Peter Tosh - Creation Lyrics

(King of Kings, hallelujah)
(Lord of Lords, hallelujah)
(King of Kings, hallelujah)
(Lord of Lords, hallelujah)

In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with Jah
And the Word was Jah

In the beginning Jah created the heaven and the earth
Then he created man of his own likeness and image
Gave unto man wisdom, knowledge, overstanding

Jah is my life and my strength
So whom shall I fear
He is a shield upon my right and my left hand
Jah is my keeper

Jah is my light and my salvation
So whom shall I fear
He is my guide throughout this Creation
So whom shall I be afraid
Jah is my keeper

Jah is my guide
In my resting and my rising
So whom shall I fear
He is my guide when I step out and forward
So whom shall I be afraid
Jah is my keeper

Jah is my guide
When Philistines come down upon I
So whom shall I fear
He is my guide when my enemies come to devour I
So whom shall I be afraid
Jah is my keeper

Jah is my guide
From the pestilence of darkness
So whom shall I fear
He is my guide from the vampires of hell
So whom shall I be afraid
Jah is my keeper

Jah is my health and my strength
So whom shall I fear
He is a shield upon my right and my left hand
So whom shall I be afraid
Jah is my keeper

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Peter Tosh Creation Comments
  1. comrade RSA Incorruptible

    Prophets get less mentioned in the scheme of events, but they are reincarnated in the Lord most high.

  2. Nigel Graham

    Amen Amen Amen...

  3. boo blam

    There is alot of strength in this song...very powerful

    Glendon Codling

    Mental straight that gave you Confedence.

  4. Ovie Omeleh

    A true rastaman

  5. Will G.

    The fact that we live in a world where Peter Tosh is murdered yet Ice Cube and Ice-T walk the fucking planet! I mean come on!

  6. Will G.

    This may sound weird coming from a white non believer(atheist),but i feel if you're going to get involved with religion/reincarnation Rastafari is the most reasonable thing to believe roll a big ganja spliff and light it praise Jah Cannabis: the least he could do
    Unfortunately it is Still a master/slave relationship/mentality if there is a god[JAH] What kind his he indifferent at best if there was ever a time for divine intervention "for god to come down and stop the bullets"like discussed in pulp fiction Kingston,Jamaica 1987 was it! But no he always kills the good guys and let's the demons run a muck!

  7. Irene Okoth

    Watch out for the Swahili version by me, inspired by Tosh my spiritual father

    Owiredu Stephen

    Keep it up my sister

  8. per rock

    Ein guter GOTT JAH hat mich Creiert!

  9. Na La


  10. Na La

    Praises To His Imperial Majesty;)

  11. Na La




  13. Christopher Smith


  14. Ri Ed

    Glory to bombo claart

  15. Glendon Codling

    Very Deep Rasta King

  16. zudizudi zudizudi

    See you back mister Peter Tosh.....we always miss you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. spend sheller 784

    Insparational song r.i.p brother tosh u the best ever

  18. White Dove

    Yeshua is Salvation

  19. dave7ization

    i went to see him perform once...& was totally shocked to be told at the gate, that he's doing the concert for free, & only asks that u buy his new album, which i did

  20. Marco Melis

    And then Jah created the weed, and Jamaica people got high, bigot and homophobic

    Marco Melis

    Jupiter Wisdom Who is bitter? Me or Jamaican intolerance?

    Paul Kelly

    Marco Melis mi seh yu Sour like Lime!

    Marco Melis

    Paul Kelly kiss my ass

    Jupiter COSMIC Wisdom81

    @Marco Melis
    U wish, but NO u

    antonio sanna

    @Jupiter COSMIC Wisdom81 you are on pot... sure

  21. Dailyn Hutchinson

    Jah is my light and my salvation...

  22. gerald aruna

    A Bible scholar. True Legend .Jah is my keeper my health and strength.Whom shall i fear. No one like you Peter .RIP

  23. Mark Wallace

    who shall I be afraid of

  24. anti racist red boy

    R. I. P, Peter Tosh. He is watching up in heaven. He is in your heart. He just made music way better only by saying true things on his wonderful songs. What a great man. Every kid in my school only listens to new crappy music.

    Glendon Codling

    Well you are the smart one

    Paul Kelly

    Red Fox BIG UP YOURSELF youngblood.. you may Well get there too

  25. Davids Nkhoma

    AMEN Jah is my kingdom

  26. Abraham Palmer

    idc what anyone thinks Peter tosh was/is one of the best lyricist and Poet in the music industry period this man was wayy ahead of his time with his social political and militant style.

  27. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    I Love his music forever great !

  28. jahmebz Jarrettsville

    You see this song I was afraid wen I hear the rhythm and song but I love it real song jah rasts fari most high jah is my keeper


    Strait from the "Creator" himself..Long live Peter.. WSJR

  30. Delta Duke

    Peter was a genius. The roasters crowing in the back ground is epic.

