Peter, Paul And Mary - State Of The Heart Lyrics

There are voices by my pillow, they remind me when to rise
And they tell me if my morning's under grey or sunny skies
And then they dedicate a record, "Our Love Will Never Die",
By a group that's been disbanded,
Though it's seldom mentioned why
But they say that there's a chip in every part
Of the state of the heart

Answering an ancient invitation
When's the proper time for us to go?
Turning from our separate destinations
Now we say goodbye, and now we say hello

But there are signs out on the highway, writing on the walls
Hungry eyes and always with a drifting dreamer falls
And we can watch it on our TV's, there's a dish out on the lawn
And we wonder where the valley of reality has gone
When they say they've got a tape on every part
Of the state of the heart.

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Peter, Paul And Mary State Of The Heart Comments
  1. Daniel Celano

    This sounds very different from the Rick Springfield one.

  2. Steven Atkins Always a favorite of mine... remembering my mother and father who loved so much!

  3. Dean Eaton

    This is a brilliant song the Noel Paul Stookey performed with his body works band in Adelaide in the late 1970's

  4. Jon Brown

    This is a beautiful song!

  5. Jon Brown

    Anyone able to track down the album disc State of The Heart (BodyWorks)? Mine is so warped it kicks the needle off the turntable. Would love to hear it again.

  6. Craig McLean

    Thanks so much for posting this; I only heard it get limited airplay on Radio KEZX in Seattle, ca. 1988.