Pepper - Storm Trooper Lyrics

[verse 1:] You think that we can't see your face. I think you need to give us our space. you know that we
can raze this place and leave you without a trace. Storm trooper storm trooper why are you here the youth
them getting restless and they don't want you near. Your watching us your watching us it so improper we've
seen your kind before we call it informer.Storm trooper storm trooper where will you go? This world she no
like you so you better stay low. And up from the mountains and out from the trees, that is where you come
from you crawl like the one disease.

[verse 2:] So now you pass me the laser beam and you want me to join the team. Well Im not used to these
kinds of things, but this is what the evil brings. Let me tell you bout the fire. You could bring the
waters up above. I'll bring my favorite people and I'm bringing all my love. You want a battle well don't
look very far, you want to fight somebody come fight the superstar. I knew you wouldn't stand a chance you
left without a passing glance, there's nothing you could ever do to keep me from stopping you

[verse 3:] It's so dark and lonely out here in outer space, but at least I got my keyboard and my low bot
has his bass.Playing street sweeper tunes and watching tye fighters fly by. Things would be better if I
was back at home with pepper burning pakalolo not even noticing the weather so far and so alone a million
light years away. Storm trooper storm trooper back up from my door I got my blaster set I'm ready to start
a minor war. This won't be the day you were hoping for so just walk away walk away. Better run now cause
your done now cause your standing in a bad mans town, boy. Time to get back to my daily routine have a
beer at a bar on tattooine.

[chorus:] You take away everything , make my people scream out loud. Just bring it back Lord just bring it
back. You mess it up and you rearrange open your eyes and turn the page. Just bring it back.

[chorus 2:] I believe I'll interject to talk about the word respect. Its not a word that's in your hands
its more about the common man You took your time and paved the way making room for other man to play a
grip of bodies a mess of minds endless conversations to rock. na na na na

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Pepper Storm Trooper Comments
  1. Jonathan Hume

    RIP Josh, loved your music brotha

  2. Icy Uranus

    it's so dark and lonely out here in outer space

    Awkward Bow_Owner

    Keep telling yourself that, the aliens are keeping me company here.

  3. RED Knuckles

    And I would of got away with it too if it wasn't for that meddling kona fish!

  4. Micah Davila

    I'm liking that interjection..


    Things would be better
    If I were back at home with pepper
    Burnin pakalolo
    Not even noticing the weather

    Bronson Gouveia

    808 Yessa Jah bless

    Icy Uranus

    it's so dark and lonely out here in outer space


    At least I have my keyboard and my robot has his bass

  6. R W

    Seen em at da hometown shennanigans kona brew. They're better live

  7. Randall Palka

    Ironman in endgame. Things would be better if I was back at home with pepper

  8. William Miller

    Nothing like that solo... favorite song ever..

  9. Lera Lera

    😎 👍

  10. Glen Gomoll

    ❤❤ that is all.

  11. Nohea PoohNani

    Chee huu from NorthShore Oahu

  12. TV Nação Nesta 2



  13. Sulfuric Anal Juice

    for years I've enjoyed this song for years and not once have I been tempted to check out your shitty annotation

  14. Mick IV

    Puttin Pepper on Summer 18' +love, thumbs fr CO.

  15. Allan Marks

    Being in the ex games is about MORE than hunger. Flashing lights. Nation surrounds me. Captured by my Escape. Kali1765

  16. Rusty S

    I think they're referring to the other type of stormtrooper...


    Definitely referring to Star Wars. He mentions Tatooine and TIE Fighters.

  17. Phillip Skaggs

    this song is so nostalgic to me it makes me cry eveytime I listen to it

  18. Ron Hampton

    i wish they stuck to thier roots the new shits not the same brett and yosaid ha ha Williams are kool as shit. down to earth keep playing music peace im out

  19. Kaya Rote

    i love this song if i had to pick my fav song it would be this song nice job pepper

  20. Alberto Estrada

    paka lolo

  21. Trish Laws

    This gives me life and fight in my soul

  22. Stoned Samurai

    Discovered Pepper back in 2002 right when Kona Town dropped. Heard this song playing in Zumiez, they sold the album in store. I was hooked. Seen them at least 15 times live since. Some of the best times of my life 🔥

  23. Josh Colmenares

    Amazing song, great band! But whoever put this particular videos arrangement together, ImInThisMoment awesome lyrics you jackass! Haha guess they don't know the meaning of the word!

  24. Brandon Bepler

    I love the guitar player fucking sweet

  25. Yvonne Aquino

    stormtroopers have NEVER hit anyone with the kind if range they had they would at *least* hit someone in the leg or something

  26. Fred Montana

    they tear it up on the vocals. I love this song:)

  27. jeffery snyder

    aw what an awesome song huh?. I hope you enjoy it. My phone number is(561)305-9219 for my details for my paycheck for writing it for ya,thank you God bless you all

  28. Conrad Klug

    Ahh. It's one of those songs that are actually talking about mind control.