    Dr. Ben Brown - The Cosmic Genius

    Delta Duke it's terrifyingly beautiful and moving yet an uplifting and empowering song. It pulls at all the corners of the soul.

  31. Tanya Lawrence

    Oh my can it get any better than this.
    I tell you what never in our lifetime will we ever have the privilege of hear such intro... Only one Peter.

  32. corrine taylor

    jah is my guidance throughout creation,,,R.I.P dread tosh..much luv xxxxx


    I've never cried while listening to a song ,I woke up crying one morning, this song was playing and I was listening subconsciously while I was asleep

  33. Jay Dhesi

    Gurjit bisla loves Peter tosh tunes

  34. Gustavoideias

    Sob a inspiração divina Peter Tosh foi um porta voz de JAH, que através de suas mensagens e canções edificava seu público como um profeta apocalíptico.

  35. Positive People Are Winners

    RIP greatness

  36. Glendon Codling

    30 years ago. The devil take you away from us. I remember like it was yesterday.

  37. YouniversolGirl

    only jah knows my heart is heavy, no wounder why they call it mourning (morning ) growing pain.

    but today I remembered this track
    with my African and Caribbean people in mind.

    Glendon Codling

    YouniversolGirl i love you too.

  38. Oh Sensemilla The Healing Of The Nation

    How is music is a sin?

  39. Stanley Stamiri

    Another Rastaman chant, powerful like as usual! Won't mind playing it  over and over again especially when driving or in hard times when friends are few.Rest In Peace..."Son of Moses!"

    Glendon Codling

    Stanley Stamiri love you peter tosh Disciple

  40. Kenrick Keizer

    mash op all weak heart an all back biters

  41. One A We III

    was blessed to have known Peter, but for only a short time, before that deadly wickedness descended upon him. Was with him in NYC July 1987.JAH IS MY KEEPER!

    Glendon Codling

    isaac cochran then they took him from us.



    Lilitha Potye

    Praise His Majesty!


    Creation it is. Intellectual brilliance i dare say!

  44. Treslyn Raymond

    This is such a beautiful song, most inspirational, Yah bless your memory, it is special.

    FIRE Ray

    D brown

    Glendon Codling

    FIRE Ray this is not D.B.this is peter tosh

  45. alberto

    essa música tem umas 100 toneladas

  46. Paul Kelly

    Let Everything that has the Breath of Life.. Hail the Almighty High.. and also to protect I and I from the modern day vampires

    Pauline Graham

    Paul K

  47. Sarah Mcdonald

    yes the Lord is my keeper

  48. Ras Zacka Reyas

    we are all united for the same common causes.our determunation commitment and livication not dead ication,will propell i and i and to be arbiters of our own destiny.tell the children Yeah my Beloveds i see you all spiritually winning this world evil with One Heart of Jah Love.Peace n love peter leaves with you...

    shotta doglife

    juide is my keeper 💪👌💯

  49. Kawawa Chitiya

    I grew up listening to this song!

  50. flash sky

    respect my greatest teacher

  51. Big Daddy Chris

    Absolutely beautiful, you have to be spiritually inclined to appreciate such touching music.........

    Abraham Palmer

    Big Daddy Chris most definitely and completely sophisticated aswell

  52. Glendon Codling

    You go deep on this peter work with the birds you work with the deep then sea tosh

    Stanley Stamiri

    He was spiritually alone in a peaceful paradise

  53. Glendon Codling

    my five year old have to hear this one before he go to sleep at nights. sleep well joisiah love you j

  54. Queen CIEF Nickname ICEF

    Nice song.


    Peter Tosh...putting prophecy into song!!!

  56. paco de lucia paco

    Allah created the world not Jah!!!!

    Xolani Malo

    some call him Wadada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We call the creator jah


    paco de lucia paco the world is a piece of shit because ppl like you, because is not a competition if you believe in allah good for you, rasta ppl believes in Jah Rastafar— I. RIP Tosh

    Justin Albritton

    Some also call him yahua meaning the father. And yeshua for Jesus yeshua meaning he who is our salvation or the one that saved us from our sins. Matthew 1:21

    Delta Duke

    Call him Allah ,Jah call him will u will

  57. Victor Gibbs


  58. Nelson Flavien

    one of the greatest of all times

  59. conchfritters01

    The true iron lion of Zion.

  60. Big KRIT

    Beautiful song, i love it...

  61. Regga man rasta

    Why did all the legends of reggae have to pass a way. Now it's basically burning spear

  62. RAsTAfARI sealssie

    I listen to this every night before I go to bed it's so beautiful mon

  63. Regga man rasta

    Ahhhh sitting in the morning sun watching all da birds passing by

  64. Speak the truth speak it Ever

    This is a nice song from Peter Tosh. My mom told me it was his song before I heard, but I had to hear it for myself, in order to believe her. I LOVE IT!!

  65. Bronzebk


  66. Ainsworth Ainsley

    Great music peter lives on

  67. Denzel Rodmann

    Great performer, great singer, great artist, great song.

  68. clive fagan

    A man whose legacy that has not gotten just reward.

