Petra - He's Been In My Shoes Lyrics

[Based on Hebrews 2:18, 4:15]

Here in my hour of need
I'm lonely, forsaken again
I'm wounded and left here to bleed
With no solace from a stranger or friend
Who hears my cry to revive and restore?
One who has been here before

He's been in my shoes
Been down this road before
He's been tested, too
He's been through this door
He feels the pain and He heals the bruise
He's been in my shoes
He's been in my shoes

The union of God in a man
Is a mystery that I can't understand
And now with my suffering known
I'm reminded that I'm never alone
Who has been tried and been tempted this way?
Jesus who now hears me pray

He was a man just like me
But He lived His life blamelessly
Now I'm beginning to see
He holds my hand
He understands

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Petra He's Been In My Shoes Comments
  1. Chris Kelley

    There are not very many Christian bands I still like, but this one I is one of them.

  2. André Borman

    Tem BR aqui pelo amor de Deus isso é uma obra de arte


    Petra é uma banda excelente 👏👏🙌😍

  3. Justin denson

    This reminds me of my childhood. Good times.

  4. Miroslav Pavlíček

    my favorite song . GOD IS GOOD.

  5. meljpetra

    Yes... No Doubt !  t  : )

  6. Lioness DeWinter

    Beautiful song. It's gotten me through some tough times. <3

    Sandy Gurley

    Lioness DeWinter
    me too

  7. Alex Panmei

    yes......christ is all the time i need

  8. Stephanie Findlay

    I love Petra's music since I was 14 years old and still love their music

    Stephanie Findlay

    they are awesome

    Oumesh Reega

    Stephanie Findlay How old are you now? 16??

  9. brunnampi

    Uma das melhores canções que ouvi!

  10. Adamaris

    beautiful song. thanks for posting.

  11. Tim Mit

    I used to scoff at "Christian Rock" until this day....I Like Petra!! They Rock!!

  12. Christopher Larsson

    Hold on to you're faith and belive that he will heal belive in his word that he is who he says and if you don't go to church start going because the purpose with the church is to be a place where we can refuel and be encouraged
    Belive in Jesus cause he belives in you! ;)

  13. IncrediblyHuman

    He KNOWS my pain and yet when will he allow it to leave
    or TAKE IT AWAY?

  14. Michael Woudberg

    Real Godly music !!!

  15. Gleyse Garcia

    My favorite song of Petra!!!!!!!

  16. R.G. Stentje

    @larryskoreyko amen! i did last january and i belief many many more will come back in this time



  18. Larry Skoreyko

    How true this song is, alot of people have fallen away from Gods grace and blessings. It's time to come back to his loving and open arms.

  19. DJPantanal2014

    I've preached this song title in my church once, very powerful message ! I had the song all the time on my mind during the message.God bless you brother!

  20. K. Weston

    hey thanks for the video. in our church we are going to play that song ;)

  21. Arcz Angel

    one of my fave petra songs!

  22. Edith Juneau

    Yes it`s very cool !