Peter Cetera - Do You Love Me That Much? Lyrics

Sometimes at night I lay awake,
Just to watch you sleep, hear each breath you take.
When the morning lights your face,
I just wanna hold you, and forget the day.
I live and breathe your every touch
Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me that much?

When you look at me across the crowded room,
Suddenly I wanna be alone with you.
I hang on every word that leaves your lips,
Anticipate the moment when I feel your kiss.
Enough of you is not enough.
Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me that much?

For so long, I've been trying to believe,
That someday, you'll fall as deep as me.
But it's just not there, love isn't always fair.

Would you want the best for me,
And I hope I find the kind of love you can't feel for me.
Could you find it in your heart,
To end this thing right now before it's gone too far
Let me go and give me up
Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me that much?
Do you love me that much?

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Peter Cetera Do You Love Me That Much? Comments
  1. Victoria Redondo Hierro

    Peter cetera ✨💞

  2. nalukenge zuliat

    Still enjoying in 2020

  3. Jimmie Wright

    Do you love me

  4. Rudolph Applegreen

    2020 and beyond

    Peter Cetera ist mit einer so wunderbaren, unglaublichen Stimme gesegnet, einer der besten und besten Sänger / Songschreiber unserer Zeit, die eine frühere Band Chicago leiteten. Dies ist ein mitreißendes, herzerwärmendes, immergrünes Lied. Peter, du bist eine große Inspiration! Gott segne dich. Einfach makellos, einfach Peter !![Peter Cetera is blessed with such a mellifluous incredible voice,one of the best and finest singers/songwriters of our time, who lead an erstwhile band Chicago.This is a soul-stirring,heart warming evergreen song.Peter you are a huge inspiration!God bless you. Simply pristine,simply Peter!!]

  6. Deborah Millar

    Me and my first true love drifted apart, and he played this song for me everyday. As we grew older, I got married he never did.. we still talk everyday as if we were kids again. I got cancer and he wanted to try again at our love. I played this for him to really listen to the words, and said to him if he ever loved me , he will walk away. I couldn't be a burden in his life with being sick with cancer. He still doesn't understand why I didn't give him the chance to love me again.. he said it's not fair I won't let him love me even with cancer..this song breaks me now when I hear it..

    Bernard Patinet

    LET him Love you still

  7. Caroline Lim


  8. Di Bn

    Love isn't a time pass...

  9. donna br0wn

    Beautiful 😊👍Love without actions is merely words. A empty life of regrets.😔The little things done in love soon become the biggest treasure in your life.😇2019

  10. Jenny Angelee

    💖🎶🎶🎶 Do u love me that much🎶🎶🎶❤

  11. Arab Alsulemanie

    Am in love💕💕💕💞💞💞💯

  12. Jo-ann Louw

    Love ❤️❤️

  13. Meladisinné

    Peter brings extraordinary empathy to this song...Dreamy vocal 🎶💜💖💙

  14. Michelle McDougall

    Yes as God is my witness I love you with all my heart and soul. God is the reason why we were meant to be. Don't you believe that my Love?There is nothing we can't get through together.

  15. Arab Alsulemanie

    SO LOVELY💝💝💋💋

  16. Uma Rani

    OF COS ❤️💕🌹

  17. mercy mallari

    Yes..nothing compares v my love for you believe it or not 😎😍❤😚

  18. Raycheal Ndegwa

    2019 anyone?still my favourite

  19. Meladisinné

    So his this song...😍🌹❤

  20. Faith Awiti

    2019mmh nice piece of classic and vocals

  21. Stellah Weiwei


  22. Shinta Kojiro

    13 juni 2019

  23. Meladisinné

    When Peter sings the emotion in his voice is so captivating...Goose bumps every time...Gorgeous love song 🎤🎶💓💓💓💞💞💗💖👌😍🤗

  24. Dadan Achdian

    oh so sweet memories+

  25. Joseane Ribeiro

    I love this song!! Perfect💜💜💜to love

  26. Chastel Bounzeki

    È la canzone per prima che ho ascoltato nel film ma davvero è magica ed è bellissima

  27. Mohammed Sinnary

    Who still listening to this motionable song.. 4/2019

  28. Patrick Kendrick

    I still love her 😔 I loved her that much, but did not show it. “Sorry” is not enough. This song hits home hard

  29. Chicago Fan

    Every song on this album is a masterpiece.

  30. D.O

    2019....I am, ask me in 10 yrs, same doesnt get much better than growing up with this music!!!! D

  31. didyoubringyourgrogalong imonaroleragay

    Voice of god

  32. Samantha gonçalves

    The best💕💕💕💕

  33. Claudio Venini

    like all peter's songs , it's so beautifull

  34. Michael J W

    Huge fan of Peter.. never knew this song until 3 years ago.. not stopped playing it since

  35. scovia sebeya

    The song really remind me of someone..... Keep it up

  36. scovia sebeya

    Thanks for a wonderful song

  37. mariah elgon

    Just to watch u sleep .Gorret

  38. Nia Trivena


  39. Jamila Andersson

    Beautiful Love Song
    Amazing Best Vocals Ever. .Stunning Woow
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    didyoubringyourgrogalong imonaroleragay


  40. Jessi Brunson

    Yes...I think I do love you that much...haha. Beautiful song!

  41. John mwangi

    2018 and still rocking

  42. Bony Angele

    tu as bercé mon adolescence avec chicago j'avais 13 , 14 ans ! je t'aime peter !!!

  43. nicolehesprich

    What I would love to see is Mr. Cetera and the little Dynamo Jadyn Rylee ( 12 yrs old utube star ) doing some duets. TWO CLEAR VOICES !!!

