Paul Young - What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted Lyrics

As I walk this land of broken dreams
I have visions of many things
Happiness is just an illusion
Filled with sadness and confusion

What becomes of the brokenhearted
Who had love that's now departed
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
Help me please

The roots of love grow all around
But for me they come tumbling down
Everyday heartaches grow a little stronger
I can't stand this pain much longer

I walk in shadows searching for light
Going it alone, no comfort in sight
Hoping and praying for someone who cares
Always moving but going nowhere

What becomes of the brokenhearted
Who had love that's now departed
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
Help me please

I'm searching though I don't succeed, no
For someone's love there's a growing need
All is lost there's no place for beginning
All that's left is an unhappy ending

What becomes of the brokenhearted
Who had love that's now departed
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind

I'll be searching everywhere
Just to find someone who cares
I'll be looking every day,
I know I'm gonna find a way
Nothing's gonna stop me now
I'll find a way somehow
Woo, hoo
I'll find a way somehow

What you've got to know is
What becomes of the brokenhearted
I'm gonna do, I'm gonna do the best I can, girl
Woooo hoo
I've gotta, gotta find her
Mmm mmm mmm, gotta find a way somehow, sugar
(What becomes of the brokenhearted)
I need love, baby
(Who had love that's now departed)
I need ya, darling, oohh whoa, yeah
I've gotta find a woman who is gonna love me, love me

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Paul Young What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted Comments
  1. Robson Zanghelline

    Essa música é trilha sonora do filme Tomates Verdes Fritos. Adoro esse filme. E a música tb.

  2. Andrea

    Such a great, crisp voice.



  4. sarah johnstone

    Prefer Dave Stewart's version personally.

  5. Jimmy Barr

    Beautiful song

  6. Sandra Pisu-Jocic

    Iblies is the devel from the moslams, like garmans and europa!!! What is your rockbe Amadeus?????
    Break the hearts, is suizit!!

  7. Sandra Pisu-Jocic

    Wir duerfen uns nicht waschen und pflegen Geisteskrank. 😫😫😫

  8. Super Axer

    This is the Best version of this song, it sang by many other singer, like:-
    1966:Jimmy Ruffin
    1966:Diana Ross and The Supremes
    1966:Chris Farlowe
    1970:Baby Washington
    1980:Colin Blunstone and Dave Stewart
    1988:Russell Hitchcock(Air Supply)
    1988:Boy George
    1988:Ruby Turner
    1989:Herman Brood & His Wild Romance
    1991:Paul Young
    1996:Robson & Jerome
    1998:Joe Cocker
    1999:Vonda Shepard
    2000:Jimmy Barnes
    2002:Joan Osborne
    2009:Rod Stewart
    2009:Ian Moss
    2014:Martina McBride

  9. wolf Bue

    Ich finde dies die beste Version des Songs ! !

  10. Gary Potocki


  11. JavaMan

    I keep getting this song stuck in my head, and try to find it. Of course there's 20 some covers of this song, none of them sound right. Then I find this one from 1991, finally, I have the one that matches the song in my head.

  12. musa carioca

    Umas das Clássicas da antena 1 FM no Rio de Janeiro linda demais auto astro lá em cima.

  13. Nick C

    Brown Ford Ltd

  14. Kurmi

    I like Paul Young but to be fair, Joan Osborne has THE BEST rendition of this song.
    BTW, Whitney and The Bodyguard brought me here.

  15. Juan Rodriguez

    Im 3 yrs from 40. Im probably gonna be forever alone. Its okay. Im used it


    You never know...

  16. jeffgoblue

    It’s decent, but I’d probably like it more if I hadn’t just heard Joan Osborne absolutely slay it and make it her own.


    hadnt seen it before i love it thanks

  17. Earl Sneddon

    fuck this idiot

  18. Alexandra e

    Sad but very beautiful lovesong 💔 😢 🍀 💖💖💖🍀🍀🍀

  19. kennaramie15

    Yooo I loved this movie sooo much and this song really caught my heart 🙏🏽😭😂💜

  20. Joseph Garrison


  21. Jane Doe

    Anyone who is here because of Fried Green Tomatoes and liked it, read the book. There were some things that were a bit different and others that were left out. Needless to say, it is a VERY good book. And a quick read.

  22. Dmitri Vlad

    Evelyn, have you gone insane..?!

