Pennywise - Watch Me As I Fall Lyrics

I am a puppet on a string
I am the worst thing worst thing you've ever seen
I am impossible to believe
I'm pulled by gravity shocked by my depravity
I'm irrational I'm illogical hypocritical a bleeding heart liberal
I'm an alien dressed like Gideon I'm a malcontent
a thorough modern idiot watch me as I fall
I am humble I am vain
what motivates me something I can't explain
I am outrageous and insane
I'm fueled by gasoline, alcohol and nicotine
I'm an honest hypocrite imploding modern idiot
I am a slave to my abuse convicted caught with no excuse
I'm pathetic apathetic disillusioned disconnected
I am lost I am free I'm impossible to believe
a walking chemical statistically impossible
a thorough modern idiot watch me as I fall

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Pennywise Watch Me As I Fall Comments

    Stuff the left

  2. caseysniper308

    what motivates me?

  3. ICUpopaVictorSierra 31

    The relevance of this song today.

  4. Wand Erer

    I'm fueled by gasoline, all the straight edgers are frothing at the bit

  5. kelly stone

    again, im wasting time on the same old people. their bullshit cost me my people who deserved to be delivered. I did cry. again? you again? same fuckin people!! I couldn't put them behind me. I had to call for help. drawing up hades reborn. had to stop digging. doing what I can from heaven. meaning, a feed- us took them.

    kelly stone

    +kelly stone jeremiah 10 and I get so embarrassed. I got a bad temper. and I cut no corners on my artcraft. I read my confused mind trying to figure out, who art thou? with these people under rehab bump. I feel horrible.

  6. Milan Pap

    This is very good so i give  like... And who dont like this pls dont writhe nothing..and me shity english .. yea

  7. filipepw

    true, but i like rise against too

  8. Sid Ribeiro

    Just because with out Pennywise there wouldn't be a Rise Against, doesnt invalidate his opinion so maybe you should be respecting too.

  9. Nick Orluk

    fuck pennywise

  10. Fitzkrieg

    Listen, I'm a huge fan of Rise Against, but lets be honest here, Pennywise can never be topped and anyone saying otherwise has some serious problems that only a boot to the temple can solve.

  11. Gwynplaine8A8A

    By golly, Pennywise is a really great band! What a catalog!

  12. WeeJock1978

    Well... you sure hear the echos, but I find Rise Against bloody great anyway. Shadow9Vesper is right.

  13. mathias Regan

    @BrianCzarCanada333 soooo true their a live105 spin off on a major label no hellcat epitaph etc

  14. just1pepsi

    Lyrics are wrong.

  15. pongsitchingy

    Why are people talking about Rise Against? What did they do?

  16. Accidental Anarchist

    For fuck's sake, Rise Against didn't sell out. Why every time band moves to a bigger label, people accuse them of selling out? It's all bullshit, selling out means losing a message, changing for money. And they did not. But it's true, they are pretty new band(compare to Bad Religion or NOFX) and without old punk bands, they wouldn't be here.

    And the song itself is by Pennywise, so why are we arguing about different bands anyway? Just enjoy the music, it's a fucking masterpiece.

  17. nahid falsename

    @HilaryAnnSaiz fuck republicans and democrats!

  18. mest4ever

    @Rosehawka I just feel like everything about them has changed. Sure they have the same basic look, but the songs have totally changed (topic wise), and to be honest it just is kind of boring to me. The music is amazing but i'm not a huge fan of the vocalist

  19. Rosehawka

    @mest4ever when did they sell out? they still keep their core values, and still write and play amazing songs that reflect them

  20. mest4ever

    @Urza216 not just that... rise against sold out to make money... pennywise have always kept true to there beliefs

  21. machinesbreathe

    @nirosive I agree with you about the song not being a liberal anthem, but I also feel that he is also alluding to a hypocrisy in himself that also exists within each and every one of us.

    Can you dig it? I might add that I genuinely hope that I didn't get off on the wrong foot or anything w/ my earlier posts.

  22. Guy Incognito

    @machinesbreathe I'm talking about this song. Just this song.

    It's not necessarily a negative song but it's certainly not a liberal anthem.

    Would you say I'm wrong for pointing out what should be obvious?

  23. machinesbreathe

    @nirosive Once again. One song does not equate to the entire sentiments of the band. You've heard other Pennywise songs I imagine. Flex your head rather than your ego, dude. People will take you much more seriously afterwards.

  24. Guy Incognito

    @machinesbreathe Read the lyrics, smartass. Where's this supposed "positive message"?

  25. machinesbreathe

    @nirosive Way to completely eschew Pennywise's positive message by insulting and belittling your perceived ideological foils.

  26. Guy Incognito

    To all the liberals that think Jim is praising you or that he's singing about himself in any way, I would recommend you read the lyrics again. He's calling you a apathetic, hypocrite slaves and modern idiots, you idiots! You're puppets on a string.

    Pennywise is not a liberal or a conservative ( although Fletcher, like myself, is a big fan of Ron Paul ). They're more anarchist or libertarian if anything. They're well aware of the left/right paradigm.

  27. BeigeCrayon

    I HATE comparing bands =.= unless it's something like "Oh! 'Band A' and "Band B' sound the same."

  28. Nick Orluk

    human race and religion or is he talking about himself???

  29. Nick Orluk

    human race and religion

  30. Taka Shariff

    i still don't know if this song about the America or the Human Race

  31. Nick Orluk

    this is the best song fuck religion

  32. CJ Hunty

    watch me as i fall.............pennywise will live 4ever i my mind and soul FUCK YEH

  33. raoulduke881

    this is exactly what i am, have been, and always will be.

  34. WowlxX

    The lyrics of this song are amazing, simply outstanding

  35. DJauregui

    Never going back never fade away....never fade away, Waiting. "From the Ashes" is a sick album.

  36. enjoiCam

    real talk man.

    check out the movie "into the wild" sometime if u ever get the chance.

  37. Nick U

    **"From The Ashes"

    my mistake.

  38. Nick U

    Rise Against are a bunch of guys NEW to the scene. Without Pennywise there wouldn't BE a rise against.

    Show some fucking respect, buddy.

  39. Nick U

    No.. They come out with an album pretty consistently every two years. "Straight Ahead" was made in 1999. "Land of The Free?" was made in 2001 and "Out of The Ashes" was made in 2003. I haven't actually bought a Pennywise album since then.

    And yeah.. Land of The Free? was released just a few months before 9/11/2001.

  40. PENNYWISE69696969

    98 wasnt it? could be wrong

  41. Nick U

    1999 on the "Straight Ahead" album.

  42. Irish Disaster

    i think it describes me, too.

  43. enjoiCam

    rise against sucks dude... just an mtv band if u ask me.

    pennywise blows them outta water son!

  44. P4N1CM0DE

    why every song of this band sounds same O.o, just text is diffrent

  45. Ted Bundy

    the song is sooo good!
    they are the kings of melodic hardcore!

  46. reki41

    hmmm..... my cousin thinks this song discribes me.... i agree with him...

  47. enjoiCam

    i totally totally fucking agree man.

    this song goes deep

  48. dukaa187

    pennywise best song