Perry Como - When I Fall In Love Lyrics

When I fall in love,
It will be forever,
Or I'll never fall in love . . .

In an restless world like this is,
Love is ended before it's begun,
And too many moonlight kisses,
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun . . .

When I give my heart,
It will be completely,
Or I'll never give my heart . . .

And the moment I can feel that

You feel that way too,
Is when I fall in love with you . . .

[instrumental bridge]

Or I'll never give my heart . . .

And the moment I can feel that
You feel that way too,
Is when I fall in love with you . . .

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Perry Como When I Fall In Love Comments
  1. Carmela Marcheggiani

    Beautiful melody!!!

  2. Francoise Gross

    It will be forever.

  3. Danielle Cook

    Oh Perry,, come back. I love you. You are truly unforgettable. When I was a little girl you meant nothing to me but Now, I’m old and I now understand how great you were and still are. Your Beloved Wife Roselle was a Lucky Lady to have had You in her arms. 😩

  4. Ирина Власова

    Это здорово

  5. john morrison

    the wonderful voice of the one and only perry Como.

  6. Doug Anthony

    I have loved this song as sung by Nat Cole, but this by Perry is just as touching . Thank the lord for these two wonderful vocalists.

  7. Regalado Wilson Correa Lopez

    Que hermoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. fantastic girl

    Or I never fall in love ....

  9. Önder Kubaşık

    There is nothing to remember if you are not in love

  10. harold bregman

    Fabulous. Celine Dion also recorded this for the Sleepless in Seattle sound track

  11. Phyllis Doheny

    Some day it will be forever

  12. Mohammed Yaqoob

    Melody voice beyond description

  13. Anna Cottage

    Forever a Gentleman, that voice sends shivers up & down my spine even to this day. Wonderful voice and lovely, lovely Gentleman, Perry Como, still missed.

    harold bregman

    He will always be missed

  14. Wendy Puerto

    Beautiful just beautiful x

  15. Andy M

    i dig Perrys outfit

  16. Joanne Schumacher

    Omg! I grew on wonder I'm the way I am...💖

  17. Michael Meusch Michael Sings with Ro have to hear this opinions welcomed

  18. Krepps Aceron

    Honey , Don't give your Heart to anyone, ok miss yah!


    novelty tune? This is not Pat Boone's Speedy gonzalez

  20. Diane Grant

    So smooth ,what a voice it’s just wonderful to listen to all these old time songs x

  21. Christine Escajeda

    Best Of My Love

  22. C Lancaster

    These songs are so appropriate. It will be forever

  23. Barry I. Grauman

    Recorded on February 20, 1958. Accompanied by Mitchell Ayres and his orchestra.

  24. John Baginski

    He had a much mellow voice then Sinatra and Crosby he had never got the recognition from the critics.

    Brule Eagan

    He sure got the recognition from the public. Tons of hits over the decades, and a hit television show that ran for years. He was wonderful.

  25. Judy Trompeter

    No theatrics or gimmicks, just pure, beautiful singing by a master of pop singing.  Thanks Mr C!

  26. Angelina Seno

    I just love this song..

  27. Anna Cottage

    Wonderful song so beautifully sung by Perry Como. One of my all time favourites, many thanks - Anna


    Anna Cottage A😬😬😉

  28. Robert Lindsay

    I could listen  two  him  all day and   night   R I P  What a Guy

  29. M.J. Leger

    Thanks for posting the ever-smooth voice of Perry Como, truly one of the old greats!

  30. Franco Raschiani

    rick astley rules

  31. May Coats

    Fabulous crooner xxxx

  32. Gionn Caomhin Morpheagh

    I grew up with Perry Como, but it was only much later in my life that I really began to appreciate just how good he was. His vocal control was quite extraordinary and the way he managed to achieve the high notes in such a passionate yet remarkably "pressureless" way was absolutely astonishing. If ever a singer earned the title "supremo" it was surely Perry Como. His music and his marvellous voice live on to delight future generations. Hai volanto bene, ma veramente, vecchio!


  33. Sasy Lasy

    Just a beautiful voice😗

    Josephine Line

    He is beautiful he has a beautiful voice I was a teenager when I start hearing his voice now I appreciate seeing more that I'm ordered and bring good memories I'm good times

  34. Ines Barros

    How sweet and tender voice💕💕💕😘😘😘

  35. michael barnett

    A superb singer in full control. What a delight.

  36. TedWms521

    This is not a novelty tune but a romantic ballad.
    I agree that Nat King Cole's version is the best.

  37. vichai jhetson

    smooth as silk.

  38. Bob Mcgachen

    wow brilliant version so smooth what a voice

  39. Boxcar Bubba

    To : Khuzama
    From : Mr . C

  40. Rhea Foster

    What year was this recorded?