    Fitz Jackson

    I too share the position that his musical genius is yet to be recognised. However, I'm confident that in time, it will be.

    Young Fox

    totally agree @clive fagan 

    Shake KR1

    Pure lyric genius

    Evan Simon

    Jah will reward him

    Islamia Yusif

    Jah will definitely reward him if they refused to recognise him

  69. Ken Sterling

    Through this song, God Almighty spoke to us. RIP Peter.

  70. charmaine spence

    yes we must not forget jah is our keeper

  71. Cl4rendon

    This song gives me consolation & strength in hard times.

  72. Duke John

    Beautiful product of creation

  73. kenroy thomas

    Behold the messenger of the Holy creator

  74. kenroy thomas

    Behold the messenger of the Holy creator

  75. Taylor Manda

    Classic album. Great Reggae maestro

  76. Tanya Morris


  77. Dahlia Wedderburn

    Too often a man has to die for people to recognize how great he was. Peter Tosh was one of the greatest. He was a man of truth, and all things that was good and pure. He truly did not get the credit he deserved. Peter had no tolerance for foolishness. I really miss this man. This song still gives me the chills when I hear it after so many years. Just grateful to know that I can still listen to his music.


    Too often Too soon

    Joyce Atay

    Very good man even tho I’m in another generation

    Kirk Punter

    Respect that he is the greatest reggae artist to ever live jah bless

    tafi mutekwe

    Not only to you. This song/set-piece/musical suite, in fact gives the chills to many other people; me included.

    Kelvin Madir

    He was great

  78. courtney dietrich

    Jah created u and I

  79. Georges Zebo

    the big album of peter tosh...zb music inc

    Georges Zebo

    "GOD"IS-UNIVERS-god is my brind...poetic music...

  80. David Snake Doe

    in this song Peter reached the divine.
    That's why he's been the best, to me.
    He went over the human mind, the human feelings...he was superior.
    He was divine. 

    He is my health and my strength 
    so whom shall I fear ?
    He's a shield upon my right and my left hand
    so whom shall I be afraid ?

    Carl Cavallier

    David Snake Doe Jah prevail

    Bob Christian Nii Ayertei Laryea

    David Snake Doe I conquer, divine that's what It is.

    Ri Ed

    RIP David Snake Doe

  81. Noko Lethabo Moleele

    Rip Peter Tosh and our very own Lucky Dube, your spirit lives on.

  82. emmanuel chibuike

    Yes JAH is my all and all

    Glendon Codling

    emmanuel chibuike you stand tall.

  83. Queen_Kim-a-lee

    This song use to make me scared as a child, now as an adult I get shivers.

  84. Threefoot McMillan

    Just listen to the Interview with Marlene Peter Tosh' wife, married in Nigeria.I would encourage everyone to take an attentive listen,her memory has not fade away from the truth although she said the shot in her head give her memory lost at times.Beautiful Interview with Mutabaruka.Marlene's heart and soul was and Is in the correct place. This week on the 19th October as we celebrate Tosh's birthday let's remember the sister Marlene,many Important people around the incident has lost the respect.

  85. TheBrigidAvalon

    As a '70s teenager growing up in St. John's, Newfoundland, I entered a local radio contest and won an album entitled 'Bush Doctor' and was thus introduced to Peter Tosh.......our nations share far more than rum and salted cod............Divine Intervention........Jah is my Keeper!

  86. Mente Universal


  87. Orlando Stephenson

    This song, a wonderful inspiration. Listen and find peace

  88. ETIENNE Iser

    Rastafar'I is the creation of JAH

  89. DjhutiAnkh

    I bought this when it came out in the 80's. My mother sat and listened to the song and actually approved. It was the only thing I listened to back then that won her approval. I have not heard this righteous tune in ages. Universal Love, Universal Peace!

  90. Louise and Hounds

    So who shall I be afraid?

  91. 3000herman

    best song of the triennium

    Filmon Isak

    3000herman I love jah and tosh. not the 3 cores at the end Peter

  92. Hans Dampf

    ratingsystem on you tube works different...less views means better music. if somebodys video is viewed 4 million times i know that it dont hit my taste.


    Peter Tosh was murdered it was not a robbery it was a Hit, his wife a survivor who was also shot said they came to kill him, the murderes told him Peter before they killed him they were there to kill him. Look up " Peter Tosh Shooting the day he was Shot" here on youtube

    Glendon Codling

    TheSIMBAJUDAH we all known that. You could feel it in the air that it was a hit

  94. WackyPacky09

    pleasant listening,,, good fo da soul

  95. WackyPacky09

    yeh man,, just want to peel it off,,,lol

  96. Johannes Silombo

    A good listen,all in all.

  97. Rob Green

    it looks theres a price tag on the picture;} one love, one harmony

  98. Rob Green

    ye i fucking love it;} seems like a gospel song:} love when people does a 'ballard' for want of a better expression

  99. Sergio Castillo


  100. jappe13

    Peter Tosh is the messenger of love and peace