Peter Cetera - Livin' In The Limelight Lyrics

Everybody wants to be a star
Living in the limelight
A big house and a fancy car
Living in the limelight

Everybody gonna know your name
Surely pleased to meet you
Ask you for your autograph
See your latest feature

In the middle of a midnight dream
Living in the limelight
See yourself on the silver screen
Living in the limelight

How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm
Never make 'em happy
How you gonna keep 'em close to home
Everybody's leavin', headin' for Hollywood

Everybody has a fantasy
Living in the limelight
A personality
Living in the limelight

Hypnotizin' the roar of the crowd
Never heard of stagefright
First one back for the curtain call
Fall in love with the spotlight

On the cover of a magazine
Living in the limelight
In your limousine
Living in the limelight

How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm
Never make 'em happy
How you gonna keep 'em close to home
Everybody's leavin', headin' for Hollywood

Everybody wants to be a star
Living in the limelight
A big house and a fancy car
Living in the limelight

Everybody gonna know your name
Living in the limelight
Say, gonna be pleased to meet you
Living in the limelight

Living in the lime
Living in the limelight
Living in the limelight
They go to Hollywood, be a star
Living in the limelight

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Peter Cetera Livin' In The Limelight Comments
  1. cv 67

    Anybody know how to reach Peter? Sincere effort here.

    pm if possible.

    This beat/effect has so much authority its not even funny. I believe Pete was limited.

  2. cv 67

  3. Joseph Skuse

    From his 1981 solo album “Peter Cetera”.

  4. Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    just like you was doing with Boz scaggs Luke lays down the great solo here

    cv 67

    Boz...holy carp theres a name I havent heard in yrs

  5. His Overlord Upon High

    This song kicks ass. I think he wrote it with Ted Nugent in mind.

  6. Doobie1975

    Great song, always felt this song should've been released as a single, this is so much better than his later solo hits.

    Russ Grunert

    It was on a single, I had it.

  7. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #6 on the mainstream rock charts in 1982!!!

  8. Carl Eppich

    My favorite Peter Cetera solo song, he rocks on this song

  9. Mark

    Always liked Cetera, obviously he was awesome with Chicago but his solo stuff is really good too.

  10. HinjuRock

    Dio obviously ripped off this riff for his famous song "Holy Diver".

  11. HinjuRock

    I totally forgot about this great song, even though I used to hear it all the time on FM rock radio during the early 80's.

    Carl Eppich

    I heard this song on rock radio in 1981-1982 when I lived in California

    Carl Eppich

    @port nutboth KLOS & KMET played this song, I listened to both when I lived in California

    Carl Eppich

    @port nut yes I do remember Dr Demento, I loved listening to his show

  12. Kurt Woodard

    1981? Is that for real?


    It was.

    Chicago Fan

    Absolutely Peter is awesome in writing and singing this song.


    This tune was released as a single, and actually made Record World Magazine's "Bubbling Under The Top 100" Chart where it got as high as #118 back in March1982 (It should've charted MUCH higher in my humble opinion!)🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

  13. C C

    The heaviest song (outside of early Chicago..."I'm a Man") ever done by Peter a few years he would turn his back on anything remotely smelling of "Rock"...Amy Grant was calling...(By the way, Blackfoot did a decent version of this around 1983...)

    Daryl Robinson

    True 17

  14. uncle skeeter

    Love this song. Un-Chicago like though. Heard it on the radio in.....82? I was surprised it was a Chicago singer.

  15. James Fox

    Excellent Song from long ago! Sounds as good now as it did then!!

  16. andrew haines

    Another incomparable guitar solo by Steve Lukather. Mike Botts holding down that groove. And Peter Cetera opening up for easily the best rock track of his career.

    Imelda Ennis

    That guitar...peter nails everything... This is epic

    vincent allenson

    Good call. He nailed it here..gbu

    vincent allenson

    Imelda Ennis i second that motion and notion.. bravo:-)

  17. kathy 2trips

    Wish Peter did more harder-edged stuff like this. That man could rock...when he wanted to.

    Chicago Fan

    kathy 2trips Peter could sing the phone book and it would be a winner. Greatest ever

    Justin Case

    kathy 2trips More like when he was “allowed” to. He joined Chicago, partly because his band, The Exceptions, was about to break up, but also because The Big Thing was an up-and-coming group that was playing edgier stuff. He has always proclaimed himself as a rocker first and foremost. Perhaps if the record labels hadn’t monkeyed around with Chicago’s sound in the late 70s/early 80s, he might’ve been able to sneak this little gem in on 16 or 17 and let nature take its course... if only.

  18. PlanTonto

    I remember being 16 and driving around stoned listening to this...Yes, there is good music out there today, if you find it, back then we just turned on our radios...

  19. bronco devil

    Another one of those songs that should have been a hit.

  20. Stephen Konigsberg

    Actually I did not know that Peter Cetera wrote this song! Check it out by Blackfoot also. What a great tune!

  21. Kenneth Morrison 1

    Love this song! So heavy! \m/ \m/

  22. robert flynn

    Easily his heaviest tune. IMO his best solo tune.

    Bill Keith Channel

    and his best IMHO.

    cv 67

    he could play any mood.

    cv 67

    You noticed too!!!

