Peter Tosh - Honorary Citizen Lyrics

He was a decent lawfull upright honorary citizen

He deserves respect
Gotta give him respect

Peter Tosh

He fought for the repressed
In his music
In his words
He was brutalized
For what he thought was right
For what he thought was true

He was a true prophet
In his music
In his words

He was a rebel
With a cause
A righteous rastaman

One who did not compromise
To save the world

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Peter Tosh Honorary Citizen Comments
  1. RB Tracks

    respect mr.Tosh

  2. Mduduzi Mucanze

    King of reggae

  3. Pauline Morris


  4. lucia santos

    pra sempre Peter Tosh love love

  5. Wailingdave Toonarmy

    absolute legend

  6. Jennifer Garrett

    Gotta give him respect

  7. northernbushdoctor

    it his cousin pauline ,, get a clue man,, give him respect,, bestest tribute song ever,, love you pauline great job,,JAH BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL FROM THEM, VAMPIRE!!,,

  8. NewDuppyConqueror

    I man don't like this song, cause it is not the bush doctor who sings this.

    Victor Forbes

    listen to the words