  29. Emmy Arellano

    I really miss Josh😥

  30. Barrett Polychronis

    Who else feels like they wrote the last couple minutes of this song specifically for you at this very time of your life?

  31. RonnieBoy 707

    3:28 and on 😇

  32. Derek Anderson

    Twitch Bong 💡 📷 and Action

  33. jimmyjimbo72

    RIP Josh!

  34. thomas avery

    I know I've heard that same solo at 330 on a grimy styles album!

  35. Vini Andrade


  36. Danika Ruiz

    Is Yesod singing too? Absolutely love this band. :)

    Matt Mitchell

    It's Josh from bargain music(?) I believe.. He passed away

  37. richardreajr1

    good song to chill to an party...

  38. Specialist Snowflake

    It's so dark and lonely
    out here in outer space
    at least I got my keyboard
    And my robot hazard space
    playing street sweeper tunes

  39. 615thekid

    I have a couple friends from Hawaii, they call me they're haoli friend. Took me forever to figure out what they were talking about.

  40. God Zirra

    This band fills my hawaiian blood with pride. I mean they're punk rockish/reggae like how awesome is that? Pepper is the shit!!!

  41. Stephanie Hernanadez

    I never understood why they never put featuring Josh

  42. Evan11of10

    Pepper was great in Milwaukee last night. Totally fucking killed it.

  43. Emmy Arellano

    RIP Josh Fischel. I will miss his spirit forever.

  44. yo supDude

    storm troopers are the military and government.

  45. Osian Morris

    the pictures suck

  46. Captain Hakob

    seen them 4 times always amazing. they got fined for playing an extra 20 minutes at warped tour, straight baus

    Stephen blood

    That's badass😂😂

  47. Corey Rush

    jgj in e go kikm nl

  48. Matthew Collins

    rip josh

  49. EsquiloRosa Do Pudim


    juan moco

    lsd and dabs for me ;]


    The only way to combat the vasco ;)

    Kyle Crawford

    never had a bad time with those two lol

    Micah Davila

    EsquiloRosa Do Pudim no

  50. King Kibbz

    Best song on Kona Town in my opinion B.O.O.T. comes close, but come on....Star Wars...... c'mon.

    Mike Miller

    The whole album is fantastic, but I agree this one's the best.. might be their best song period

  51. My Follicular Journey

    My favorite part is when they simultaneously sing in that last minute.

    jon madsen

    That part of the song is what sold me on this band. So glad this was the first song of theirs I heard.


    playa. viajar!

  53. Grandmasterzk 96720

    lol if u only knew what he talking about ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of hawaii is real
    Real terrorizm is that of which is not acknowledged.

    Jonathan Freund

    Where's the Hawaiians right to our land I feel you, I live on the mainland now and I miss the Aina every day of my life since I've moved. It''s so hard and expensive for us to stay, I felt pushed to move off to actually make something.

    Jonathan Freund

    What happened to *cough* (Queen Liliuokalani)

    Icy Uranus

    hawaii would be nothing without the states. the states should be fine without hawaii. if it were not for uncle sam you would all be owned by japan or china


    @Icy Uranus "storm trooper, storm trooper You think that we can't see your face."

    Icy Uranus

    @UpGrade "it's so dark and lonely out here in outer space..."

  54. Adam Gowins

    There awesome live tho!

  55. Adam Gowins

    Yea Cam that's how I took it,but yea police,haoulis they all outsiders

    Adam Gowins

    Dominic Sousa Hapa bruh!

  56. CTCstoopid

    Song writing is on point.

  57. FineTuneProduction

    83 Creed fans

  58. The Dude

    4:20 on,that is all

  59. Adam Gowins

    Hey Mat Uchoa the stormtroopers are white ppl or any other outsider also known as Haoli(how-lee) That came and took the Hawaiians land.

    Camryn R.

    That's a good way of thinking about it. When I saw Pepper live they were talking about police and stuff but I kind of hope it was really about Haoli.

  60. multi truth

    where are the lyrics?

    Mat Uchoa


  61. Carter forreal

    O high school, Good times . things would be better I could be back at home with pepper, buring pakalolo not even noticing the weather.


    shit aint that the truth

    Icy Uranus

    it's so dark and lonely out here in outer space

  62. jason Mcfly

    Han Solo gets killed by his son Kylo Ren.


    No shit


    nobody cares about ur spoilers


    +Marty Mcfly fuck off

  63. Golden Gate Glassworks TV

    Bargin Music !!!!

  64. pingagigante123

    star wars movie today!!

