Peter Tosh - Come Together Lyrics

You better come together
Learn to love one another
We got to come together
Learn to love one another

We got to come together
Learn to love your brother
We got to come together
Learn to love your sister

One eye can't see
One ear don't hear
One hand can't clap
One foot don't run

Where do we go from here
Here, there or nowhere
I said where do we go from here
Here, there or nowhere


Birds unite
Fishes unite
Animals unite
Mankind still fight


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Peter Tosh Come Together Comments
  1. Glanville Reynolds

    Lee Tosh new reggae sensation

  2. Alban Nkr

    Respect !!!

  3. Rita Ouedraogo

    Hi Peter Tosh l personal miss your messages through your songs your songs are very meaningful may soul R I P bro
    Hi Jimmy Cliff your song l will say you are a living legend the songs Time we tell make s me cry each time l listen to it meaningful please keep up and other of your songs wonderful world beauyiful people

    Is a great songs it keeps going thank Jimmy

  4. gerald aruna

    Learn to love each other I say .come together learn to love your and your sister .We better learn to respect each other.Great and nice song Peter RIP ............

  5. Mduduzi Mucanze

    We need this song played on South African media, during xenophobic attacks

  6. Thandiwe Majwede

    Whaaaa tata peter Tosh number one❤❤❤❤I like reggae my middle name

  7. Thierno Bah

    2019 push like
    No nuclear war his best album rip uncle peter tosh
    Ur music will never die like rasta never die

  8. Thierno Bah

    Whos listenning in 2019

    Masumbuko Longino

    From Tanzania,come together 2019 and forever

  9. Horacio Nicolas Herrera

    Tosh the best

  10. Her Oliveira

    Tosh forever!!

  11. Catherine Denise

    d'ailleurs il était tellement aimé que le dernier commentaire sur cette page date dya 3 ans bande de yaimann ...

    Yohan Manon

    mais tié qui toi ?? Viens surtout pas blasphèmer ici ! foolish

  12. Catherine Denise

    peter tosh etait foncedé et un sacré fils de P....

  13. baba Emma

    Animals unite mankind do fight

  14. Gilbert Daka

    Mystic Tosh Eternal !

  15. antonio muniz

    peter tosh foi o cara

  16. Bra Cafu Salifu

    peter R.I.P

  17. Gregory Sennon

    Message in the music box the late great Peter tosh

  18. Nantip Joseph

    P. Tosh the great!

  19. kwabena nketia

    I likes his lilecit

  20. Eliane Aparecida

    demais Peter sempre

  21. Sake Pognon

    sa gère

  22. Sybok Tyokie

    Jah rastafarai keep the fire burning jah bless yr soul

  23. Vandyke Brown

    real powerful words why? man kind still fight

  24. cristobal palavicini

    come together................... come on one world

  25. Alicio Martinho

    Pérola do Reggae!! Peter Tosh é foda!!!!!

  26. Colin Black

    Peter Tosh was a man that speaks from his heart and doesn't hold back words. This is expressed through his music, the music industry was corrupt, and treated him unfairly. His music was revolutionary and he never mixed words, sadly this offended people. They're powerful people around like the Americans and are always listening.

  27. Sasuke P7

    Legend. Rest in peace, my friend. We love you forever

  28. Masumbuko Longino

    Great Stepping razor

  29. Fesurfattack BRA


  30. Yvan Tosh

    😎🚬⛥ Pweevo knky 🔫🔫🔫

  31. gizele souza

    Que voz! Amo demais, me dá uma paz ouvir Peter Tosh! 💜 Se existir reencarnação, quero nascer na Jamaica na minha próxima vida e casar com Peter Tosh! Ahhhhhh

    Stephen Rantsoai

    Why you hate blacks

    The End

    @Stephen Rantsoai Are You Crazy?

  32. Djakis Lolo

    Le monde A perdus l un des fils de la verite big respect peter Making Tosh

  33. mateus pedro cassule

    Absolutely together & respect...

