Peter Tosh - Maga Dog Lyrics

Sorry fi Maga Dog
Him turn around bite you
And if you jump outta fryin pan
I know you jump inna fire yeah

See you come from country in a country chuk
Tell me say you a look a likkle wuk
Gal go weh from dey
Me no wan' fe see you 'round here


When I were with you look how you big and fat
Now you look like a real wet rat
Gal, go weh from me
Me no wan' fe see you 'round here


Me jus' a do wha' me hafi do
Me no ha nothin' more fi do with you
And if you know wha' me know
You galang go turn poppy-show


Your father gi' you money fi buy piece of land
You take your father money and buy obeah man
But a young nay like you
Should be cut with a filing tool


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Peter Tosh Maga Dog Comments

    MAGA DOG 🐶 2020

  2. Phatheka Hlazo

    Backstabbers 🙄

  3. joleen masha

    Peter tosh mag dog

  4. Prince Wint

    2020 up

  5. Jonathan schadenfreude

    he goin turn round bite u EVERYTIME!

  6. brekyanek records

    2020 still rocking...... Total Badness

  7. Ricaldo Campbell

    Sorry fi 🐺😂

  8. Chu Okongwu

    2020 y'all

  9. Coretta Nicola

    Any body listening in 2019 . I would listen to this song over and over

    Maga Dawg

    2020 and I man listening

  10. comrade RSA Incorruptible

    I'm here in
    Who else in is?

    Karen Leconte


  11. Lui Yc


  12. Nkosingiphile Hlatshwayo

    What a gem. Wouldn't mind a dub version

  13. Raymond Ledwaba


  14. Adrian Devon

    December 2019 ,great song from Peter the great

  15. Robert Rasta Pitts

    Maga Dog

  16. thedeano1976a

    Steve ya maga dog 🐶

  17. Mordecai Kalambo

    Peter tosh i can,t describe you in one word, rest in peace

  18. Изя Рабиноввич

    Респект супер

  19. Mthokozisi Buthelezi

    This is very true Peter was a Phrophet may his saul rest in Peace: King of Reggies (from frying Pan straight to burning fire)

  20. rodney pennant

    The legions lives on. Can't find no replacements for these musicians.

    Glendon Codling

    They were sent by GOD.that is why they was so powerful on EARTH

  21. Diana Graham

    I'm still listening

    Glendon Codling

    Don't Stop to Listening Perer Tosh music

  22. Maori warrior

    That's what I love about him, hes not Bob, he's his own! Different style, but same vibe

    Glendon Codling

    When Bob Marley die. the music business wanted to Crowd Peter Tosh the new King. Tosh told them that He can not replace Bob Marley.because they are on different mission.

  23. John Edem

    Give it to us.Our influence in the World cannot be denied. Thank GOD.

  24. Justin Fossa

    MAGA Dog!

  25. mc rootikal

    Tosh big man bana

  26. jobagaka joseph

    Peter tosh, who's here Nov 2019

    Antony Ruhiu

    Respect reggea super Star of our living times..still here November 2019...the spirit lives on zeen💥💯

  27. Salvador Casado

    Superpositiv0!!! Gracias amigo Peter, nos alegra el Día

  28. coalmine canary

    MAGA ! 2020

    Maga Dawg

    Maga turn around and bite you!

  29. Emma Dadzie

    Freedom fighter Peter tosh RIP

  30. Zuber Salum

    thanks master for powerful songs

    Zuber Salum

    thanks master for powerful songs

  31. Evans Adongo

    Tosh was one of the most strict reggae artists of our lifetime. He stood for truth and justice most of the time. No hypocrisy

  32. cquilty1

    Lightweight pop reggae. Hence the million plus views. Bless mediocrity.

  33. Ahocchau sama

    so goooooooooooooooooood

  34. comrade RSA Incorruptible

    I come here whenever I feel betrayed, hope I find one who agrees with me on this in 2019 ?

    Glendon Codling

    I agree with you. you have my full support.

    Maga Dawg

    2019 and beyond

    Rauhani Samuels


    Glendon Codling

    It happens to people every day.the people that we call friend hurt you bring in your house and figh you.

  35. Evans Odero

    Roots rock is not about who is greater than who listen to the message black we black

  36. Domingos Nascimento

    Som Guarani &&&&. Eternizou!!!

  37. Micaela C

    ♥️ Tosh

  38. Blue Lion

    Prefer the original seit deh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  39. Dc Krow


  40. Patricia Dawilo

    Hmmm year peace and love ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  41. Rob Griffin

    Good of Peter Toss very painful

  42. WitchHazel3

    Issa sayin inna deh island "don't feel sorry feh a maga dog o him gon turn round and bite you; don feed a maga dog or him gon follow yuh home"... It's sad because Peter fed a maga dog an he shoot him dead smh

  43. Don MikNelli

    Nice, but I really LOVE the rougher original version!

  44. caroline mckenzie

    So true you sorry fi mawga dog and they're happy for the help but they end up hating and wants to hurt the one who cared and shared. Funny world, many ungrateful people.

  45. Mike Wizowski

    MAGA Candace>Cardi

  46. Vincent Pereti

    hoh my oh my oh my, sweetness

  47. Fabian Manganga

    Yes song

  48. n'guessan marius koffi

    RiP .nous nous souviendrons de toi toujours Peter . Respect

  49. beatrida Khayasi

    in this world just do uo best don expect any rewards i always love listening to Tosh music indeed he was send frm above tho died bt music shal remain

    Glendon Codling

    I agree with you.He Peter Tosh and Tupac they gave all.their Body and souls.and talk about the same issue that poor people face every day.

