Petra - Good News Lyrics

[Based on Romans 10:15]

It's just the same thing every day
It's only bad news coming my way
Another war, there's a film at eleven
Another crime from the heart of man
I can sit here with my lock on the door
Change the channel as I try to ignore
Or get ready with shoes on my feet
And start dancing to another beat

Good news - you can read all about it
Good news - speak the word, never doubt it
Good news - 'cause we can't live without it
I got good news on a long-standing offer
Life you can never lose

Some people can't see the light of day
They need somebody to show them the way
They climb the walls in fear of the future
But God alone has the only cure
The world is spinning like it's out of control
There's only one thing that can save the soul
I'm feeling today is the day
So listen up, I've got something to say

All this bad news is getting me down
Got my head spinning around
Don't have to take it, you know you can choose
So listen up...I've got some good news

The world needs to hear good news of the love of God's Son
Every life can be changed by the hearing of what He's done

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Petra Good News Comments
  1. Eduardo Rocha

    Petra Means Rock

  2. Abby StClair

    It’s 2019 and I’m still listening to this!! Love Petra!😆😍

    le fruit identifie l'arbre

    😂😂😂 awesome



  3. Clara Luque

    Todas las canciones de petra están rebuenas. Aguante petra. GRACIAS JESÚS X TENERTE EN MI CORAZÓN Y EN MI VIDA. TE AMO JESÚS.

  4. Kitz Mawniuh

    Biblical songs best ever Petra

  5. Arthur Florez

    This is the best band in the world!!

  6. Lion of Judah

    Christ is our good news! Sing it Petra!

  7. maribel Roldan

    El mejor Rock que he escuchado

    maribel Roldan

    quisiera saber la traducción en español de cada álbum de petra

  8. sol solecita

    good news es lo que necesito justo en estos momentos de mi vida...
    gracias por la traducción que dejaste para las personas que como yo no hablamos inglés.

  9. Nathaniel Martin

    In the Bible!

  10. Samuel HerMan

    Petra is my top 10 Best Rock Band ever ;)

  11. Amy Fitch

    Thanks for posting! I don't have this album

  12. robert slebos

    even when i walked out of the lords light i had always found myself listening to these guys i had most of there cds and there where a lot but dont know what happend to them all now i have to collect them again lol

  13. spud2ooo

    @49truck49 hey check out xsinner



  15. Darvin Montecinos

    Algunas personajes no pueden ver la Luz del Día
    Necesitan que Alguien les muestre el Camino
    viven sus vidas con miedo al Futuro
    Pero solo Dios tiene la Única respuesta
    El mundo está girando como si estuviera fuera de control
    Sabemos que solo una cosa puede salvar el Alma
    Estoy seguro que hoy es el día de salvación

  16. Steven Giraldo

    este es el mejor trabajo de petra, definitivamente excelente....

  17. Leonel Lorenzo

    it´s very good band!! la verdad que muy buena!!

  18. stomats

    Actually Petra claims to have began in 1972 just like ACDC.

    Its their first album- Petra that came in 1974. the band was in existence before the album.

  19. smokediver6710

    I said the same thing the first time I heard it. It definately rocks but to the Lord!!

  20. Petra Lewis


    le fruit identifie l'arbre

    are you a man or woman ?

  21. lautimetal neculqueo

    Muuy Bueno¡¡¡ q banda espectacular¡¡¡