Pennywise - One Voice Lyrics

A million faces are blurred in today
A million lives that are so far away
I'm alone and I want you to know
I want to scream but there's nowhere to go
A million voices are making the cry a million lives that are waiting to die
A million families are wasting away split by decision it must go away
Someone soon is gonna die wasting away in a world full of lies
Song unseen another day somehow tomorrow somehow today
If you don't listen you'll never learn watch yourself or you might get burned
Isn't it time to tell yourself
I've got to get out
I've got to go
We've got to be one voice
How many lives will be taken today
How many times will we just look away
How many voices cry to be heard screaming alone but no one hears a word
How many faces alone in the crowd waiting for answers facing the clouds
How much longer do we have to wait times running out and there's no time to waste

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Pennywise One Voice Comments
  1. eduardo pinto

    Punk rock hard core heeheeehe

  2. Leandro Del Prete

    "We've got to be one voice, don't back down, we don't have no choice, we've got to be one voice today (we've got to be one voice today...)"

  3. Mark Prables

  4. stuffy punk

    WHO IS THE FUCKTARD that said this is melodic hardcore?????? might as well called it metal

    Nicholas Pallister

    its punk man

  5. nismojutsu

    We got to be one voice, we won't back down, we don't have a choice.

  6. Fjargo

    bad religion
    anti flag

    are my favo punkrock bands !!!

  7. guywholovesmovies

    Can somebody please tell the lyrics for the last 30 seconds of the song?

  8. Leo G

    Bad religion and pennywise, both kick asses.

  9. bsg185

    @filipepw if you think pennywise is more punk rock than bad religion you are a fucking moron

  10. nzkiwi51

    @filipepw bad realigion is a major influrance on pennywise. they have said it themselfs. punkrock is not a competition. with out bands like bad realigion there would be no pennywise!!

  11. lucaspw12


  12. MK64racer

    I really want to start a band like this pennywise brings it unlike no other.

  13. selurdeerbetah92

    byron and teavis barker are my fav drummers both amazingly talented \m/

  14. Yes No

    What BR songs are "slightly gay?"

  15. filipepw

    @Boondocksaint1983 bad realigion are huge, but still pennywise is way more punk rock than them
    i dont see any PW videos on mtv
    but i see bad religion with some slightly gay songs...
    dont get me wrong i bought bad religion albums, but PW is just THE best in punk rock

  16. TheFunnelWebb

    yeah i know pennywises drummer is a fucking man beast