Periphery - Racecar Lyrics

Freedom beyond or control
Partition, they break out in endless stride
I'm on the floor in travail
Faithful days fall
Memories hold
Free my soul

Seeking within
The curtain call
Fleeing our fate
Every step now recalled
Down the drive
Staying so close
Retraction weighs my soul

We are thunder
We are all the space in tow
Now again
This happening

My handle is honest calculation
Free of the pain
Seeking the glow
We both need it so

Time will give way
Time will formulate

Seeking within
The curtain call
Fleeing our fate
Every step recalled
Don't deny
Staying so close
Creation is our call

We haven't lost our sight
These memories ignite
Now have we lost our way
Were taking back all that we know

Discretion, the only thing that made me incomplete
Cast the sail, just to spin this fate

Cross the empty sect in flight
Pleasant memories
Redefined all that's left
The sound it, makes me scream

I can hear your voice at night
(Your light lost in a waking dream within)

Freedom is not of control
Endless the chase, pushing through
I'm so engulfed
Falling to strain, but I still persist

All this will never seem
Follow the light

I'd like to paint this tapestry
With our blood
To represent the symmetry
Following the sickened result of possibility
Refuse the violent source of pain that made you
Left to deny that it will change with no solitude

Let us take this train
Leaving the form, stretching far beyond what I can see
Chasing the race
Left to complete

My revelation
Reaction creates the fall
These are broken words

Shattered thoughts amend
See beyond the only present road
Just let go

Counsel to ascend
See beyond the only present hold
Let go
Cannot comprehend
Leave it all to find a moment's love
I am

Working to be complete
No more adversity
Growing consciously

My revelation
Reaction creates the fall
These are broken words

Rising on my own
Sage advice, embrace wisdom
Hang the past
Take the helm
Fashion a new future to live

In your flame
I see regret

I've awakened
To feel a piece of distant past harmony
How could I not see
Possibilities and unlimited passion
Hello luminescent being
Walking outside of my lost identity
For in the end, we'll meet inequality

Seeking within
The curtain call
Fleeing our fate
Every step evolve

I see light
I see light in your eyes

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Periphery Racecar Comments
  1. Jhan Shcherbakha

    This blown away my fucking mind

  2. João Alves

    2:55 makes me cry :p

  3. Yaatius Yeeticus

    The only way to celebrate palindrome day.

  4. Tom Betty

    15:12 guitar

  5. Eduardo Navarro

    Jeff Loomis guitar solo in this song is among the greatest ive ever heard in my life

  6. Stupid Loser

    The three longest Periphery songs (Omega - 11:46, Racecar - 15:21, and Reptile - 16:45) all add up to, 2,632 Seconds, which is 43:51. So every time you have sex, it should last at least 43:51, or else youre just better off listening to Periphery

  7. ridiculedrifts

    i come back to this song every here and there just to reinspire myself. still one of my favorite musical pieces of any genre and of any time

  8. Chris Brecht

    59 people enjoy trash music and sucking on dirty butts

  9. Lightning in My Hands

    Sumerian, why are you taking down this album's instrumentals?

  10. TMPanos96

    I love Juggernaut, Hail Stan etc, but nothing beats 2010-2012 Periphery, back when they were a proper progressive technical djent band. They have a much simpler and accessible sound nowadays, using more conventional and "normal" chords and scales. Also, most of their early stuff were re-recordings of Misha's amazing and innovative Bulb demos, whereas post-PII the band mostly write songs together. And for me, Misha as the sole composer > the whole band composing together, as talented and great as they are.

    Lightning in My Hands

    Agreed - sometimes the dictatorship of bands is best.
    Looking at Mars Volta (despite some real flukes)

  11. Ciroc Obama

    Still your best song.

  12. dovahh 27

    seeing them tomorrow

  13. Frank Williams

    h20 i need to talk to you

  14. Frozy

    9:54 - 10:48 is probably the most beautiful solo ever written.

  15. matthew 27

    Petition to remaster racecar🤚


    Where do I sign

    matthew 27

    @zamkowicz like the comment, they may notice


    All I want is this song with that sweet Nolly bass tone

    matthew 27

    @zamkowicz he ain't in the band no more


    ​@matthew 27 For live shows maybe, but he recorded all bass parts for the new album as if he never left, so...

  16. Василий Куртасов

    For me this is a perfect example of what progressive metal should be. Unusual melodies and odd time signatures are NOT sound too weird. All parts are connected with each other. Damn, I love this song

  17. Alex Patya Baba

    Fucking amazing song. 👍

  18. Steven Baksh

    I think simpler riffs would have helped the song to flow better at times the technical riffs feel disjointed in my opinion

  19. Jesse Bowles

    Doesnt have enough of the intro


  20. Frank Williams

    distress call

  21. Frank Williams

    curtain call

  22. Jethrospect_

    This one's out there with Omega and Reptile! Anyone here still listening to this today?


    of course

    (^w^) /

    its the epitome of djent, how could I not?

  23. yourself88xbl

    I'd pay for a set just to hear this and reptile.

