Pennywise - My Own Way Lyrics

I got my way of life
and I won't back down or apologize
for things I cannot change
guess I gotta do things my own way
And I don't give a damn
if you got a problem with who I am
Cause I don't give a fuck
you wanna change me well you're outta luck

I don't know if I
I could never ever change
And I don't think that I
I would want to anyway
And I don't care if never live to see the day
We can compromise
I'm doing things my own way

It's so hard to believe
that we can see the world so differently
We don't realize
cause we can't see the world through each other's eyes
We'll never understand
I don't think that anybody can
I won't change anyway
guess I’m just stubborn stuck in our ways

I don't know that if I
I could never ever change
And I don't think that I
I would want to anyway
And I don't care if never live to see the day
We can compromise
I'm doing things my own way

I don't care, I don’t know
I don't care, I don’t know
I don't care if you never see the world like I do

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Pennywise My Own Way Comments
  1. Brenda Cannon

    Listening to this song while in pursuit drunk...sept 11 2006

  2. Alejandro Ochoa

    Taurus mentality

  3. vol karacho

    die beschissene werbung geht mir so auf den sack ey

  4. Selejtes Kéktúrás

    mgtow B-)

  5. MrJvangundy23

    The fucking jam

  6. lapse evident

    Thank you pennywise

  7. Diego De Conto

    Muita Sonzeira !
    Surf Hardcore !

  8. Kranix

    If anyone ever asks me what I'm like as a person, I always direct them to this song.

  9. Josh Long

    was my favorite song for like 10 damn years...

  10. Josh Long

    they were so amazing live! sucks there are no bands still doing this music...

    Dr Eddycore

    Josh Long I promise you punk will be back

    Frédérick Germain

    Punk is already here hey... If you want a couple of modern old-school style bands, look up Only Crime (with Russ from Good Riddance), OFF! (with Keith Morris from Circle Jerks) and Wraths (Jim's side project).

  11. vandal punk

    bad ass song

  12. Wayne Atkinson

    I don't care if you never see the world like I do! Lyrics to live by

  13. Freddy Jiu Jitsu


  14. SN011GlobeTrot


    Josh Long

    where did it all go? warped tour every year could see pennywise...


    SN011GlobeTrot Used to listen? Used to feel it ? HOW AND WHY WOULD THAT EVER CHANGE?

  15. Fender



    @Jan Valentine
    That's a good movie but this is a great band! XD

    Jan Valentine

    They all float down here......and play awesome fucking guitar solos. XD you psyched for Christmas? cause' I sure as hell ain't.


    @Jan Valentine
    Did you see my vid? That's me playing my guitar.
    No, I don't care for it too much but I do spend it with my friend's family and they are a blast.

    Jan Valentine

    Yeah I saw it, it was badass as fuck!
    I hate Christmas, walkin' in to 2015 single with family.


    I find it overrated.

  16. Philipp Void

    hell yeah!

  17. hioro4393

    so awesome!! 

  18. Sean Burke

    Listen at 1:51, it literally becomes "Smells like Teen Spirit"

    todd doucette

    true story. haha

    Taylor Jackson

    From two chords? I wouldnt have thought that until you said it. I still don't see

    Titans of War

    Sean Burke I think your just high

    Suel Rock

    oh that's true

  19. mexiluvsw

    Back in the 90's this song was significant to me in the way I viewed the world and my parents did. It still holds true to its significance to this day and im in my 20's now LOL

  20. JCKustom13

    You sound a lot like me though I am only 22 and I have been listening to Pennywise since I was 15. I consider myself closest to a minarchist though anarchism does sound appealing at times. I agree fuck the major parties.

  21. Guppy Playhouse

    You've got great taste in music too!

  22. Guppy Playhouse

    "Libertarians are not right wing extremists. We are above the simplicity that is the left-right paradigm."
    Thought you'd appreciate this quote.

  23. Guppy Playhouse

    You sound like a good, INTELLIGENT Libertarian. Me too!

  24. Devin Svennson

    You know, I feel the same way about SOCIETY (seriously...the entire world isn't against you). What you've written is too shallow sounding.

  25. v8dreaming

    Too bad you're an intolerant asshat, and part of the problem.

  26. Robert Johnston

    we can compromise...I'm doing things my own a great song!!!

