Petra - For All You're Worth Lyrics

Hold on to life for all you're worth
You know He died for all you're worth
He loves you
You have the greatest value
He gave His life for all
For all you're worth

By this time you know the story
There's nothing there you haven't heard
You can cross the line of knowing
And your heart believing His Word
Do you think He brought you this far
Just to leave you wondering where and who you are
Just think back to where it began
Jesus called you name and then you just took His hand

[Repeat Chorus]

Even gold still needs refining
Burning off impurities
Even diamonds grow in value
When they're cut so carefully
There's no life beyond His repair
You will find Him waiting just beyond a prayer
He invested all that He had
Don't you think it hurts Him inside to see you sad

[Repeat Chorus]

He has His eye on you
You have the greatest value
He gave His life for all
For all you're worth
For all you're worth

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Petra For All You're Worth Comments
  1. Bibih


  2. lili Love

    2019 and still love this song, <3

  3. Leonor Palma

    2018 JESUS is coming back soon brothers amen

  4. Jared Hayslip

    A lot Of Petra Songs Are Love Songs ...
    1974 - 2003 ...

  5. Jocard Castillon

    I love this songs.I love Petra band

  6. PauloCesar 77

    nao se faz mais banda como PETRA quem curtiu,curtiu

  7. Insunatic

    For all us suffering souls a big Amen.

  8. Cristian Halmagean

    Tears are pouring down my cheeks...

    Petra Girl86

    Cristian Halmagean What about now?

  9. ricardo correa

    letra e músicos...perfeito!!!

  10. Riduan Parulian

    great song..

  11. João Pontes

    Caraca o arranjo é muito bom!

  12. Christopher Petts

    thanks for posting this song this is 1 of my favorites