  44. Nyanchama005

    I hope I find the kind of love you didn't feel for me
    Deeply profound words💔💔💔

  45. Alexialnso Qw

    It's 2018 but still listening 80's songs the best💖💖🎶🎵🎧

  46. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Excelente cantor linda música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

  47. Chicago Fan


  48. mumjane Mukami

    ❤❤❤❤always gon be ma favorite artist

  49. Crazy Talk

    That last stanza tho😢

  50. Ray Nutty Flockie

    Anybody watching in 2018??

    Compromised Serenity

    Ray Nutty Flockie ✋

  51. Kit Silver

    This song got me so deep in my feels right now.

  52. Janete Nogueira

    Peter Cetera maravilhoso ..amo suas músicas!! Eu viajo no tempo.😘😘

  53. Michael Dishno

    This song reminds me of the lady I love that much, Anita Kay.

  54. nicolehesprich

    Excellent song ! I crank her up in my car. Especially if you have some nice subs like mine. Check out when he sang for the Ice Skaters on utube. The best music I have ever heard for them !

  55. Daddy Big

    Do you...

  56. Sff Amr

    I really like this song do you love me that much

  57. Dokken Dave

    One of his very best songs

  58. Ntsoaki Sheleni

    Peter Cetera has two in one voice...incredible always amazes me...


    Ntsoaki Sheleni that’s a process called double tracking. That’s why his voice sounds so full.

  59. Ivan Luna

    Sueño con esta canción el día que me case con ella

  60. Joe Pius Thunderbolt

    This is what we call real music

  61. Beatrice okhawin

    2018 who is listening to this

    Chicago Fan

    Beatrice okhawin 2019 and I'm listening. Absolutely beautiful. 💗💗

    didyoubringyourgrogalong imonaroleragay

    Me...of cause

    Richard Greenleaf

    It's May 2, 2019 as I type this, I've been listening to the song since the album originally came out almost twenty-two years ago (in eighteen days it will exactly twenty-two years). On tape and/or CD I have nearly all of Cetera's albums.

  62. Kavita Chandoo

    Great great song 😘

  63. Keith

    This song melts my heart..I love it...

  64. Lori Bradley

    I listen to Pandora Peter Cetera chanel every day!!

  65. Kakashi Zaua

    One fine tune

  66. Juliet Dayao

    classical 80s tweethumbs

  67. Jacqueline Anjao

    Awesome song

  68. ginatasi chaffin

    Do you love me that much ??

    Danny Ian Zamora

    More than you ever know...i love you the love me...

  69. fawzia malik

    Peter Cetera! i'm ur big fans! all ur music kills me!!!

  70. Clavers Odhiambo

    "Sometimes at night I lie awake, just to watch you sleep." if my girlfriend told me that I'd be the most scared man on earth lol. Wizard!!!!

  71. John Mark A. Tan

    do you love me that much?


    cetera Hav nice voice n good songs do you love me that much n she doesn't need it anymore are my best songs

  73. Erlando Palma

    the best

  74. petrus kandjimi

    forever i loves peter cetera, he is really super star

  75. madison huckaby

    I love u that much Donnie
    do u love me that much

  76. madison huckaby

    I love this song and my man that much love toe Donnie phelps

  77. Nurrul

    This song... 😢

  78. Henry Oladeji

    so touching

  79. James Mwangi

    it reminds me of my first love who didn't have time to know me,sometimes it makes me weep"

    monicah monique

    Pole God has a reason why things go the way sometimes they do.

  80. Allen Micheal

    who is listening March 2017

    Judy Thomas

    Allen Micheal me, I love Peter cetera forever.......

    Muturi Gikunda

    Am listening, Feb 2018.

  81. dave bhianco

    true love

  82. Scott Gabriel

    I love you more if you love me that much - Scott Gabriel from Philippines👨🏼❤️️👩🏼

  83. Antonio Iraeta

    hermosa canción, me inspira mucho



  85. mercy bogo

    love u much more than u love me

  86. Nia Trivena


  87. Sulamita Bernal

    i love this song.meaningful really, the story of my life.

  88. Wilberforce Oongoh

    wooow...luv daat voice of P.Cetera, n da songz

  89. Martha Albuquerque

    The best song writer and singer.

    aries owen Boliguen

    I AGREE.....

    aries owen Boliguen

    I AGREE....

  90. Carol Mugure

    Someone pleeeeese send me this song via what's up 0720358953

    Jose Ronaldo Lopes Ronaldo

    What wold fron?

    josiah mbawi

    Carol Mugure did you get the song,I hope you did


    Carol Mugure ulipata hio song it's my ringtone

  91. Cilenr Ribeiro

    Amo demais Peter Cetera💜💜💜💜😘i from Brazil

  92. bridgett marler

    he is just perfect

  93. bridgett marler

    he has had so many pretty songs i dont know where to start he is just perfect im a big fan yes everyone loves you peter

    Richard Greenleaf

    Pretty songs? Personally I'd have gone more with beautiful for a number of his love songs as their above pretty.

  94. Jeeenoo Jing

    Teary eyes every time i heard this song.. coz deep in my heart i know he didnt love me that much.. but I'm glad his not part of my life now. lesson learned.

    Hudson Purba

    You were faithful to him what matters

    Wilberforce Oongoh

    don worry

  95. vivian maranga

    your songs are inspiring...and gives hope in love....awesome songs

  96. Vitalis Opondo

    Simply a masterpiece!

  97. Nerijus Rudys

    nice very nice song!!!

  98. Каракоз Кулумбетова

    Beautiful song

  99. Luiz Antônio

    O máximo...