Peter Tosh - Lessons In My Life Lyrics

I've learned some lessons in my life
Always be careful of mankind
They'll make you promises today
But tomorrow they change their mind

But I'm an upfull man
And I love upfull people
I'm a progressive man
And I love progressive people

I'm a truthful man
And I love truthful people
I'm an honest man
And I love honest people

I've learned some lessons in my life
Always be careful of my friends
Money can make friendship end

But I'm an upfull man
And I love upfull people
I'm a progressive man
And I love progressive people
I'm an honest man
I love honest people
I'm an intelligent man
And I love intelligent people

I'm an aggressive man
And I love aggressive people
I'm a fire man
And I love the fire people

But I'm an upfull man
And I love upfull people
I'm an intelligent man
And I love intelligent people

I'm a progressive man
And I love progressive people

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Peter Tosh Lessons In My Life Comments
  1. Kwakye Isaac

    What a music,when I here this song it make me sad

  2. Acra Monoge

    Money can make friendship end, it makes friendship end... 2020 I'm an intelligent man and i share with intelligent people

  3. Busola Olukoya

    Yes 2019,thanks for the lessons...

  4. Collins Charles

    They say is Peter tosh that killed garnett silk

  5. Collins Charles

    But what goes around comes around

  6. Collins Charles

    Peter tosh killing was a setup

  7. Puto Mulla

    Musica Verdadeira.

  8. Mordecai Kalambo

    this are the principles of life true or false

  9. Peter TETTEH-DOKU

    I am Progressive man n i love Progressive people

  10. Ronia munatsi

    I've learned some lessons in my life
    Lessons in my life
    Always be careful of my friends
    Be careful of my friends
    Money can make friendship end
    It makes friendship end
    Money can make friendship end
    It makes friendship end
    #Prophet Tosh

  11. Yayha Nweknklibre

    💤💤💤pooww Poww🤞🤞

  12. Mordecai Kalambo

    I think peter tosh he didn,t smoked weed the time he was writting this song.

  13. Mordecai Kalambo

    This song is down to earth absolutely true perter tosh

  14. treasure zinya

    I still listen to this powerful message from the great man. He revealed and tackled matters that were oppressing certain people. Songs like "Poor man feels it, " I am that I am", "Mark of the beast ", " Glass house " were some of the great works he composed . if it's not your taste ,you better respect it because it someone else's taste. Long live reggae music.

  15. Oneek Williams

    This song have great meanings and it takes 1 to memory lane.

  16. Security Officer

    Yes Me Yes Jah, Steppin' Razzor still lives On

  17. leotsx leo20

    Esta música é para tocar a alma.Reggae Music fyah!!
    Pedrada!! 👊👊✊✊

  18. Marcelino Ferreira

    Um dos melhores

  19. Andrew Highlife

    Who's still listening in 2019 September😀😀😀👑👑👑

    Atelier Dorothea

    Even October :-)

    Natsuko Nikaido

    Respect forever PeterTosh.

    TSAKMAN 0100

    It doesnt matter if its 2019 or 2050....such great musicians singing such a beautiful songs with matter and meaningful words will never ever die R.I.P Peter tosh bob marley.. Gregory Isaacs...the reagge kings

  20. Leroy Samuel

    Yes peter,you did give the people,just what they need at the time,good messages.even you are gone, just have to say thank you.

  21. itumeleng brenden

    I have learned some lessons in my careful of mankind 😿👌👌👌

  22. Bridget Kinuthia

    Miss you forever ❤️ Peter

  23. Gambushe SS

    i liked this kind of music since the times of apartheid, since they talked too much of the wrong doings by the white regime and besides the rhythm is so cool and never fades

  24. Dolores DeMercado

    Peter's spiritual lyrics always touch me, and his musical arrangements are the best. A genius! I still miss him very much but I'm so grateful for this musical legancy. The best reggae artist ever! R.I.P. Peter Tosh.

  25. Ado Mbawala

    R. ï. P torsh

  26. Jason Docherty

    The Jon crow dat shot u , his time will cum family 🙏👏💯♥️🇯🇲, jah know 😭 your music will live in the heart of man !

  27. deborahmoses

    Peter tosh ♥️ no other favourite

  28. Connexion Ordi

    I love this song

  29. listen talk

    2019 whose with me

    Pascaline Whtile

    Am with you Yesssssssss

  30. Ulli x

    So much truth in this song. R.I.P. Peter

    Hey Leppo, wish you a painful death...


    His freind leppo who betrayed him is still alive today

  32. Siyabonga Sithebe

    Tosh is the man very soulful music - his voice finds place in a heart

  33. Vitumbiko Mumba

    Great message from Peter!

