From the grave to the sky
Lord, I lift Your name on high

[Repeat Verse]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Lord, I lift Your name on high...

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Petra Lord, I Lift Your Name On High Comments
  1. Json A

    Key of G?

  2. Jawon Ryan

    Glory to God

  3. bisara Dkhar

    Lord I lift your name

  4. Amanda González

    Adoro está banda 😍

  5. lieto lieto

    God is good.

  6. Thomas Dowd

    I love how they do this song, thanks guys great job God Bless you!!!☘️👍🇨🇮

  7. Vic Rattlehead

    I used to play this album all the time back in the day. Still listen to it every now and then.

    Vocalist kinda sounds like Michael Sweet.

  8. Don Jefferson N'to Santos

    Oh! gloria! from Brazil!

  9. There is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church

    All i hear is Catholicism when i hear this song. His incarnation, Eucharist, life death and resurrection.

    Simply LW97.

    Catholicism is a deception just like Protestantism

  10. Bibih

    I heard this beautiful song the first time when I was a children, this bring me good memories, Now I can understand more the lyric, the translate, this song is great!!

  11. Ramesh Rai

    I can listen this song for 1 hour😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺💐💐💐💐

  12. Kymo

    I found sugabush BASS

  13. Deniz apang

    love this gospel song....

  14. lanes58

    Some worship songs, never get old. This is one of them.

  15. Steve Mandl

    local Christian tv station here in Milwaukee wi had a preacher on one time and said there is no such thing as Christian rock. he said something to effect that if you have the loud drums and guitars its not Christian.he looks at Christian music as it should  be the peaceful lullabye type

  16. Steve Mandl

    had this cd and no idea whatever happened to it

  17. Bruce Wakeman

    - Psalms 7:17 -   I will praise the LORD according to HIS righteousness: and will sing praise to the Name of the LORD most high.

  18. Everson Alexandre

    Essa música não é do Armando Filho? kkkkkkkkk

  19. RONAN the Accuser

    Praise the lord

  20. StinkySP


  21. joveto lohe

    I believe in JESUS...

  22. Dinkurei kamei

    Praise God

  23. Swuka Chishi

    Lord I lift your name on highest

  24. Rodrigo Leal

    Brasil 2018

  25. Matheus H.

    *Sugar Bush island of my singing monsters? *

  26. Phailyne Lyngdoh

    This song bring tears to my eyes
    From India

    There is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church

    Thanks be to God

  27. Harry Kim

    Like sheep they are laid in the grave; death shall feed on them; and the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning; and their beauty shall consume in the grave from their dwelling.

  28. khiangte tonsing

    Wow...Great song, great vocal, great music. Always luv to listen

  29. Blessy *

    Love you my real father 🌹Jesus 🌹

  30. Blessy *

    Oooooo i love dis song very much, petra songs r still fresh , fresh 2018👍👌💋💋

  31. Blessy *

    Oooooo i love dis song very much, petra songs r still fresh

  32. SD Solar

    Hallelujah indeed!
    (The one single word that is represented in all languages)


    Good music

  34. Alexandre Horvath


  35. victor bot

    praise da lord....Amen.

  36. MrMensajero

    Como me bendice esta alabanza aleluya

  37. 2TimothyBand

    I'm so glad You're in my life,  I'm so glad you came to save us.  Search: 2 Timothy Band More Than Conquerors.

  38. Uriel

    Awesome!! Glory be to God to the highest!

  39. zach law

    I love this song too

  40. Ernesto Turcios

    love this song tilll i die100%

  41. Scott Hammonds

    best tune ever!

  42. Endorolf

    I had the cassette tape and during my teenage years I'd have this song playing over and over.

  43. Alexander131191

    Hallelujah!!! :D

  44. Man Of God


  45. Daniela Coimbra

    I love this worship song! Glory to God!!

  46. Gilbert Rocha

    what year did this song come out

    Canaan B

    The song was written in 1989 but this version is from 1997

  47. foxpro 26

    Man, I love this song! :)

    Josiah Herrera

    One of my favorites!

    foxpro 26

    +Josiah Herrera Amen to that, brother.

  48. Aron Murru

    lovely lord

  49. sk8412c

    This is my favorite version of this great song!

    Roman muller

    Mine too

  50. Leobardo Ortiz

    excelente cancion

  51. glory pittington

    Jesus is lord. God's right hand man. beware of Satan claiming he is Jesus God.



    There is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church

    Oh i have encountered Satan in the flesh. Be sober and vigilant for your enemy prowls through the world

  52. Andrew D.

    From the Cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky.  Hallelujah!

    Kaa Pii

    Andrew D. Yessir ! He is going to be here very soon. Do you hear me loud and clear ?
    Very soon !

    Aimee Ward

    Kaa Pii and I can't wait.

  53. Kros Official

    best songs ever...GOD bless you

  54. jose lagos

    great and amazing song, thanks Lord!

  55. Ben Black

    so sweet..... Amen

  56. Night Divine

    Great song!

