Peter Cetera - Apple Of Your Daddy's Eye Lyrics

I remember when you were born
I felt like one lucky
Son of a gun

And when you turned into two
I was so happy
When you said I love you

Held you in my arms so tight
I'd never forget
The best years of my life

Apple of your daddy's eye
Wanna be the one to hold you in the night
Apple of your daddy's eye
Oh, oh sleep tight
Don't you worry gonna be alright

I remember when you were three
You were so lovely
So very pretty

And when you turned into four
I finally realized
What God put her here for


If I had my way
Time would stand still
You'd stay as sweet as you are
But time waits for no one
It never will
Your gonna leave me soon enough
I'm just sad 'cause you're growing up

Held you in my arms so tight
I'd never forget
The best years of my life


Don't stop ever lovin' me because
You're the apple of your daddy's eye

[repeat and fade]

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Peter Cetera Apple Of Your Daddy's Eye Comments
  1. Patricia Archie

    Only Peter can sing this song , he's the cutest guy ever 💜💜💜💜

  2. Rose Joan Kua

    My dad was my whole world. He passed away in '93. This song is truly a reminder of him..Great song, love it..

  3. RAY L.

    My best musician ever.

  4. LuCo Kross


  5. Birungi Resty

    This song always reminds me of my Dad's undying love for me

  6. cacaroto cacimbinha

    My dear baby

    Imelda Ennis

    I can feel it... My dad is watching over me... No need to worry... Be watched tonight...always someone there... Gorgeous song PC

  7. Imelda Ennis

    Peter's Daughter's are very Beautiful and talented like their Amazing Dad

  8. Cadan Asche

    i miss my baby

  9. Flemming Lorenzen

    YES, finally, Peter comes to Denmark (Y) Randers, Denmark :-)

  10. Jesa Gamilla

    Daddys's girl here. He weht away 6 years ago. 😭😭💔💔💔

  11. memphis03

    Happy 17th Birthday Ashley!
    It's gonna be alright.


    this song is soo good

  13. Cadan Asche

    i will always have a warm heart for my kids

  14. Anne wmwangi

    Reminds me of my late kid bro,he really loved the song and introduced it to me.Memories.
    Rest in peace Roy💕

  15. mcaardvark42

    Probably Peter Cetera is the greatest male singer, he's incredible.

  16. memphis03

    Dedicated to my amazingly beautiful daughter, Ashley Lauren! Love You Sweetie...

  17. Lisa Durham

    Saw him in concert last Thursday night, unbelievable energy and stage presence. Great show. I had never heard this song before, but I loved it! :-)

  18. sosiboys1

    Saw him when he came to San Antonio in September 2015 I had never heard it but really liked it when he sang this song. What a great entertainer to see in person and that voice it's like butter.

  19. Andrew james

    Well well, Peter you always ganna be our #IDOL #Abby Love you #DAD Dodley.

  20. Kcaj Benhadden

    Thanks Peter!

  21. wonderglory

    I feel this is a message from my dad. He died in 1990, I miss him so much D: He was my hero. I'm my father's daughter.

  22. DumbSathanass

    this song makes me tear up!   swear to jebus!

  23. Mnxe

    This always reminds me of my Dad ♥ So sweet this song. I love it. <3

  24. bkstyle82

    i play this and daddy's girl for my lil girl

  25. 78tpel

    @LaCortori72 sorry dude good luck. :(

  26. memphis03

    To my princess Ashley Lauren S,
    I Love You Sweetheart,

  27. memphis03

    I thank God every day for one of the most precious gifts I've ever been given, my beautifull daughter, Ashley Lauren.

  28. andros1984

    My dad loves Chicago and Cetera. And I have to say it rubbed off on me.
    Great real music.

  29. Footballgurl16

    Me and my Dad always sing to this song...this is the song that we are dancing to at my wedding. I haven't told him yet, but I think he knows. This is our song and always will be. I love you Dad!!!

    Greg Krsak

    My daughter just turned 3. Maybe she'll say the same thing someday. :)

  30. ellis robinson

    my dad sang this my sister all the time

  31. wonderglory

    From the time my parents adopted me until my father's death, I was the apple of my dad's eye. When he died, not only I lost a father, I also lost a mentor. He helped me up when I was down. I miss him so much.