Perry Como - Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Paloma Lyrics

Coo coo roo coo coo, paloma
tell her that I'm oh so lonely...
Coo coo roo coo coo, paloma
tell her that I love her only...

Please, pretty little dove,
hurry to my love, tell her this for me...
Since she is far away,
every day is sad, blue as it can be...
I couldn't even start,
pouring out my heart, to her in a letter...
You, pretty little bird,

you can sing the words, you can tell her better...

Coo coo roo coo coo, paloma
coo coo roo coo coo [Spanish]

Coo coo roo coo coo...
coo coo roo coo coo...
coo coo roo coo coo... paloma...

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Perry Como Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Paloma Comments
  1. road work ahead uh yeah i sure hope it does

    Who tfs this white dude

    Judy Trompeter

    Perry Como was the greatest pop singer in the 20th century. Sold over 100 million records. Sorry you missed him. Fortunately he left us over 700 recordings to enjoy. Enjoy!!

  2. Maria Lupe Melendez

    What a missed voice, it may not be the best version but beatifully done by Perry Como!!

  3. Thomas Hoffmann 1


  4. Thomas Hoffmann 1

    COO coo roo coo coo, A.S.!!!!!!!

  5. Marie Harrington

    Sharing this with Facebook friends whose taste matches mine.  On TV's program America's Got Talent last evening a very young girl (10 maybe?) sang this song and was a hit.  The song brought back some long ago hidden memories that became a bit emotional.  I spent hours since then on YOU TUBE reading about the song, the history, and had the pleasure of listening to some of my revered artists of long ago, sing the song. It took me to a place I relished.  I hope you get some similar pleasure if you are interested in listening.

  6. 629

    Good Lord, someone stop it. 

  7. manop kierasawat

    Another version from Perry Com,my favorite Italiano Singer.

  8. axhak111

    Dios k manera de desgraciar una canción mexicana.
    Con todo respeto y sin afán de ofender.

  9. PlanTonto

    Seriously, you were shocked?

  10. nape jack

    just perfect, among lot of version

  11. GiLL-Cougat

    What a divine experience is just to sit down & listen to one of the greatest voices ever ! singing a beautiful poem, what a combination ! I'll will thank You forever for this experience, I never heard it before, with Peryy Como.
    The song ? ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL songs, ever from Mexico (Tomas Mendez author) THANK YOU ! Noamtbone