  65. TheJayWolfe

    December 18 <3

  66. redexoudos

    its so dark and lonely in outer space.......said han solo

    nick roberts

    how many ppl still jam this

    Jenna Dactyl

    nick roberts 🙋🙋🙋

    Colin Garza

    At least I have my keyboard and my brothas got his bass

  67. Brian D.

    Chune giving me the force lol

  68. U Dont Know My Voice By Now?!! Stone

    or insubordinate.
    stay away from me.


    It gets better than this...

  70. Monica Forero

    when the beat changes at 3:02.. omg i melt

    Kev ZΔksor

    If you want to get technical it's not really a beat change. The timing remains the same. It's more like a bridge. But what do I know, I'm not a musicologist.

    jesse james

    and i still melt... fyi


    Hawaii needs America there's not enuff jobsbut peppers the shit

    Jon Peterson

    I remembah seein deez guyz live befoe da'kine they got signed bradda... Light Years from home....

    Aidan callen

    Monica Forero plz tell me you know who sublime is?

  71. Marco Carrasco

    I just saw them on friday at the oceanside for my very first concert👍👌 had an amazing time you guys are awesome. Hope you come to my home town again soon

  72. Zach Amirault

    4:32 man, 4:32

    Alexis Navarro


    Micah Davila

    On point.

  73. Adam Gowins

    It's kinda funny unless your from hawaii you dont know who the stormtroopers are that he's talking about!

    Mat Uchoa

    Could you enlighten me?

  74. KeyBump1

    Pass me the laser beam!

    Zachary Stefano

    +Flabulo dude what is that from? is it longbeach dub all stars/or shortbus? familiar can't put my finger on it...


    @Zachary Stefano It's from Sublime's version of Pass Me the Laser Beam. 

    Zachary Stefano

    0o0o yes that's right... I recall something similar on a track I think called lou makes friends or if that's the one you're referring to I think it has those lyrics...Reggae can get so confusing with all it's history so many artists borrow or lift riddims and melodies from each other that's just the culture


    @Zachary Stefano The official title of it was "Pass Me the Lazerbeam(Lou Makes Friends)". I believe it was a cover of a Don Carlos song simply called "Pass Me the Lazerbeam"

    Zachary Stefano

    yup yup that sounds right

  75. Ashley Joaquin

    love you guys amazing in show... San Diego loves you...

    Les Clark

    Theyre playing again on the 16th with sublime with rome in san diego


    Sup wit it baby

  76. kelly stone

    Like f.u. fighters


    que track tan chida :D ultra thumbs up on this

  78. Mc Shibby

    3:28 Love that guitar solo

  79. El poncho 01

    No este wey de Abajo sabe todo El muy pendejo si es de starwars. ...

  80. Gee Lee


  81. bob mncuggets

    Chilling with some brew skies playing this badass jam!!

  82. Mauricio Gaitan


    Mc Shibby

    Surfs up brah

  83. Grow Yourself

    4:06 is sick, always loved that part

    Alex Kaping-Cooper

    Amen, couldn't agree with you more

  84. ramosmirabal21

    when i'm dodgin po-po i yell out, "stormtrooper!! stormtrooper!!"

    Mauricio Gaitan

    oH you ride?


    @Mauricio Gaitan you look familiar...aren't you a member of that surfin jaahz crew from florida?

    Mauricio Gaitan

    @ramosmirabal21  You already know wave soldiers!!


    waves in jupiter, pimp. we ridin

  85. Rosendo Medina

    pepper   AWESOME

  86. TheJayWolfe

    May the 4th be with you all!

  87. Chase Jagielski

    19 dislikes?! Come on people!


    Kick ass song. R.I.P Jared. I'll never forget rockin to this. Brings back some memories
    Good times good times


    @KATIE REAVES who is jared?

    Derek Keenan

    Lucas he eats sandwiches and touches little kids

  89. Stef withaF

    My friend got me hooked on this song and I am eternally grateful...they are so awesome! :)

  90. Chilly gamer

    I fuckin love this song. In my opinion one of the best Pepper songs. It combineds 2 of my favorite things. Star wars and music.


    Edwardd Carreon I don’t think I’ve ever heard any Star Wars fan diss the original trilogy

    Papa Palpatine

    @lisa lee Watching Tie fighters fly by and chilling on tatooine, yup its definitely not about star wars.

    jesse james

    and still love this f'ing song!!!!!

    Human Dog

    This and boot.

    Proud Tobewhite

    Chilly gamer same here, this song and "ashes" are my favorite. Very underrated band in my opinion.

  91. Ashley Kabat

    love Bargain Music!!! miss you Josh, Matt,and Todd

  92. Benjamin Kohl

    Where have I been

  93. redondobeachkid

    dude hardcore bro hardcore.

  94. redondobeachkid

    you can make money on youtube?

  95. Heisenberg

    Actually, that is false. You cannot monetize copyrighted material, as youtube will not pay you unless you are the owner of the copyrighted material.

  96. RepresentWV

    aka quitcherbitchin