  34. patience alexander

    I can't explain how I feel if am listening to diz song..its remained me a lot...this song is a strong message.(2019)

    raiphas seshoka


  35. Micheal Pack

    Sorry Peter but you missed dat one

  36. Micheal Pack

    I love all people

  37. kobina jordan

    I love this song soo much big up Peter tosh

  38. Amos Mukuka

    2019 still listening to this song. Has a lot of meaning

  39. yva


  40. Nthabi Mashiloane

    Your music lives on Papa Peter.... Lessons in life indeed, mankind changes mind overnight...🤫❤️👌🏽

  41. olive2292

    straight talk (as usual) from the Bush doctor

  42. Godfrey Ngumo

    I am An Intelligent 👨 & I love ❤ intelligent people

  43. Siyabonga Sithebe

    King Tosh giving life lessons!!! Just him!!!

  44. Ochekwu Adakole

    Lessons in my life blessings in disguise.

  45. Karen Broomes

    Peter tosh is one of my favorite singer's still today upfull intelligence people what a song

  46. Blessing Chisvo

    eye opener

  47. roni jr

    Peter tosh the best artist of reggae

  48. Ablaye Thiene oky

    lession of

  49. Fillolmex2019Gmail. Com

    Normal. .

  50. Thembinkosi Jacob


  51. Siyabonga Sithebe

    Great truthful song, Forever Tosh

  52. Chairman Meow

    As a former neo-nazi I've learned some lessons in my life

  53. Marwan Aman

    Mr le president que je te manque respect et tu vas me menacé, que je veut ta missure mais j'aimais de la vie

  54. Lil Broke Grass Cutting & Snow Remover

    Of course Good Peter, we will learn our lessons as far as the air we breathe. Your spirit rest with the most Almighty.

  55. annette mainga

    I've had lessons in my life too

  56. Stanley Stamiri

    I'm a reggae fan and I love reggae fanning people. Greeting to all reggae fans world over!! Beware of your Fri-ends!

  57. Bwae KanakyppT


  58. Jose Carlos

    Só as pedra do reggae

  59. Sizwe Absalom

    peter tosh is the king of reggae

    Luciano Dos Santos

    O verdadeiro rei do regaee

  60. Islamia Yusif

    He is a prophet everything he said has come to pass

  61. Nestor Burgos

    Peter Tosh es el verdadero Rey del Reggae❤️💛💚 y embajador

  62. Sonwabo Doto

    I was introduced to u by my brother In 1994 still listening to him in 2018 long live peter long live

  63. Lengend Forever

    Peter tosh is the best sadly missed

  64. Bazz87 J C Khan

    Truth Against The World! I'm Barry John Conroy Khan!

  65. Phesheya Dlamini

    I am a upfull man and I love upfull people.... wow 👍

  66. Gregory Sennon

    Real Real Sony Peter tosh d great

  67. Austine X

    RIP Peter Tosh 😢😢😢

  68. Kelvin William Arthur

    I feel sad and sometimes cry when I hear this song, portraits how he was killed

  69. Carlos Luiz

    eu gosto muito do reggae de Peter Tosh

  70. Philips Ogheneruru

    I have learn lessons in my life because of this wicked people living in the world

  71. themba mancoba

    more lesson in life

  72. Peter Kamuru

    Tosh was an upful,intelligent prophet

  73. Talent Dlamini

    I like this version

  74. Roz Ryan

    Top class. RIP Peter tosh

  75. yanga sam

    2018 becareful

  76. Verónica Roldán

    Bellísima! 😍

  77. rasta empress

    this man's music literally was used everyday to teach me life's lessons.... respect goes out to my father left me with some inspirational music to share with my kids 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Beatrice Wanga

    Im intelligent man and ilove intelligent pple,very powerful message

  79. DEMO Achllysh

    the best i thinks him my heart i love it

  80. Caroline swaby

    Am a upcoming dancehall an reggae artists I will be singing Peter tosh every where I tour this man his the GOD of reggae just listen is tone of vocals an is lyrics pure mystic rasta

  81. João Antônio

    My favorite song

  82. Marcelino Ferreira

    Peter é o cara

  83. Former K.G.B.

    R.I.P. tosh!(((😞

  84. Maxwell Kukacha

    What a great message, will ALWAYS love you Peter RIP, still opening our eyes.

  85. Mnyamezeli Mbilini

    Money can make friendship ends --- wise words from a wise man

  86. Strong Music Media Group

    My favourite song. Period. Peace to the Gawd and the Prophet. Don't read too deep into books that have no words. ONE.

  87. manuel dark

    Peter used wonderful words I discovered it in catch a fire I liked more than Bob Marley as a voice

  88. Peter Anderson

    Lessons in my life
    I've learn some lessons

  89. Chunga Tupaea

    Money can make friendships end make friendships end so true so true love these lyrics ❤

  90. Roxane Visagie

    i love this song so much

  91. nixon muchimba

    Timeless wisdom for sure.