  24. Christopher Brickwedde

    I still feel like the instrumental version makes more sense. It's not that Spencer is bad, he's actually a really damn awesome vocalist, but this song was not written with vocals in mind.

  25. mataio pedraza

    Took me a month to learn this on the drums. Sick af


    I'm finna start learning their stuff on guitar. It's gonna take a lot of work but I feel if I put a lot of effort into this style of playing, it'll greatly improve my playing. They've very solidly combined rhythm with lead in these riffs and that's one of the trademarks of an expert player

  26. Grace Garrison

    Love this sonngggg<3

    MetaL DudE

    Mhmmm wanna bang?

  27. Sacredgeometry

    Who does the solo at @10:14? I am pretty sure it's Jeff Loomis. It just sounds like his style.

    Ben Seraphin

    I believe Jeff Loomis actually does play that solo. Good ear!

    (^w^) /

    you'd be right!

  28. Johnny Gartland

    Honestly, I love this song. I always listened to it when I went jogging. I would often finish my nightly jog and the song would still be playing. Brilliant just listening to one song and not having to change it half way through the jog!

  29. squoofie periphery

    wow idk how i stayed to see this / hear

  30. Lilith Adams

    I've never been able to explain how this track makes me feel

  31. Mason W.

    Still the best Bulb/Periphery song. Brilliant.

  32. A B

    I always thought the drums were incredible at 7:40

  33. jaal

    My ears were YEETing to the first solo and to the entire song too.

  34. Baratinha DJ

    Random Fact: did you know that Racecar is the same name in Backwards?

    (^w^) /

    its called a palindrome

  35. Al R

    5:50 that shift 👌🤘

  36. Sam Klemm

    Half of these plays are mine

    (^w^) /

    I'm the other half

  37. Steve

    This wasn't just a song this is an entire experience

  38. Jethrospect_

    I consider this song the "face" of Periphery.

  39. ganondorfchampin

    This song has a lot of great ideas, but the over all execution isn't very good, it's just a riff salad that goes on forever with no real direction.

    Cowboy George

    Well those riffs are fuckin sick so thats fine by me

  40. im retarted

    This might be the most timeless Prog. Metal song.

  41. James Tyler

    I see the light

  42. Artick Toth

    2018???? <3

  43. Sam Schellhase

    6:10 is that a tempo change or is just the thing that periphery is good at and it just sounds like a tempo change because periphery is a bunch of geniuses?

  44. Sam Schellhase

    Lyrics at 3:05 aren’t with the rest of the lyrics in the description??

  45. deadeyes

    10:08 is it just me or is this F note flat

  46. Alchemy Instruments

    It’s incredible that the existence of such profound music is even possible!

  47. Sarah Slobodow

    Holy shit that was amazing

  48. Tom Kruze

    This is their Magnum Opus. The riff at 9:55 is better than 99% of all music ever created. I love this song so much.

  49. Amber Marie

    If you don't like Periphery, fuck you. This is fucking gold. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. Perfection seriously though.

  50. xCynder

    11:27 - 12:45 Pretty awesome riffs going on


    xCynder my fav of all time

    Luis Gonzalez

    This section is what made me love Racecar so much

  51. vormov

    This must be the song god listened to when he created the universe or whatever.

  52. Cynicalsquid

    This song doesnt even feel like it's 15 minuets long

  53. Jose Sales

    Man, I've been getting into Periphery in the past 1 or 2 months and I have to say, I LOVE them! It has shred (I happen to be a guitarist who shreds the whole time), the vocalist is amazing and most importantly, it totally djents. 000010

  54. Irusu

    i fucking love periphery god damnit

  55. Nick F

    Did you guys know fucking CASEY SABOL is in this?!!

  56. ChannelZ

    This song should be titled "Time to take it back to the rehearsal room kids" by far most epic metal song ever. Hands down....nothing else even in the stratosphere with it 😎

  57. Brian Williams

    Hey ExtractedName Check out this guy Nick Anglace he is a racecar driver who is trying to get noticed he seems pretty good!

  58. Edu Renesto

    This song is way too short

  59. George Thompson

    God dammit I miss the old periphery

    Raphael Vize

    old periphery? whats wrong with new periphery??

  60. Teddy Fuse

    This is literally my first time listening to this song with vocals.

    Richard Leo

    Teddy Fuse it’s bombbbb huh

  61. Rowan Jeffree

    I wish they would re-record this song, just because Spencer's vocals are so much better now, and their production has come a long way too

    Ciroc Obama

    Actually prefer his approach to the vocals more on this album. I havent heard it in years


    @Ciroc Obama agreed. Some of his vocals on newer albums seem really.. pop/bubbly almost?. I find I enjoy a lot more of their new stuff in instrumentals more mainly because of that. the vocals on this song to me are perfect and i wouldn't change a thing, i preferred this style


    @Ciroc Obama I really don't think his approach changed he has just gotten better over time. Everything has improved. His singing and screaming both gotten better over time like with vocalist.

    Crown Of Thorns

    No, leave it. It's perfect the way it is.

  62. ChazMcDevitt

    Crazy that no one has caught on yet, if you play this song backwards it is the same as forwards. Just like the title of the song!