  34. Luvosi Luvuno

    I lv nature. God creation my hero legend never die.your music always inspire the nation

  35. ted langellier

    Just feel like putting my dreads

  36. Ianto Yates

    I’d love to hear how this record would sound without the crappy 80’s synths. Don’t get me wrong I love 80’s music, I just think Peter Tosh’s melodies needed something better than that.

  37. *AmosJuniorMiller* Yeshua


  38. Siann King

    peter the king of reggae and bunny the emperor. bob was more popular because he sang what what white people want to hear. black people need to come together

    Kaya Man

    I don't think that it was his lyrics and messages that were so much different than Tosh's, I think it was his lighter skin color that appealed more. And because of that he was way more marketable to the "white" masses than Tosh's (Sad but true). But in the end everybody needs to come together, no matter the skin color, we are all human beings, breathing with the same organs. When people get past seeing different people as only colors we will be a long way ahead.

  39. Raimundo nonato santos Santos

    Peter tosh eh show curto muito

  40. Sive Linganiso

    Rest in peace father Tosh

  41. Zwelihle Mtshali

    Birds unite
    Fishes unite
    Animals Unite
    Mankind Still fight...... smh

    Peter Tosh the greatest lyricist

  42. Maria Aparecida Ferreira Da Silva

    i leve tosh

  43. Staceyan Richardson

    wall or no wall... come together

  44. Joseph Gurure

    Peace, Love and Harmony . Rest In Peace my lovely teacher Peter Tosh.

  45. Mahama Sanusi

    we better come together

  46. Carlann Ralph

    got to come together as one I will. Always be grateful for the songs left behind by Peter tosh and lucky dube my two messengers

  47. Fabrício Sena

    Essa é boa

  48. bayre nazara

    peter tosh jver jaime te aublie Rip

  49. sayara Tiffany

    Peter Tosh faz falta no Reggae ,era o cara!

  50. Alber Ramaite

    I love u tosh

  51. Aminata Fatima

    Jah Rastafari !

  52. Rute Sants

    I love you,Peter!!

  53. Ricky. PERSIJA Pardosi

    racism have no place in our neighborhood

  54. Clive White


  55. Daniel Alves

    d [-_-] b......
    Peter Tosh slv no céu! ^^

  56. Mgeni Kisukari

    learn to love each other!!

  57. PETER maina

    How relevant as Iran Deal is sealed this September, futuristic Peter, poignant message.......learning to respect n love each other.Selah

  58. MoHorror

    1 eye cant see, 1 ear dont hear, 1 hand cant clap, 1 foot dont run, you better come together because united we are strong, divided we will fall, listen to the messages and embrace my ppl this man was a prophet :)

    Mcolisi R Dlamini

    Peter tosh was, is and will always be the best



  60. Molahlehi Johannes Mere


  61. Molahlehi Johannes Mere


  62. Ursula Bornhauser

    yes peter.................a must........a boommmm tune dat....jah love

  63. DNJ Pythons

    Big Chune!!!!

  64. Don D Lion

    It is Peter, not Piter ;-), Island Records worked on BMW records to appeal to Westerners, no?!... As a matter of fact both Wailing Wailers and the original Wailers are less popular with the public. I love Bob, I love Peter as in more roots...I love roots reggae, that is why I love Culture, Gladiators, Israel Vibration, Congos etc

  65. Don D Lion

    Peter would probably go like "what's this bomboklaat trash going on before the video?"....well, all I can say is that Bob had been named Tuff Gong off stage, but Peter was the tuff one on stage, steppin' razor.

  66. Shamar Daley

    peter the king of reggae music and the forgotten brother .

  67. Oskar Svalastog

    He never said Bob was commercialized, he said he was more commercialized, big differnce. Alot of Peters music was also banned from the radio in Jamaica because the shitstem was to afraid of him. Jah Bless :)

    smart anointed

    Jah bless ya mi breddah hit dem with the truth,tank you fi ya know d truth and menber wha Jah sey,d truth shall set I n i free seen!mi luv ya mi breddah remain blessed,one love, pupa Peter d greatest pon d regular business tin seen bless up pow.

