Peter Tosh - No Nuclear War Lyrics

No Nuclear War
We don't want no nuclear war
With nuclear war we won't get far
I said that We don't want no nuclear war
With nuclear war we won't get far
Said no, just another holocaust
It's just another holocaust
And we can't take no more

Too many people are hungry
They don't have food to eat
They are naked
'Cause they don't have clothes to wear

They are going insane
Because of the condition
A million babies
Are suffering from malnutrition


I can't take no more

I saw World War One
Where lotsa trouble begun
I saw World War Two
When the pirates came right through

Lookin' for World War Three
But you got to set me free
Free from the chains
And this here misery


We can't take no more

I said the rate is high
So much sick people
I'm sure they gonna die

So much mad people
Gettin' ready to explode
'Fore somebody
Come help them carry this load


One country deploying MX
Another country deploying SS
Inflation goin' way up high
And the dollar is going way down low


Crying, bawling, they can't take no more
I hear them moaning they can't take no more
They don't wanna die
They want to go to Heaven, yeah

But they can't
They can't take no more
They gettin' low
They can't take no more

They gettin' grief
They can't take no more
They gettin' beat
They can't take no more

They gettin' lazy
Cause they can't take no more
They can't take no more

They can't take no more
Pleading for them
They can't take no more

Can't you hear me pleading for them
Cause they can't take no more

They want to live in peace
And happiness
Let the trees grow
Let the waters flow...

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Peter Tosh No Nuclear War Comments
  1. Donovan Reid

    mOST of our artist in Jamaica are some what of a prophet they actually saw the future.

  2. Nikho Mngadi

    Mnhuuuu voice listen to that voice guys!!!bassist those horns amazing band message is truthful too Tosh was the best Im listening from South Africa KZN Durban Toti Kwa Makhutha

  3. Former K.G.B.


  4. Joao Vitor

    Alguém em 2019 escutando?

  5. Rafael Stefania

    Grammy worthy.

  6. Igor Carvalho

    ☮️ paz Brasil 🔥🍁🚬💨🇬🇳

    Glendon Codling

    Jamaica vibes

    dudu makua

    This is mentally liberating

  7. Mduduzi Mucanze

    King of reggae

  8. Be3orBlied2 Z

    They'll be No Nuclear War

  9. BillyBlaze4Christ

    My favorite reggae song of all time

  10. Laolu Olaitan

    Prophet Peter Tosh, you were indeed a blessing to the world.
    Your songs are always relevant to our world.
    Rest in peace man.

  11. Untochable Prettymofukka

    Sofortiges abrüsten aller Atomwaffen ✡☦🕉☮😎

  12. chef bounty

    know thyself realist eva

  13. Michael Nkabinde

    relevant in 2019 and I future

  14. Lilian Ezeilo

    This is for instigators of violence and war. Iran and the US, pls say no..

  15. siyabulela mkhuhlwa

    Good music what can i say it's about the truth. I just mess my brother

  16. Glendon Codling

    This song will benefit the world seven billion people that live on Earth

  17. dudu makua

    This deserves more than a grammy tosh was a prophet to liberate africans from the chains of colonialism.

  18. Bernhard Bauer

    Me heared it in 2019

  19. manoel olimpio

    eterno profeta um homem alem do seu tempo peter tosh uma mente brilhante a serviço dovo humilde denunciava em suas letras a crueldade e a ganancia dos donos do mundo por isso foi assassinado covardemente mais as suas mensagens ficaram para sempre nos nossos corações e mentes RIP mestre jah bless.

  20. Thembinkosi Jacob

    Surely the man knew the world stuff.."seen"

  21. Philla Thubana

    No Nuclear War No corrupt leaders WWW


    Chanson toujours d'actualité à nos jours!! Peter, c'est mon idole!!

  23. Reggae Mars
    please listen to me friends !

  24. Wesley Watson

    Jha know pure reality.cant you feel it coming war like we have never seen before shame the poor have to be in a part of there bull shit war . Blessings

  25. john curtis osborne

    praise be to Father Jah for His singing prophets.....Nuclear War will Not happen...Jah will Not let it..