  27. The guy who looks more handsome with sunglasses

    ....cause I don't give a fuck.

  28. BR Discography

    Killer record

  29. ACAB

    Quoted for the truth.

  30. wanderer1031

    be yourself in the face of banality.

  31. Nick Orluk

    lyrics are wrong ...decafthis

  32. ACAB

    demented are go

  33. Jordan Truchan

    I remember when this was "the new Pennywise album"

  34. squibblejack


  35. nativeforeigner

    @kasrken we realised that to try to stand apart from society means be relegated to the bottom and to LOSE your voice. Also who cares if punk is dead they were saying that before i was even old enough to know what punk was. The world is better than it was 30 years ago and all this end of the world bullshit you hear on TV is just the old ways dying. we are winning this thing

  36. wanderer1031

    i dont have time or interest n persuing the comments that jump out at me,but...heres my 2sense anyway!i dont think purposely doing things just for the sake of being different is as important(in todays world,NOT 35 years ago)as simply being or exploring your true self,regardless of social backlash,it is this vantage that the normal appearing kid in small town who gets shiton for his interests and doesnt budge is more "punk" than bigcity t.armstrong cutout,be yourself in the face of banality.

  37. tich1978

    @stoiccadaver why would someone tell you that? nonsense ;)

  38. PenniesAndPuns

    @Pella5000 Quit spewing such regurgetated bullshit. :)

  39. Luis Silva

    @Pella5000 fit in? mentally flogged? best luck? sorry to say this brother but fuck you! You should know better than that, and I am sure you do. Peace

  40. mega brando

    @Pella5000 um, fuck expectations, theyre meant to be unmet anyways, be who youre gonna be, your neighbor aint gon tuck you in at night; when you let everyone know a middle finger is all they mean n deserve, they back the fuck off.

  41. Groove Crusader

    there's no way to live......
    but free!!

  42. Nick Orluk


  43. Shadi S

    I picked this album up when it came out, i could never figure out who they were targeting in their lyrics. Picking up their songs again in 2011, its all clear to me now :P.

  44. See you on the other side.

    you know what? fuck this world and it's people who won't accept me for who i am, i don't give a fuck anyway. crawl in a hole and die you mainstream piece of shits.

  45. Yasmin aka Mizimo

    Fuckin YES!!! Awesome!!!

  46. Nick Orluk

    THE BLACK PACIFIC is jimmys new band

  47. 2Grobie

    I will miss Jim very much! But Zoli is a great singer...

  48. Nick Orluk

    your lyrics are wrong

  49. TheOffspringerBcn

    @Pella5000 In these cases I recommend you this:

  50. PENNYWISE69696969

    I got my way of life and I WONT back down or apologize
    for things I cannot change guess I gotta do things MY OWN WAY
    And I DONT give a damn if you got a problem with WHO I AM
    Cause I DONT give a FUCK you wanna change me well YOUR OUTA LUCK!

  51. CaspertheDisaster300

    @Pella5000 very true man thats why i cut my long hair off and tryed to fit in but there are still no jobs that want me thats why im going to school

  52. Dirk Haymanns

    Love it.

  53. firemedic30ca

    @MrArizonajames amen

  54. focknfree

    this cd is what introduced me to pennywise back in 1999. every FUCKIN SONG a fuckin classic on this cd. other cd's are great from them, but this just bit me in the ass!

  55. squibblejack

    btw. thnks 4 postin

  56. Canine Gaming

    ment to rate 5strs not 4strs, but this song is awesome,Pennywise 4VER

  57. WowlxX

    Nop, it's just Jim that left the band. They are still running!

  58. Alfredo Iceman

    best pennywise song

  59. Nick Orluk

    pennywise broke up

  60. ryan pitt

    come back to australia pennywise we love you

  61. klarvis

    this was the first pennywise album i ever purchased i think. my all time favorite song here. this song is probably responsible for me being suspended numerous times in middle school. long live pennywise

  62. Jefferson Rodrigues de Oliveira

    musica loca demais pra se andar de skate...muito instigante.... empolgante.. da vontade de ir andar agora mesmo!

  63. felixelga

    thanks man

  64. PENNYWISE69696969


  65. pbrskater26

    This song describes me perfectly. My parents are religious and wont me to be a certen way But I wont to live my own life, I wont my autonomy.