  57. Willie Streety

    Worthy is the name!! Amen! Jo

    Allen kin Yaa'àanii

    @Willie Streety I understand you are still have some problems with george, would you add me to a comment on a post he is on with you. I will handle it, ok.

    Willie Streety

    @Allen Massi​ Yes,Allen I will!!! Jo Thank you!!! Jo

    Allen kin Yaa'àanii

    @Willie Streety good.

    Nanny Booboo

    @Willie Streety good night dear lady. Iam tired. Our light was out for about 4 hrs. Hope you had some. Love you sister. Sleep well maybe we get to go fishing soon 🐬🐬🐬🐬💕🌜🌠🌛🐸 your neighbor

    Willie Streety

    Good night Nanny much love coming your way!!! Jo

  58. Jose Bermeo

    dejaste el trono para
    mostrarnos la luz
    de tu trono a la cruz
    y me deuda pagar
    de la cruz a morir
    de la muerte a tu trono
    Señor tu nombre exaltare 

  59. Colored Pandas

    I have been looking for this for 30 minutes and found it!! I remember it from when I was 5 and would sing it when 91.9 would play it. Thanks!!

    C M

    Air1 Radio?

  60. Russell Moore

    Still great from when I first heard Petra sing it to today!

  61. Farrah Teague


  62. James Edgar

    This is one of the best songs of fthe John Schlitt era.

  63. Pate Vydlák

    super song is best

  64. DanMarc Bardo

    wow this song is great aha i love finding good songs

  65. BrotherCavefish

    heard this song , today , forgot all about it, sweet song

  66. Stephanie Findlay

    It was a song we sang in church originally it was one of the main songs in ower churches form here to parts of the states.

  67. onepick1000

    wow, why so short

  68. CheriOke 41

    The first time I heard this song, driving in my car, I thought, "Boy, that sounds a lot like Petra".... I hadn't listened to their music since my college days! It was good to know they are still making great music!

  69. Fredy López

    Lord I lift your name on high!

  70. Arsenal Olcsi


  71. Laura Johnson

    KivyVlog, Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!!!! Man, it don't matter to him, we are all his children and he loves to hear our praises!!!!! Everything, give it all you got!!!!

  72. Laura Johnson

    I know, thank you so much for sharing!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

  73. earlwarthog

    Oh gosh, bringing back memories from 5th grade. Great song!!! :D

  74. Bob Jones

    I also lift the Lord's name on high!

  75. Alain Garcia

    i don't know why but i really like this version among the others :) i always thought there was a black guy singing this :) hehehe! it's an awesome song :)

  76. john fifteenthirteen

    the bible clearly says make a joyful noise unto the lord.any music is good when it glorifies are LORD JESUS

  77. Normanlee Agudos

    i love you lord>>>\

  78. blazinAngel64

    1 Sam 18, Eccl. 12, Luke 15 pertain to music. Exodus, Job, Psalms, Isaiah, 1 Cor., Hebrews, James, Eccl, Ephesians, Lamentations, Song of Solomon, Revelation, Ezekiel, and Proverbs all pertain to sing, singing and singers as well as song and songs. and listening to music..Who are you to judge how the Holy Spirit of God inspires the music in a person...When you can show me a certain scripture in the bible that states any style of music is are judging and that is wrong...Matt 7:1

  79. blazinAngel64

    uuummmm you better have something from the bible to back up your statement because i have read the bible cover to cover more than one time and as far as i can tell there is nothing in God's word that says there is anything wrong with this is giving praise to our Lord and Savior as it if you are going to make a statement that discourages people from listening to this song and giving that praise then you need to back up what you are saying with scripture from the bible

  80. Tyler Jahnke

    Amen to that!!!!!!!!

  81. Thais Ferreira

    I like this song :D

  82. sema yepz


  83. Luci Dragan

    my dear friends. The Devil wants to destroy us.... Never, hear, NEVER! listen this song again. This song is beautifull first, but in time destroys you and your family. Belive me!

  84. Danny McKinney

    Happy Easter

  85. Cheenee de Jesus

    sweet home alabama

  86. Katherine Leber

    Jesus you are my SUPERHERO!!!

  87. captainmarkusposinus

    Thank you, best friend, Jesus!
    From Switzerland

  88. JaneteEliger

    @Ideservethemoney very good Jesus is holly

  89. ArmyMedicRN

    @Legofan1401 This world is just so corrupted!

  90. Birdhunter30

    Oh how wonderful it is to see the brothers and sisters from around the world claim the promise of the name of Jesus! Here is another follower of Jesus from Washington state, USA.

  91. A Verified YouTube User

    Thank you, brother Jesus!
    From NE Philly, USA.

  92. starter2886

    Praise the Lord

  93. Lari Leino

    JESUS is Lord!!

    Jeesus on Herra!!

    From Finland

  94. Amos Roger

    Thank you Jesus . <3 you Lord . From India . . . .

  95. Martin Marković

    Jesus is Lord.

    From Croatia

  96. Tariff Risinger

    Halleluja!!!!! Praise the Lord! Jesus is Lord, from California

  97. Rod Balingit

    Jesus is Lord from Philippines