  26. Shawn Gesehen

    who know´s if there are nuclear wAR ;)

  27. Chancetta Lee

    Peter tosh is never dead his music,spirit soul lives on

  28. Jony cesar

    No nuclear war

  29. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Bad song Great voice timeless upright Allways and FOREVER! X

  30. Benamses Gamrat

    hey you so am i waoih meaning w e a r e one in harmony

  31. Qaqambile zide

    His music gave us hope of better tomorrow.

    Glendon Codling

    I agree with you Brother man.peter Tosh

  32. Yolanda Duncan

    gets me threw some tuff days rest on mr.tosh

  33. Modah Naycha's Creations

    Love Tosh

  34. andrew clark

    Pretty sure this is a building or a worked object

  35. Noxolo Nconco

    A child hardly remembers most of their memories until the age of 4, but I remember my grandfather playing Peter Tosh each night after we had dropped off my grandmother at work.😏

  36. Colin Black

    Peter Tosh was a man that speaks from his heart and doesn't hold back words. This is expressed through his music, the music industry was corrupt, and treated him unfairly. His music was revolutionary and he never mixed words, sadly this offended people. They're powerful people around like the Americans and are always listening.

    Glendon Codling

    You always say the right thing .Rasta Black

  37. Bethwel Mwangeka Mwangeka

    Nice one..

  38. Teena Larry

    Peter tosh you are the best

  39. Wallace Chirwa

    Very powerful vocals in the reggae circles,tosh was misunderstood by most people but today enuff respect after realizing that he was advanced some people even imitate him strong and courageous Rasta man

  40. johnny blaime

    This track is important

  41. johnny blaime


  42. vancetta jones

    rip Peter Tash I love his these song remember me and my Rasta man when I was a Rasta play his song every day

  43. Nassah Amaj

    Bob Marley is the uncontested legend

  44. Thamieo Thusie

    what makes me unhappy is that he was killed by a black man

    Glendon Codling

    The black man was the big man

    Glendon Codling

    Was sent by the government

  45. Fidelia Lucas Samkhumbi

    Peter tosh was brilliant, about your message is best

  46. Moses Mahlangu

    Peter Tosh is my inspiration.
    Jabu-South Africa.

    dudu makua

    Peter inspires me day and day out.

  47. Alton Sands

    This song I believe wat he his singing about he say nomore war (they believe in God u can't beat reggae they believers not sin

  48. Manuel Windecker

    A Breaker killed him in his House.R.I.P.

  49. Duwam sekyen

    I love Peter Tosh, all thanks to my dad

  50. Glenzell Gettum Hughes 7

    Alot of this man's words apply to whats going on right now like he is a prophet of some sort. Like he saw it in a dream that is now a reality

  51. Obihiele Uchendu

    "So much Mad people getting ready to explode..." wow! Peter is da bomb, that lyrics got to me. Isn't that what we're witnessing now? God help us

  52. george white

    Donald trump needs to hear this song cause we are heading to world war 3.......God help us all

  53. GothBoi Prince

    no nuclear war in 2017 !
    tell kim , Tell trump , tell Dem Iran people fi put down dem nuclear weapons NOW

  54. vernus oil

    timeless music tosh big up

  55. dioncalum

    To USA and North Korea unnu need to put your money to better use

  56. Yolanda Duncan

    food for the soul rest on my dreadhead favorite 😘

  57. urbain yapo

    I don't udersand but I can't stay sit when I listen it, you are the best king Tosh, respecfull

  58. BillyBlaze4Christ

    The longest reggae song to be recorded is my favorite reggae song of all time! No Nuclear War

  59. maredicorsica

    Just in these days of rumors war between US and NK, I feel it could be a good thing to share this song everywhere, and especially where articles about "the forthcoming nuclear war" do appear on the web. God bless.

  60. Pub Crawl Channel

    Get it through your heads - No nuclear War !!!