  68. Chant down Babylon

    Bob wasnt commercialize , he was just more popular then Piter , no one from wailers were commercialized, Rihana , Beyonce and those "new year stars" are commercialized it is big diference. And one more , it is reggae , not reggea :) Bless

  69. Juan je vader

    I like reggae because of its sweet vibrations and because of giving thanks & praises to the holy father but i dont know much about an profecy that HIM would come down to earth and be king of Utopia and be maried to an queen that supposedly is the mother of creation. Its confusing.
    I give thanks and praise to God the holy trinity thats Father,Son and Holy Spirit.

  70. Juan je vader

    I personal opinion is that to much weed in the reggae music industrie has done quite lot of damage. Thats why i think that the world dont take reggae sirious because people only think about ganga,marijuana,eyes beeing red and beeing high instead of listning to the music for peace without materialism.

    X Campbell

    Juan je vader They don’t take it seriously, but it is one of the most popular genres worldwide

  71. schompification schompye

    learn to love each other

  72. Christophe Tunis

    rasta ha fond jadore

  73. Juan je vader

    Jah Jah children must get together :-)

  74. dangerranger93

    lennon was a dreamer, tosh was a doer

  75. Unkt

    Dont like the song anymore these days as much as i would back in those days, BUT i get the message now, Only and really....... u know what. 1st for me on youtube i just say FUCK all that, find your own truth, since there is not 1 truth :D but comming together is everything we need to do :D

  76. Danel Esnal Salegi

    this songgg is the besttt of the reggae worldd!!!!!!

  77. orlando nicodemos Compadre

    guerra nucluar a quem intressar que seja amaldiccuada por jah.

  78. ulfthom

    nuclear war was better than u say here

  79. THCde JAH

    Legalize the herb!!

  80. shaniring

    Hardly any really young people know anything about this man and how great an artist he was and what an awesome songwriter/performer etc. And then, you let them listen to an album that is so increadible like this one is in it's entirety and automatically they'll respond positively to it and probably ask you "Why didn't you let me know about this guy before. His music is increadible. etc, etc. And then, if they like reggae music, they're in love with the music. He was a rare talent I think.

  81. shaniring

    Does anybody know if the man who took away Peters life is still alive himself???

    Expedition North

    Hopefully not ..

  82. shaniring

    Great song. You know, every song I have ever heard from this man is so good that it's unbelievable. A true musical genius. But, you also have this great mind behind it all. Peter was also amazingly strong to have taken all of the abuse that I heard or read about. Just for smoking "herb"! Then, he's also a humanitarian and he goes beyond black and white he speaks of love and brotherhood! I know it's a black message but it's also a universally recognized message for all mankind I think!

  83. shaniring

    @Sensemilla1308 Amen! A disaster is what it was. But we still have this great music he gave to everybody and that is the only consolation for such a horrible thing to have happen to such a great, great soul!

  84. shawn lint

    love u peter jah bless u!

  85. kikewas

    very nice and great song greets 1 love

  86. frank aning

    i feel like crying anytime i here this song!

  87. KingMellow11

    Well to me, Peter Tosh is Emperor Of Reggae.

    gizele souza

    Tosh 👑

    Expedition North


  88. Omega Squad

    mi waan´ bruck out to som´ roots reggae tonight

  89. WoWgamer38

    i love tosh and marley true tosh didnt get the fame he should have but who cares about the fame when they both put out real deep music for us to enjoy and make us think at the same time . much love to both and all there true fans who dont just like them cuz they smoked weed

  90. WoWgamer38

    i love tosh and marley true tosh didnt get the fame he should have but who cares about the fame when they both put out real deep music for us to enjoy and make us think at the same time . much love to both and all there true fans who dont just like them cuz they smoked weed

  91. crazybaldhead48

    why do people try to make others pick between marley and tosh, when in real life both were former band mates n close friends. they both had messages in their musics. just enjoy

  92. YayoForKids


  93. headlightguy

    this is a jam and light

  94. Fernando Hernandez

    @mykalroze Very true indeed, but Marley was the greatest. And this is coming from a true Marley fan, not some teenie who's heard three little birds and likes Marley because he smoked weed lol.