Peter Cetera - Wanna Be There Lyrics

I wanna be there
When you turn out the lights
I wanna be there

But I'm here on this lonely highway
In the middle of nowhere

I wanna hold you
If you wake up in the night
I wanna hold you

I wanna be there in the morning
I wanna touch you
'Cause you know tonight
There's nowhere else that I would rather be
I'm not the same when you're not here with me
Close your eyes and say a little prayed
And baby I'm gonna be there

I wanna be there
I wanna be there
Wanna be there in the morning
Oh, I wanna be there

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Peter Cetera Wanna Be There Comments
  1. Meladisinné


  2. Meladisinné

    Feel the emotion so strong in this gorgeous song...Peter Cetera's wonderful voice...Delightful lyrics 🎤🎶💞💞💗💜💖

  3. Patricia Archie

    This songs is so beautiful , thanks peter listen to your music everyday.

  4. gdnctr

    Love it.

  5. ginatasi chaffin

    Wanna be there Bb <3 x

  6. Marie Smith

    WOW what a sentimental song with such beautiful words.

  7. Nuria Roca Simon

    Fantastica canción como todas las de este genial cantante , una voz inigualable.

  8. Brigette . B. Good

    never heard this song before ,sent it to a special someone xx

  9. james williams

    ..another wonderful Peter Cetera hit..and under rated too.. and have a good Christmas 2014.. stay safe people..

  10. Szatmari Aranka

    I think the best peter cetera song!!!!

    Lloyd Marshall

    No he have some more great songs

  11. seba

    buen tema...


    LuUuVvVv It :-) :-) :-)

  13. Sunita Sunalall

    Love this song so much

  14. Patrick Murray

    Hmm, raised eyebrow note at 1:33 -"prayer"

  15. carina2244

    Bravo, Bellisimo! I wanna be there when you turn out the lights, I wanna be there, but I'm here on this lonely highway in the middle of nowhere. I wanna hold you if you wake up in the night, I wanna hold you. Wanna be there in the morning ohh so I can touch you...What a moving and heartfelt ode to all one has to give up in order to spend your life on the road making other people happy. Thanks Peter from the bottom of my heart for all the sacrifices you had to make to keep us, your fans, happy!

    mark egan


    I couldn't have said it any better ! ! Nice ! !

    Lloyd Marshall

    So true