  61. Cool Breeze13

    We don't wan't no nuclear war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Brockton Boii

    I still listening to this song and goes out to Donald Trump and all the other world leaders we don't want no more nuclear ☢ war

  63. Allan B

    Donald and Kim take note!

  64. Sibongakonke Ngobese

    Someone play this song for Trump and Kim...

  65. Yolanda Duncan

    Love you sooooo much Mr. Tosh❤❤❤❤❤

  66. RAMCINE Yacine

    la musique reggae. rien que bob.......


    Truly, one of the best songs of all times

    bri bangs

    Israël,USA, GB and other evil powers

  68. José Castro

  69. Stanley Stamiri

    Wish politicians and leaders of the world could hear this life time message and start valueing human life. Thanx Tosh

  70. Bamba Alamako

    RIP the king

  71. denise palomino

    i like this

  72. Nestor Burgos

    this song is for this days 2017 for U.S.A ,Rusia,north Corea and the others with nuclear wepons

    john curtis osborne

    Nestor Burgos Precisely ....very relevant......the Rastas definitely had a calling......

  73. Dekembe Perry

    This is EXACTLY the kind of music the world needs to be listening to right now. the lyrics fit 2017 so well you wouldn't know this song came out so long ago. he might not be with us today but Peter Tosh is still and ALWAYS will be the voice of the people.

  74. Mohamed Keita

    Seul la vérité qui libère l'homme proverbe (Peter tosh )

  75. Milito TV

    Peter Tosh is the Man. Time will tell. Respect grand Monsieur

  76. Clifton Scipio

    top class song the late great

  77. Dilinger Donken

    we don't want no more nuclear war.

  78. Ted Emmanuel Vidal

    real positive music.

  79. Fill Mc

    with tramp.. we will have nuclear war...

  80. Mindem Kitchen


    Fabricio Tonelli

    Are you nuts, man? Peter tosh was an amazing artist, so was Bob Marley. Both are extraordinary singers and writers. Each one has his own qualities. By the way, bob got rich because he had a wider appel to the public. Peter did several very-very comercial songs (Nothing but love, Dont look back) but these tracks didng get the comercial sucess Bob had.

    Sean Hennsey

    Ginio Mind Vision look I love Peter to but they came from the same place don't hate on Bob cause of his success

    Sean Hennsey

    Ginio Mind Vision he didn't turn his back on Peter or hunny bunny didn't wanna tour or leave Jamaica Peter didn't want to b a back up singer anymore

    Борис Враголов

    small people everywhere

    Justin Albritton

    Bro having alot of money is not a bad thing. Depending on what your doing with it. Number 2 peter tosh is a messenger but he was very jealous of nesta. But when peter tosh was getting thrown in jail and getting his ass beat for provoking the police who was there bob marley so dont give me that non sense brother. And like my man said peter and bunny were tired of the business and tired of feeling like they were getting scammed out of money by that guy from island records im not even going to say his name hes apart of the elite scum and they were. Plus peter wanted more of a presence and wanted to have more of his songs used thats another reason he left. To wrap it up they were both touched by yehua and great musicians thats why i say neither one is more for the people than the other. Bob marley was more like martin luther king jr. Peter tosh was more like malcolm x. But both were for the truth,the lost, the poor,the downtrodden,and both were highly against the system. But they both sit side to side as they should. Yeshuas blessings.

  81. filamex stamps

    Et si finalement le bon sens des vieux rastas jamaicains était la vérité ? injah'llah

  82. Playlists

    We don't want nuclear war, we don't want World War 3.

  83. Sikhulile Ngomane

    Stepping Razor

  84. Phumlani Manyathela

    all i can say is i love dis guy

  85. Jim Mckelvie

    Peter Tosh was so real.


    we fight against nuclear no for this djah bless africa



    Justin Brown

    one in a million star freedom fighter

  88. polvoazul

    Thats got to be the most unanimously relatable music lyric ever! hahahahaha

  89. jennifer haynes

    Peter Tosh and Bob Marley were great artists in there own right, stop comparing.

