Peter Cetera - S.O.S. Lyrics

Where are those happy days
They seem so hard to find
I tried to reach for you
But you have closed your mind
Whatever happened to our love
I wish I understood
It used to be so nice
Used to be so good

So when you're near me
Darling can't you hear me
The love you gave me
Nothing else can save me


When you're gone
How can I even try to go on
When you're gone
Though I try how can I carry on
You seem so far away - though you are standing near
You made me feel alive but something died I fear
I really tried to make it out
I wish I understood
What happened to our love
It used to be so good

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Peter Cetera S.O.S. Comments
  1. Milton González

    The best lyrics of the best times...

  2. Meladisinné

    Brilliant ABBA song...Love this version...great vocals...Gorgeous 💜

  3. Ian Turner

    I love both and westlife’s Version of I have a dream.

  4. Christopher Herald

    I LOVE this version

  5. CoNdUiTe AnOrMal BaDG90


  6. Rubén Cristaldo

    Brillante. Like si la escuchas 2019

  7. Darwin Quiroz

    2019 ❤👍

  8. Fabi Dias

    Love You

  9. Fabi Dias

    Linda música

  10. Samantha gonçalves

    The best

  11. Kelepi Draso

    I like him ( P.C) sing SOS...lovely.

  12. jackjackson 4

    What a beautiful version of this classic. It's intro is gorgeous. And how it is used in the chorus. He impresses Me with his voice. As does the female vocalist

  13. ch64621

    I like this version.

  14. ma non


  15. wyattandjosie

    love Abbas and peters version.


    Beautiful song, love it very much it has so much emotion.

  17. Steve Dunson

    I always said Peter Cetera has one of the best voices in music...Steve D

  18. Gary Marquis

    good ear candy.

  19. Maurise Grant

    very powerful version of this abba classic

  20. rogue zilla

    This song is amazing until Peter joins in. Rona, girl you should have done this solo.

  21. Sue Kelsey

    Love this whole Album"

  22. Sue Kelsey

    Love this version of S.O.S., I prefer it to Abba!

    Paul W

    +Sue Kelsey Both versions of this song are great, but Abba is the best since they did the original

    Jesus Soler

    What an emotion!

    Jonathan Dorm

    me too.

  23. Ferry Setyawan

    ..nice cover. Cetera brings any hits running 'tasty'..

  24. Nick Wells

    I think Peter and Ronna did a goddamn good job covering this song. They really gave the folks in Abba a run for their money.

    Lety Espinosa

    Love it

  25. Sheldon Salazar

    best version

  26. TheSentacruz

    Bellissima versione di Peter Cetera, che e' l'autore di questo brano reso famoso dagli ABBA.................