Pesch, Doro - Love Me In Black Lyrics

Didn't they tell You the way that it's gonna be
You asked god for a woman and ended up with me
Maybe I'll love you maybe I'll pull you apart
We live in darkness I've pulled you into my friend
There's no escaping this hell that I've put you in
You must forgive me but loving me is a sin

Are you ready for me
Do you love me in black
I'll will push you away
Then make you come back
I can make you feel love
I can be so detached
Do you really want me
Do you love me in black

When I first met you I thought there was a mistake
How could you want me, you made such easy prey
Didn't they teach you loving is nothing but pain
What do you see when you look in my eyes
A sea of blue, a place where your heart could lie
Where it could drown, where it will never survive

Are you ready for me
Do you love me in black
I'll will push you away
Then make you come back
I can make you feel love
I can be so detached
Do you really want me
Do you love me in black

I keep reliwng the moment we said goodbye
You didn't kiss me, you didn't even try
You said l made me feel like you were barely alive
In another lifetime maybe another place
Maybe I'll find you. l could be tempted by fate
And try to reach with too little kindness too late

Are you ready for me
Do you love me in black
I'll will push you away
Then make you come back
I can make you feel love
I can be so detached
Do you really want me
Do you love me in black

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Pesch, Doro Love Me In Black Comments
  1. robert e lee

    I don't want to remember you Lori Hewitt go to your own phone were done

  2. Rosmary R.l


  3. Elena Eremina

    Восхитительная женщина и певица!!!! Обожаю!

  4. sofakingdrunk66

    I can relate very strongly to these lyrics..

  5. Павел Гришин

    Супер певица кода группа была warlock тогда ещё она уже была на высоте Doro Pesh super.

  6. liuck 7777

    Caspita ..quando avevo 18 anni impazzivo per questa rock star .. Grandiosa voce e altro

  7. Mudbutt Jones


  8. TREX3151

    DORO \m/ \m/

  9. Jon Crew

    still say shes worth the hell you would go through.

  10. Владимир Крыжик

    ...согласен))) БОГИНЯ РОК МУЗЫКИ)))))))))))

  11. gaetan landry

    Wow, amazing, love that voice


    One of her best ballads...her acoustic version are also amazing. Shows off her "other" voice...Ich liebe Doro💗 Makes me proud to be German 🇩🇪

  12. claudie unas 666

    THANKS / M

  13. gaetan landry

    What a song!!

  14. Idontknow

    The. Teal queen indeed , thank you Doro

  15. Blonde Rider

    Great voice

  16. Return to Forever

    super song

  17. James Bowman

    Tigger right here

    James Bowman


  18. Simona Pop

    she s gorgeous.what a voice,clothes,her age ....omg...she s probably an angel on earth.;)

  19. Donovan Landon

    Am almost 50 years old ..but this song still make me cry.... Doro still rock for over 30 years......


    One of my favorites. Kind of my song.

  20. Steph Ss

    Perfect stripper song :) like for real...

  21. William Lima

    She is very good. Time goes by and the metal queen keeps her sexy voice and her sensual way of doing her show. 🤘🤘🤘


    🇩🇪ich liebe doro

    Kent Duggan


  22. reaper man

    Fuckin chills......Too good

  23. Georg Scheffer

    Metall Königin

  24. Nothingam! Lyngdoh. T

    Never listen 2 love song but with this one... I make an exception

  25. Nagj autumn

    On my 11th replay.. Just saying🌹

  26. Nagj autumn

    Omg the chills.... Had this song on my playlist for years... Just found this.. Fucking wow😍😍😍😍

  27. Michael Hutchison

    Love you in a black thong lol.

  28. 74deeny Doro du bist meine hertz :)

  29. Павел Самойлов

    А у меня еще и афтограф есть Богини на диске!!!!!

  30. reaper man

    How do you out do this woman?Unreal

  31. Nero Zero

    better than fucking Nightwish

  32. Lila Christina Polutta

    Doro is a badass!

  33. Lee Hamilton

    Doro is so awesome. Can listen to her all day long

  34. Diego Rodrigues Ribeiro da silva Rodrigues

    Doro maravilhosa!

  35. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    Our Metal Maiden GODDESS 💜💛💚

  36. 3forparker

    The most spectacular 5 minutes on YouTube. I have nothing but love for Doro and the guys in her band. Johnny and Nick are flawless in this video.

  37. MetalliKate


  38. Tiago Lethal

    Doro is like a female Dio Brando but without all that muscles.....

  39. Andreas Starck


    " AS - HARAM - SA ",
    " FÜR - IMMER - DA ".
    " ONLY - IS - ONE - ´N´ - DONE ",


  40. Maik Jasper

    i love this song, i love youur musik i love doro,

  41. wweY2Jecw 623

    Bruderherz 💖😢

  42. Peter Crilly

    just beautiful song from our Queen of Metal. 🤘

  43. Stacy Goble

    Second song I love I repeat watching the video

  44. nanobugged studios

    Make me feel all kinda way, I miss my everything, Hanna Floyd Taylor. I guess I got to die of something.

  45. Тимерлан Шереужев



    very amazing and powerful song but plz can any one tell me the name of the demo song at the end of love me in black

    Hecatombe de Oz

    Love's gone to hell.


    @Hecatombe de Oz thank you oh so much!

  47. Vivis Welt

    Ich liebe sie so unglaublich, sie bringt mich immer wieder zum weinen. wenn ich sie nur einmal umarmen und in echt sehen könnte. und ja ich liebe sie in schwarz und so wie sie ist. ich liebe dich DORO

  48. Darkkat07

    I love you Doro!

  49. michael meinhardt

    doro for ever

  50. Vixen Vendetta

    Doro ROCKS!!!

  51. Phoenix Nds

    Wer sie noch nicht live gesehen hat....unbedingt nachholen! MUSS man erlebt haben. Und... viel Spaß!

  52. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Lovely. Hail Doro.

  53. Secundus Scipio

    irgendwie süß <3

  54. ラクラークイエス


  55. Danklen Wald



    ...та да...:)

    Danklen Wald

    DORO лучше всех! (:


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    Danklen Wald fyguhjvhnkncm mom has a baby in her tummy Mommy has abandoned baby in her tummy mom has a baby in her tummy

  56. Maria Valkyria

    one of my faves from our so awesome down to earth Metal Queen!

    ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    Maria Valkyria she's such a strong, mysteriously beautiful woman.

  57. Steve Armstrong

    First time hearing DORO this Song Rocks love it AWesome I love her In Black!!

  58. danielleNJ

    Awesome, can't wait for the dvd.

  59. Peter M.

    Beautiful song!Doro is perfect.

  60. wyschl75

    Doro hat einfach eine tolle Stimme!

    Simon M

    Glaube da gibt dir jeder auf diesem Planeten recht:D

  61. Никита Цыган

    была милфой и осталась милфой!

  62. Reine Lodin

    beuteful song

  63. maggot1111666

    This song is painfully repetitive