Perry Como - Birth Of The Blues Lyrics

Oh... they say some people long ago,
Were searchin' for a diff'rent tune,
One that they could croon,
As only they can...

They only had the rhythm... so,
They started swayin' to and fro...
They didn't know just what to use,
That is how the blues,
Really began...

They heard the breeze in the trees,
Singin' weird melodies,
And they made that,
The start of the blues!

And from a jail came the wail,
Of a down-hearted frail,
And they played that,
As part of the blues!

From a whippoorwill out on the hill,
They took a new note (whippoorwill, whippoorwill, whippoorwill...)
Pushed it through a horn 'till it was worn,
Into a blue note... (whippoorwill, whippoorwill, whippoorwill...)

An' then they nursed it, and rehearsed it,
And gave out the news,
That the "Southland"...
Gave birth to the blues!

(Shout out the wonderful news!)

Oh, the breeze from the trees,
A wail from the jail,
A buzz from the cousin of a nightin'gale,
And "Southland" (hello, hello!)
Gave birth to the blues!

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Perry Como Birth Of The Blues Comments
  1. harold bregman

    He could sing anything & make it sound great

  2. Thomas Hoffmann 1


  3. Mary Anne David

    Just love this hit....The Birth of the Blues. ....Perry are just great !!

  4. Bill Lorance

    Mr "C" always sounds great!

  5. Dixie Lee Fogg

    Cost I love all the different types of music Perry sings. What a voice he has. So beautiful. Just keep these uploads coming.....

  6. Karen Williams

    How I Love Perry Como You just keep spoiling us with these great performances Cost Bless you!! I can Never get enough...that Voice❤ This is Brilliant I Loved it Just finally finished watching it!

    Cost Ander

    Thank you for this kind words! It's my plesure :)

  7. Alois Leon

    Mr como.a real.gentleman ..nice video.buddy

  8. Dan D.S.

    What a dance at the beginning!
    Pure Perry Como!