  23. Luther L

    Growing up in England I loved this man's music. After moving back stateside never heard much from him. Terribly underrated.

    angela regan

    Still going strong. Check out

  24. Fabiano Max Lages

    👌 👍 👏 👏 😃 😃

  25. Grant Tully

    Takes real talent to do a cover as good as (if not better than) the original

  26. pua4lyfe44

    Favorite song when I was 14

  27. Thiago Lopes

    Me lembra 🍅 verdes e fritos

  28. mtnman77


  29. Donald Payton

    Fried Green Tomatoes brought me here

  30. MrsPaulCallan Callan

    Aboslutely love Paul’s version (and I have heard many)!

  31. William Shilling

    This is such an outstanding song. I have felt and been in the place sung about in this song.Finally I called out to God and he held out his hand and said walk with me and I will carry your burdens. Thank Lord. I am so blessed,forgiven and free.

  32. susan b.

    LOVE Paul's version of this great song!!!! Love his voice , and in this song, SO sounds SO good!!!!!

  33. Ana Barria


  34. Zhelya Gomes

    i love this song.....

  35. Dot Fern

    💔 what becomes of the broken hearted...? I know I've got to find, some kind of peace of mind...I'll find a way some how...


    sends best wishes time is about the only healer it kinda numbs over a long time

    Dot Fern

    Electricchris1 ... Thanks, great advise... time heals all wounds they say, but the numbness will always remain.... Thanks again for your words of encouragement.

  36. James Duthie

    Paul Young sang the best rendition of this song.

  37. kosmo2cat

    This version is SO MUCH BETTER than the original!  And that is very unusual for a remake to outshine the original.

  38. juan sebastian sandoval perez

    para mi buenos recuerdos bellos y tristes

  39. Mary Puckett

    Evry song paul young has done is excellent!

  40. 袁睿良

    I love this songs

  41. José Antonio

    Mamãe onde estiver agora sinto muito sua falta ..sepultada dia 19/03/2018...que memory..te amo mãe Eva..😘🎶🎶😭😭💞💞✝✝,....

  42. Derrick lee Henry

    I didn't know Paul Young sung this version. I thought it was Aaron Neville. Nice!

  43. Vero Moreno-Diaz

    Now, i love this song :) didn't know who was the singer either... i love it :)

  44. Big Country

    Sorry to hear the about your wife passing away Paul,

  45. sharos1234

    Revisited because of Fried Green Tomatoes & Cathy Bates wrapped up in Bubble Wrap :). We've all been there! I love the mowntown beat & the wonderful voice of Paul Young. Fantastic.

  46. rezn66

    **answers door in saran wrap dress**


    :0 really what address :)

  47. lluvia de verano

    me encanta me da mucha nostalgia...yo tengo mi corazoncito roto...

  48. Alexandra Bénédicte

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    connais pas

  49. Alexandra Bénédicte

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  50. Alexandra Bénédicte

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  51. Atila Gomes

    Paul Young esbanja categoria nessa música.

  52. aliens art and stories

    great video :)

  53. Mart P

    Personally, I've always preferred Paul's singing over Rod Stewart.


    Oh yeah, and so much better looking.

  54. Alan Fox

    This was released as a single in new Zealand no idea why his versions better than Robson and Jerome.

  55. Bianca Silva

    Música maravilhoosa!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  56. Teera Xo


  57. Leza Jane

    didt no he covered it WOW very very good i like the other but now herd this im stcuck he cud sing the fonebook lol

  58. Claudio Silva

    na minha opiniao e a melhor interpretacao desta muzica .

  59. Z.J. Gordon

    I love you Paul Young, my Darling greatest Britt Big Singer... The best ever!

  60. Rodrigo Cesar Barbosa

    tomates verdes fritos

  61. E H

    So much NOPE

  62. JinxedPeace

    Even when 80's songs turn out to be covers, they're still great unlike what you hear today.

  63. Kelsey Clark

    Love this song.......pleaseeeee

  64. Taishi Singleton

    Get that seran wrap out haha

  65. Cicero Lima

    como amo essa versão <3
    ela toca direto aqui em São Paulo nas rádios alpha fm ou antena 1

    Marina San Diego

    Pra mim é a versão mais linda. Ouvi no filme Tomates Verdes Fritos e sou eternamente apaixonada por essa música ❤❤❤

  66. livestyle0

    Wer ist hier auch wegen Alphonso und DSDS 2017?😂

  67. Bamm412000

    The heart is broken over the death of my husband of 50 years

  68. Wando

    Melhor versão dessa música

    Anderson Pereira

    Também acheo ouvi pela primeira vez na Jota B Fm aqui no Rio de Janeiro e gostei bastante.