    Reggae Mars
    also please listen this anti war song. pls

    Lwandle Ernest

    All of them they were like your best clothes, it's only depend which one do you want to wear today, eg you wear Bob during sunny day, Peter during Stormy day, Spear during foggy day, Culture when its drizzling etc.

    Neustey Orgen

    Exactement. Stop ce style de stupide comparaison 😉!!

    Rafael Stefania

    If tosh had the marketing machine behind him, like Bob, he would have had more impact than Bob.

    Science Fiction

    Bruh Bob Marley nuh half ready like Peter tosh musically , his message his timeless am I the only one that predicts sees a nuclear war coming ? #2020

  90. Fred Schmidt

    When I think of my favorite Peter Tosh music, it's almost always about evil people and injustice, and the bad side of humanity, whereas when I think about my favorite Marley songs, they are almost always romantic and about the good half of humanity. I actually like the Peter Tosh better, but if I listen to too much of it at once I'll get depressed. But then I can just switch to some Marley and listen to something to make me think of love and beautiful things.

  91. Nyasha Ngome

    Peter was good but ordinary, Bob was extraordinary and spiritual.

    Zwelihle Mtshali

    Lool oooh my bro you've missed the real* Peter Tosh man, now i get you....Peter was not hateful of non-blacks nor loved blacks more than whites, but he was against wickedness and up for righteousness irrespective of race and colour,...."Peter Tosh ~ Come Together" you should listen to that song


    he's definatly a more angry character and can come off as hateful. he had a difficult life, though, so u have to put it in perspective.

    Delta Duke

    Nyasha Ngome There is nothing ordinary about Peter tosh, and I am not taking anything away from Bob either bob is a true legend, but peter was extraordinary Peter has depth in his life and his music. It's personalities like Peter why black people are not in shackles today. It's Peter who says equal rights and justice for all .what is so hateful about what he is he lying.or you just don't want to see a black man speak the truth and rights.i know your type I have worked with many like u who have no problems with other black people licking boots as long as it's not you.its personalities like u why we are still struggling as a people today even when Peter and Bob has open our comment is an old one I hope u know yourself .because if u know who you are and have any good as a human you would not find hate in Peter tosh music.

    Rachendra Pyakurel

    Ordinary? You sir mustn't have heed the words. Listen close!


    Nyasha Ngome : Matter of opinion. Some would say that Peter was the teacher and Bob was the pupil.

  92. Mak Lek

    Peter Tosh: The greatest

  93. Kerby Felix

    Hey its my kind of tunes this man is bad to the bone

  94. Glendon Codling

    they killed him because of this album.

    D33-Not3 tosh

    damn right man

    Aton Freckleton

    He was killed by a greedy friend of his who felt that Peter owed him some sort of obligation. He wasn't killed because of this album.

    Glendon Codling

    @Aton Freckleton you have no not going to jail for herbs no more.the government get up set with Him for that song see

  95. maDeiNtHe80s

    mannn mannnn Bob Marley was Good but Peter Tosh was the best....

    fafie fafie

    +growyourownfood but peter was to much his word were too much strong

    fafie fafie

    true bro Peter is far much better than Bob

    Siyabulela Yolo

    Grammy award winner album.

    Umorami Ogini

    if Peter was better what stopped him from rising higher than Bob. Both were good, I think Bob was more versed than Peter.Peter was solely based on militancy. Bob was all-round in his music course. I like their two.

    Glendon Codling

    @Umorami Ogini militancy was not what Peter Tosh music was about.peter Tosh music was about truth and fights

  96. Rachendra Pyakurel

    If you disliked this song, your head ain't in right place. See a psychiatrist.

    ja dal

    +Rachendra Pyakurel haha yeah sure ..poor them ;)

  97. joshua lungu

    we got to find a solution to dis polution yah!

    Dwayne Johnson

    This album got him a Grammy, Even before bob. Utmost respect for this man. Memories live on Peter tosh.

  98. Projectile

    sounds like it was EQ'd by a giraffe . love this song tho

    Furious George

    Be fair though, it takes a giraffe a long time to nod along to the beat, and probably a lot of concentration too! You can't expect him to EQ the track well while he's jamming out.