  41. Rebecca Day

    thank you so much for posting this beautiful song..... Perry was the master of his craft and we are the lucky recipients of his artistry....he sang ballads like no other, so thankful we can recordings such as these to remember him, a man of great class, great taste, great morals... sure miss you, Perry.....

  42. Charles Duthu

    Quelle voix et quelle façon de chanter!

  43. Pinkie Eldred

    OMG.........beautiful !

  44. Antoinette Rader

    Mr Wonderful♥

  45. Jim MacLellan

    Beautiful !

  46. laurent dumoulin

    Ça c'est avoir de la classe merci  :-)

  47. Patty Bradford

    Just love this version of this gorgeous ballad by Perry !
    Just a great voice..smooth and lovely!

  48. PIERO

    A tribute to Perry Como.

    Leona Ritchie

    Great Song

    pietro pacini

    Erani gli ultimissimi anni del melodico.... prima dell'esplosione del rock  ciao


    @pietro pacini  Ciao Pietro. buona serata . Piero.

  49. Ernone Horvath


  50. Ernone Horvath

    How Pseant Voice

  51. meli melisse

    <3 <3 <3


    I love the voice of this guy!

    Duke Moose

    A great song byoneof the truly great singers and gentleman.

  53. Daniel Giacomuzzi

    un maestro

  54. Boxcar Bubba

    If Mr. C. Had known about you, He would have sung this song to you.

  55. yes ofcourse,, and you too honey,, you're a great family man,, and a perfect hubby.. mwahhhh!!!! love you!!! y.m.l.

  56. Raymond Hanks


  57. Raymond Hanks

    i'm touched dear,,and we are blessed to have enjoyed his music,,him and Nat,,had an even more important quality than the others,they were both devoted fathers and husbands,,a rare quality in that industry,,you have a wonderful day,,,Raymond

  58. Aberdeen Alba

    I am a grand-baby of listening to my Grandad singing Perry Como. He had a good voice to and I miss him often.

  59. John G. Lewis

    Thank you for the opinion. I'll check it out.

  60. infinera06

    Karen Carpenter.

  61. Raymond Hanks

    absolutely one of what i call the magnificent "7",,,perry,,,,jerry(vale),,nat king cole,,frank,,matt (monroe),,dino,,,tony bennett,,,and if we expose our grand babies,,they love it too

  62. Edward Wilcock

    This performance cannot be bettered. Beautiful.

  63. CeeCee

    Ah man...I am all wet-eyed right now! He is one of my dad's favorite singers... <3 you dad!

  64. JeffersonDinedAlone

    Whichever version any individual prefers.

  65. kirby19711

    Wonderful rendition,thank you! the late,great,Mr.Como......if interested,check me out here on yt...just search Nat King Currie..thanks again!


  66. John G. Lewis

    What is the definitive version of this song, I wonder, and by whom?

  67. Nana Al

    should watch it out ! loool because when it happens it feels like the big baaaang !!

  68. Nana Al

    I totally agree with u ! it is very true that old generation enjoyed the cream of the cream of music, . Art, music, drama ,theatre and the cinema were at the peak !! now everything have changed even the taste of people in music. ..I think this is life every thing has got a peack then it goes down ..!!

  69. john morrison

    I am a true romantic on the lovely on what perry sing.

  70. brysam2

    Maisa When I fall in love, It will be forever, When I give my heart, It will be completely for you Maisa

  71. Steve Flanigan

    I have never married because I have been in love before, and this love was not returned. The words of this song is so true to my heart.

  72. Humberto Guerrero

    I'm feeling the same way... I was born in 1991.

  73. szarotka1957

    Pięknie .... :-)

  74. Peter Blain

    Every time I hear Perry sing on the radio, I go back to my youth as so many older people do.These days we get an excuse for music and I wish the youth of today would just listen to real music which has lasted the test of time.

  75. Nina Zalesskaya

    Очень понравилось !!!! Браво Перри !!!!!.......Россия

  76. Nina Zalesskaya

    Очень понравилось !!!! Браво Перри !!!!!.......Россия.

  77. Homi Kutar

    i used to listen to him as a school girl in 1955 and had aLL HIS SONGS MEMORISED: WOW HE HAD A VOICE

  78. steve L

    A master class in singing. Perfect intonation and phrasing. My favorite singer doing one of my favorite songs.

  79. Peter Blain

    This song will be heard in many years to come,not not by the so called singers of today. Pity. Thanks Perry and rest in peace.

  80. MusicDarkness

    Oh my god 1952 and i was born in 1994 and now in the 2012 i hear this many wasted years