  23. ZIGGY

    i reall mis his song

  24. ZIGGY


  25. rich doty

    Just watched another Super Bowl & the word "limelight" cam up so many times I googled it. This vid came up, would make a great compilation song.

  26. wheezerYT

    [My favorite solo Peter Cetera song.]

    Same here! These few years (1978-1982) saw a bunch of these killer tunes: Donnie Iris with "Ah! Leah!" and John Hall Band "Crazy (Keep on Fallin'')" - just some great stuff that didn't (and still doesn't) get enough attention.

    Bill Keith Channel

    Donne Iris is popular in my area since one of their drummers was from the town of Northeast PA, but _Ah Leah_ never got airplay originally. It became a local hit later in the early 90's when a classic rock radio station was created and started playing it. same thing with Police's _Walking On The Moon_ , which never got original airplay.


    Bill Keith

    Well, both of those songs sure got a lot of airplay on LA rock radio during the early 80's.

    Michael Ralston

    Steel Breeze "You Don't Want Me Anymore " Oct. 82

    Carl Eppich

    My favorite also

    ray garrett

    Yhea that jam by donnie iris is bad ass

  27. iiimusika

    woow excelent !!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Bill Lawlor

    I'm 64 now and broke another damn drumstick playing to this song.  I'll never grow up!


    You can't play this song anymore if you grow up :) This song helped me get through those callous building teenage years on the guitar. At 53, it still gives me chills down my arms when I play it; just like back in the day.


    Don't grow up bro, its not worth it

    Phil M.

    Bill Lawlor Now you are 68. I hope you are still breaking sticks. Keep having fun.

  29. Anna Guz

    Wow!!!...Peter Cetera Rocks😆

  30. Dusty White

    Bad ass!

  31. David Atwell

    Another bad ass 1 hit WONDER.But it does Fuckin rock!

    Mike Litfin

    @David Atwell He was an original member of Chicago, far from a one hit wonder.


    +Mike Litfin As a solo artist, the previous band doesn't count. Frida is considered a one hit wonder for 'I Know Somethings Going On' even though she had numerous hits with ABBA.

    That said...Cetera had number one hits after this song, so that disqualifies him from being a one hit wonder.

    David Atwell

    @Mike Litfin I know, but his solo efforts, great musician regardless!

    Nash Burnette

    OK, where do I begin ???
    First off, this was nowhere near a hit since this single not only missed The Hot-100,
    but it didn't even make the Bubbling Under The Hot-100 either.
    But even if it was a hit, he had a number of hit singles throughout the 80s after this single,
    including two singles that hit #1. So he's far from a one-hit wonder and this great but ignored
    single had NOTHING to do with that accomplishment.

    Cat H

    David Atwell bullshit

  32. David Anderson

    Nazi dope...LIMELIGHT

  33. Joseph Caranante

    This is a great song! Dude really could rock, even in the 80's. Shame that five years later he'd record sludge like Glory of Love

    eddie vanhalen

    your right man i think its dream theater guitarist on this sadness

    daniel fox

    @daniel fox its him he is a bad ass


    +daniel fox No, it's Steve Lukather. Cetera doesn't play guitar...seriously, anyway.

    Joey Colombi

    +krelbar Peter Cetera does play rhythm and bass guitar!

  34. GTRman909

    Ran out and bought this on vinyl when it first came out. It's not that difficult to figure out where Metalica got their basic idea for "Sad But True". How ironic...sad but true, Lol"

    Kate Maloney

    If you are going to sample, sample from the best.

  35. eddie brown

    That's Steve Lukather (from the group Toto) on guitar. He was a guest on the album.

    Bill Keith Channel

    Wow thanks. I thought it was Peter.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    eddie brown Fuck Yeah bro..
    My main man LUKE!!!🎸🎸🎸🎸

  36. Bill Lawlor

    I broke a drum stick playing to this song.  One bad ass song!  I'm in my 60s and still rocking to it.

  37. Nicci Stevens

    I remember this song from waaaay back and never knew it was Cetera (If you like the ladies, you like Cetera!). This is a great song! Makes me wanna dance! 

  38. pete loomis

    theres a movie from the 70s called electra glide in blue and he plays one of the bad guys !

    Kate Maloney

    He wasn't a bad guy in "Electra Glide"; he played one of the biker-hippies and was targeted by Mitch Ryan's character who tried to beat a confession out of him. I think you are getting Peter's character confused with Terry Kath's character (who was a bad guy).

    Daisy Jane

    I don't think it's inaccurate to describe his character as a "bad guy" though; the kid was a drug dealer whom all the cops were trying to catch. BTW, several members of Chicago were in the film. Trumpet player and cutie pie Lee Loughnane has a small speaking part as a pig farmer at a commune.

  39. James Lehr

    XLNT! and I don't confuse this song with RUSH's Limelight which was released at about the same time. This was a great era in music, the likes we probably won't see again.

  40. Bob Garrow

    lukather ... what a boss

  41. hellsbellspapa

    Great song from the Chicago singer - brings back memories! Thanks!

  42. jackie fisher

    cool song

  43. paezjean

    si es de peter cetera es su primer albun en solitario titulado peter cetera peter cetera año 1981 yo tengo ese CD tiene buenos temas

  44. Jerry Story

    Great song

  45. Johanns Burgs

    very nice... i though this is not from peter...hahaha... its peter...nice