    Angela Einfach

    Concordo 😜

  69. Miyuki Shijisha sad about Paul

  70. Carolina Gonzalez

    My favorite scene of FGT brought me here - love Kathy Bates!

  71. ate onde tudo que me apresentam e verdade

    show!! good ..muito bom

  72. Thomas F

    I love this version as much as the original

    Sandy Tonkin

    Thomas F so do I. Beautiful. 💞

    Thomas F

    Sandy Tonkin thank you Sandy! My moms name too!!

    Sandy Tonkin

    Thomas F Thomas F... its that crazy 6 degrees of seperation! Mom and I have great taste in music and so do you sweetpea❤️


    Thomas F I like the original a bit more but this one is nice too.

  73. Moutton Noir

    One of the greatest songs of all time

  74. ChrissyTheWickedHippie

    I always get rejected

  75. Line carignan

    So many memories of my life in california boy do miss it.

  76. Jose Castillio


  77. Daniel Burns

    his last US top 40 pop hit, reaching #22 on the pop charts in 1992!!!

  78. Moisés Machado

    essa e clássica na Alpha FM 101.7 de SP estilo em sintonia com você !!!!

    Andressa Pereira Bispo

    Pior que é verdade mesmo

    Andressa Pereira Bispo

    Pior que é verdade mesmo

    Jennifer Rose

    Ouvi essa música ontem na Alpha FM. Adoro essa rádio, adoro essa música.

    Cilene França

    Toca tds os dias no meu trabalho 😊

    Rômulo Pacheco

    @Cilene França Ai sim, qualidade para se trabalhar

  79. calvin3464

    I don't know which Paul Young song is sadder: "Every Time You Go Away" or this one.


    calvin3464 Oh really depends in mood your life is at..this track makes me feel 😞 while my male friend cryed..beautiful sentimental voice & rhythm...

    Slim Jim

    The pictures are just as sad as the song. Paul Young is the winner of this song hands down. 🏆

    Slim Jim

    This one is undoubtedly the saddest. I can actually feel the heartbreak and pain in his voice. I tear up to this song, when the mood is right.

  80. Vicki Brown

    Great job!

  81. kubik563

    So good ...:)

  82. Dsansivar Soy

    I wasn't aware he was doing a cover!!

  83. Fred Immediato

    the song is great .they all do it in there own way Jimmy Joan Paul

  84. Bernadette Tapp aka JEDI UCL

    Wow I didnt know Paul covered this song, Love you Paul

  85. R Perry

    Fried Green Tomatoes brought me here. lol

    Chris Runion

    racheda brown yep

    Kelly Fulford

    Watching it right now and put my earbuds on to listen to this song.

    daz bridgen

    Love that film


    Me too! Celofane scene

  86. Vida Limpa


    Pedro Souza

    Pobre é o diabo minha gente!!!!

    Vida Limpa


  87. Samantha Hoy

    this is probably ths worst cover of this song. which makes me sad as i like Paul Young

    Nivaldo Santos

    +Samantha Hoy This is probably the best cover of this song, which makes me happy as I like Paul Young


    Samantha Hoy We're you drunk when you managed to peck this out?

    Cj Bailey

    Samantha Hoy Are you high, this is one of the best covers of this song.

  88. El Doe

    Love this version better

    Lashawn Mack

    Most definitely this is the better version love it :-) :-)

  89. 2nethi

    I love this song from Fried Green Tomatoes. I just want to die with happy memories. I don't really care about living too long.

    Walter Woodruff.

    2nethi. Sad

    Vijayraj Shetty

    I feel the same

  90. Lashawn Mack

    Beautiful song and I Love Love :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  91. Kathleen Hubbard

    a rally good song

  92. Bert C

    R.I.P. Jimmy Ruffin!!!

    Ian Phillips

    Bert Skinner z


    Bert C Great singer who did the best version of this song, though I love Paul Young and this version too.

  93. Mr. Chip

    how many versions of this have made it to top 40? I'd say quite a few

  94. Daryl Duncan

    Nice tune

  95. Catarina Dias

    Amo de paixão..<3

  96. Eddie Edmo

    This would be my 2nd favorite cover of this song. I f you haven't heard Joan Osborne's version, listen to it.

    Paul Young has such an authentic voice and I don't think he sings a bad song.

  97. jjsmomtrina

    gorgeous pics/lyrics/vid thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing <3

  98. Charles M Rinehart

    Great job on this song