    I'm not sure thats correct. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    Jack Liechtenstein

    That's 100% false, lol.

  63. Happy The Cat

    Just found this band. Fuckin awesome!

  64. mcdangles89

    So many jizz-worthy parts in this song it's not even fair.

  65. Samsaranian Supreme

    if u don't like the vocals go back to bulb. this band is amazing

  66. ashton cervi

    How could anybody died died Spencer's vocals? No one has his amazing voice. He's original.

  67. Jethrospect_

    This song is like the face of Periphery. When I suggest this band to a friend, first thing I always say is listen to Racecar..

    Isaac spohn

    Really? I feel like is a pretty intense song to throw to a brand new listener, lol. Usually, I'll recommend something like Scarlet or Make Total Destroy, cause they feel a bit more accessible. Not saying that Racecar is a bad song by any means, in fact, this is up there among my favorites. It's just that a new listener might not appreciate the intricacies without first having understood Periphery's base sound.

  68. Justin Rios

    They really don't need a vocalist especially in DJENT


    You could just go and listen to the instrumental version, then.

  69. Etienne

    Whoever hates this song is stupid.
    This. Is. A. Masterpiece.

  70. (^w^) /

    I just noticed at 1:51 there's a fucking little trill at the end of that big riff and it's perfect

  71. Frank Williams

    to my girlfriend I love you I have to make pics of myself

  72. Alex Gonzalez

    truly a piece of art.

  73. Sacredgeometry

    This is still their greatest song.

  74. k par

    I go to sleep to this qnd make many memories with this song as well. I love Periphery!

  75. Jive Wilson

    Love how Elliot Coleman makes an appearance.

  76. Eduardo Navarro

    I want to marry this guitar solo.

  77. C W

    Why doesn't it say ft Elliot Colman?

  78. Bovino Alato YTP

    Ringraziate Guido per la mia visualizzazione

  79. Изгимоз Замерз

    my cheef fuk me becouse you are so loud
    сука ёбаная убью его

  80. Will Dumont

    This song is why everyone likes p1 the most.

  81. TheDanumon Videos

    4:17 - 4:59 FUCKING MAGIC,!

  82. xMiyazakiAkira

    is this song seriously 15 minutes long.. thats like a whole EP o.o

    Raging Noorp

    New to progressive metal eh?


    @Raging Noorp no it's just I dont often see 15 minute long songs even in this genre... ive seen more of like 7 and 10 minute songs

    Raging Noorp

    @xMiyazakiAkira Yeah. But there's always Dream Theater.

  83. Joe Torres


    The entrancing interlude at the end of Ragnarok is a nod to this section of Racecar.

    It all makes sense. Holy shit!

    Sato Sato

    so many times I've been listening to periphery songs, ragnarok and racecar as well, but I didn't notice that fact somehow.
    I feel my mind moved further! What a awesome notice though!


    Is this for any reason to do with the story of Ragnorok on the album (muramasa, ragnorok, masamune) because that would be extra cool

    Joe Torres

    Dezdom Not necessarily in the narrative, but just a little musical nod.

    The interlude outro in Ragnarok references a section in Racecar.

    Since they're alphabetically ordered on my iPod, I hear them back-to-back, which is how I noticed.

    Daniel Montanez

    full circle epicness


    Joe Torres Holy shit I didn't notice!

  84. David Rojas Castro

    This song is so fucking good. It has everything on it. IT EVEN HAS GUEST VOCALS BY ELLIOT. Perfection.

    David Rojas Castro

    Elliot is a close friend of Misha. They had a project called Of Man Not Of Machine. Elliot is the vocalis of Good Tiger and was the vocalist of Tesseract at one point.


    @David Rojas Castro cheers dude <3

    George Sullivan

    Holy shit, I've been listening to this song for the best part of a decade now and I have NEVER noticed that there was a vocal feature there. It's even one of my favorite parts of the track haha.

    Impaler Network

    A year late and a dollar short, but it is indeed Casey Sabol who does the uncleans at 5:57! Lol, I remember when I first got into these guys a few years back. This was their first song I ever heard unless you count their covers of "One" and "The Heretic Anthem", so I thought it was all the same guy at first :')

    im retarted

    YES. Dude Elliot is SOOO good here but he sucks so bad in TesseracT. Wayyyyyyyyy too pop-py and soft.

  85. Daniel Draugsvoll

    God, I still can't get over this song. It makes my eyes watery every single time I listen to it. Everything about it is perfect. Sheer epicness.

  86. Frank Williams

    decan is the same name as name frank

  87. Frank Williams

    decan is the same as my name fra

  88. Frank Williams

    sorry Frank is the dad

  89. Frank Williams

    hahahahqhahahah laughing at piggums

  90. Frank Williams

    this is Frank I love. my wife hayley Williams

  91. Frank Williams

    this is piggums

  92. Dingle_Dip606

    Best Periphery song ever

  93. Kris Owens

    My appreciation for this song knows no bounds

  94. Yevhen Zhukov

    This thing is so groovy, the part after 11th minute drives me crazy!!! These guys know what they do :-)

  95. EthT

    I usually don't have an appreciation for vocals, but I love Spence's voice so much.