  50. Kanedjo 988

    Forever on my favourite playlist ❤️

    Glendon Codling

    Because you are so smart. you continue playing Peter Tosh music

  51. Gregory S. Gill

    The person who Peter Tosh was sorry for and helped out is the same one that murdered him.

    Glendon Codling

    He brings in the kiiiere.he was the one why Michael open the gate.

  52. Isaac Ntiamoah

    Still with us Uncle Tosh,Bless your tongue and Rest In Perfect Peace.


    Maga dog jump in fire

  54. Erick Akin

    Rastafary live and love

  55. Shinning StarJa

    September 2019

    Maga Dawg

    October 2019 and beyond

  56. prime business solutions

    Me Rasta i am listening to this Big UP

  57. Ebou Camara

    Good, good old days, love from Belgium..bigup Gambia

  58. Ntsumbe Rasimphi

    It reminds me of my brother Mutshutshu from Makonde .He used to love it after hearing me sing it while i was drunk.i used to love this song jooooooh

  59. Dalibor Zíta

    I just recalled the song, when I read something about MAGA hatted Trump fans. Maga dogs indeed.


    I met Peter when I was a child 16year old my brother who was a Cop took him to play his record at my parent's home in fact my brother became a Rasta and left the Police Dept. And his younger brother followed and became a rasta he was a friend of my family we all attended his funeral funeral

    Glendon Codling

    You got story to tell . tell me got good police man .

    Glendon Codling

    Perer Tosh never Hated the police. The police Hated Peter Tosh. the police said that Peter Tosh disrespected them for smoking weed in their face.

  61. Little Roy

    Love this tune one of my favorite wailers but i prefer the original version, old style on the wailers album where bob sing also love & affection etc...
    Big up the bush doctor

  62. Lebogang Moeti

    Tosh had a special voice than any other artist i know... the man is also intelligent... God bless all Reggae fans across the world..

  63. Vincent Lagat


  64. nary jones

    I love!!!

  65. Lawrence Ayantunji

    Nostalgia! I just remembered my youth and something tells me again, listen to this track.

    Glendon Codling

    A big memory Song from way back

  66. Glendon Codling

    Don't take my kindness for weakness

  67. Very fine people on both Sides Blake

    Big chune.!

  68. Amazing

    You tried to help someone then they turn against you.

  69. Surgeon Vault

    iites up!

  70. listen talk

    Peter tosh straight out a westmalan

  71. John Rurtty

    Real rebel I love Tosh at the end he said same thing mi tell u that rass cloth dog will bite u no sah. Hahahaha

    Glendon Codling

    We love Our lCON PETER TOSH

  72. Mehe Tepano

    Operaore te korohua era... Anímate!!!

  73. Maganelo Pilane

    I love dis song nd was Nick named maga dog can also listen to it more than 100 times.

  74. z1z2z3z z1z2z3z

    Sorry fi MAGA dog.... says the US to the rest of the world. hehehehe.

  75. Mars Shell T.V

    Big up peter tosh

  76. Manuel Neto

    Rouge reggae roots...Resistencia

  77. Erastus Njoki


  78. No BS

    The one and the only true prophet, he lived what he preached, stayed faithful, refused to compromise for monetary gains, Brethren Rasta Peter Macintosh

  79. Northern Ascents

    Rest in peace rasta

  80. Chairman Meow

    MAGA 2020!!! God bless Peter Tosh!

    Surgeon Vault

    Trump is part of the shitstem Tosh was talking about

  81. COO415

    2016 Trump America, this song MAGA dog, has an added meaning: bunch of racist dogs in the Oval Office and now in the open. Smh.

  82. Sigismund Jumbo

    Ungrateful back stabbers beware!!!

  83. michael Njoroge

    way back...lav this

  84. Wesley Vuttah

    Natural Mystic Man!!!!

  85. LylaDj & Cbgb Dj's 2018*******Love&Peace


  86. bigg bird open sesame

    Maga in Hebrew is contact so it's a Roman acronym but Hebrew word for kon act but this government is going to start a war with everything not cat lick

    Surgeon Vault

    maga is yard slang for skinny

  87. abdullah

    Sorry fee ma gaatdddaaurrr , I like it

  88. Sidnei Ferreira


  89. Steven Oduor

    who is listening 2019

    Ian Dowdall

    Holy mother of God! 2020 anthem brothers and sisters.

    victor lupiya

    I'm listening from Zambia.Great song

    Kimmy Brown

    Steven Oduor I am

    Renée Snyman

    Me ,, ,, almost everyday

    Dux Croatorum

    ZDS 🇭🇷

  90. Trap Strap

    same one ah dem wet rat kill the great man smfh. rip legend

  91. Denise Lacroix

    Big tune 2019 forward.

  92. Rita Bonner

    Respect ❤ blood🔥

  93. Great baba

    Sweet music

  94. Samuel Dorgely

    O miss u papa Tosh !!

    Glendon Codling

    We miss Him so much much.

  95. Abiola m

    I can to testify to this song i love all of his songs

  96. Cindy Mell

    Awesome thanks

  97. Uluocha Nomso

    God this wonderful man for his lagacy on earth.

  98. kc reality

    Big big big tune way to heavy so much meanings

    Oliver Uja

    Peter Tosh was a complete entertainer and prophetic in his songs.His style of delivery was sultry. I think he had an edge over Bob Marley but Marley was sided by the Western capitalists media and marketing agents solely for their selfish interests of making more money. This is why they greatly attempted to underrate, undermine and relegate Peter Tosh to the background, But today, history has placed Tosh where he rightly belongs.

  99. keanro999 will power

    This gentleman is as great as bob great music