Paul Weller - One Tear Lyrics

These tears will flood the earth
The earth will start to turn
A turn that starts it all
More tears will have to fall

No words will ever do
One tear says it all
These films of people's live
These lives in someones film

I don't want your kind of gods
That divide us
Blood stain traces
Lyin' to the races
If God is real
Then show your face
I can't find it
I don't want your kind of gods
I will find it

No song can ever sing
One tear could say it all
This cruel and broken earth
This travesty of "God"

I don't want your kind of gods
That divide us
Blood stain traces
Lyin' to the races
If God is real
Then show your face
I can't find it
I don't want your kind of gods
I can't find it

These tears will flood the earth
The earth will start to turn
A turn that starts it all
More tears will have to fall

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Paul Weller One Tear Comments
  1. Tinsoldier

    Paul es Dios!!!!!!!!

  2. roof top cat

    Paul is one artist that wont be pidgeon holed, the day his first solo was released in the u.s I was on my way to get the cd, at the time the came in a box, 😂 still have it, and since then I have been a right fan, of the weller, he never disappoints , always new fresh, a gift of music. The whole collection is in the house first to last. I turn as many people on that I can , that have not heard of him. Thank you paul, dont forget to add some sax, and horns.

  3. geoff h

    Great track ...... nods to his love of 70's Soul with the opening ........ then it's chord structure from 'These City Streets', Saturns Pattern ....... more obvious on the instrumental version.

  4. Usurped

    Great to hear them sing together

  5. topmangaz

    Pink Floyd ???????

  6. Debbie H

    Two brilliant artists that just keep getting better with time

  7. Jack D'Ripa

    Great tune till Weller starts that dreadful attempt at being a soul singer, he isn't! And never will be!
    He's more Chas n' Dave than Otis Redding!

    Mark Boxall

    fuck sake its jack the cunt once again, negative and gutless... why do you bother, billy no mates , nothing better to do, apart from pickin up dog shit.... you are obviously a benefit street scrounger by the look of your filthy lower working class house.... PURE FILTH go away cunt!!

  8. dario carlos natta

    i love it , thanks!!

  9. Piero Viscuso


  10. giuseppe

    pura classe anche se sembra che canti david bowie

  11. pelaokitobal

    favourite tune from this album so far, fucking amazing

  12. Krstovic 74

    I’d like to see live version

  13. canal de filmes

    Muito bom!!!

  14. Steven Peat

    Ar u kind evolution, paul weller is one of my main stays in music, allways new, sometimes different, keeps it real, this 3 cd set is no different, its to good to miss for p.w. music lovers, when i heard his first solo cd was on shelf in 1993 , i was waiting for it, glad all over, since then , every disc is in the collection, but still alot of people have not heard of paul weller in upstate n.y. there missing out, so, i spread the music around and turn people on to p.w.

  15. Paul la fontaine

    brilliant as always ,,, fuck hip hop

  16. Brad Hill

    Saw him tonight in Chicago, and hoped he would play this one , but he didn't...The only track he played off the new one was Woo Se Mama, but it was a great show regardless...10/12/17...

  17. Paul Barrow

    Such a triumphant of an album. Mr Weller I salute you👏👏🎶

  18. Chris Edwards


  19. paul gingell

    Like this a lot...Going through some of his album.this one a mixture of different vibes works well for me...

  20. ted norton

    "Smiling faces sometimes
    Pretend to be your friend
    Smiling faces show no traces
    Of the evil that lurks within

    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don't tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof

    The truth is in the eyes
    Cause the eyes don't lie, amen
    Remember a smile is just
    A frown turned upside down
    My friend let me tell you " (the undisputed truth "smiling faces" )

  21. ted norton

    anyone else noticing that it's been engineered more for speaker listening than for headphones ? Has this been mentioned at all ?

  22. Jer Barrett

    Great collaboration, perfect for days round the pool in your villa on Ibiza! This song features the rubber tube instrument that you see PW with in the recent Revolution short documentary.

  23. Ryan Golding


  24. Dana B

    This man can do no wrong!

  25. Zyxthy Zyxth

    favorite! so great!

  26. Fanis Kanakaris

    wow!!!!! paul weller with boy george!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Giampiero Ciampini


  28. CPFC 4 LIFE

    lyrics spot on. If god is real then where is he?? cruel things wouldn't happen if he was. One Tear.

  29. Nella Crosiglia

    to listen

  30. Anthony Oglesby

    I'm hearing the remains of Bowie's ghost.

    Brett Stephens

    Hey man i agree.. we are all influenced by the past present and will be in the future..Bowie..Weller..what a combo!

    Dianne Whyte

    Totally, he's been listening to Bowie's back log.

  31. richard monk

    wicked track, totally different for Weller, don't recall one I could dance to before, but ya can to this. Boy George rockin it

    Brad Hill

    Starlite was a dance club hit in the U.S. Check it out...

  32. Mark Erickson

    Paul Weller was always great, but he seems to be getting even better. These new songs from this new LP i have heard are really working. Ace in the the hole, full ride around the bases. The Modfather keeps innovating!!

    Islwyn Taylor

    Mark Erickson In total agreement. Since the start of the new millennium, each new record he outs out, is better than the last🎸

  33. Komo Lee Ray

    always loved Paul Weller..but particularly the Curtis Mayfield/Marvin Gaye loving "Soulboy" Weller...i know he likes challenging himself musically and changing his sound alot etc these days...but this i think is the direction he should take..would love to see him pull off a "Whats Going On" classic soul album at this stage in his great career

    ted norton

    if you listen to "Heaven's Above" you can see that it was aiming in that direction..... Personally I think Weller had his ultimate album with Wild Wood.

  34. Ryan Pearce

    The diversity within Paul's writing is impeccable; his transition from punk to soul was like clockwork.....

    ted norton

    it's a gift that anyone of the Mod generation has. everything was in the air then.

  35. wendy s

    Really a neat song. Beautiful boy in the background.

  36. Rory Gallagher

    Brilliantly mystic haunting tune! Weller at his best and with Boy George. "Weller with a smile back and enjoying it" Luvit!!!!!!

  37. ZS 15

    I knew a few seconds in I'd be buying this album. Love it 👌

  38. Charlotte Primmer

    awesome happy feeling

  39. John Vicary

    This guy is so innovative Every album you are surprised by the depth and quality

  40. rhontzu

    Absolutely love this!

  41. Tim Partridge

    Super. Love it

  42. Julie Ann Jennings

    Like it lovely back ground. And the one and only boy George is on this track

  43. Ali Perez

    The Best Job ❤Boy George❤ Paul Weller the best song!!!

  44. igotmobilephone

    Pretty Balearic sounding track, especially the instrumental version.

    ted norton

    well it's pretty trippy overall.... If they tighten up the mix it may well be an Island hit. My money is on the White Label mix of Hopper to grab some attention. It really struck me as wonderful.


    I agree completely. The White Label mix for Hopper is amazing, much better than the album version. Hopefully it gets a vinyl release in the future.

    ted norton

    I'm guessing a good soundtrack plug will do the trick. if I were I director I would kill to have that track in my movie !


    Nice track! FYI, I saw Paul Weller perform in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park in 2015, and Blondie's drummer Clem Burke was in the audience. After the performance Weller's guitarist Steve Cradock went all the way into the audience to meet him. He seemed very excited to meet the drummer, he must be a Blondie fan.

  45. daniel henry

    Weller doing culture club & doing it brilliant. the MAN on form once again & great backing from boy George himself. love it.

  46. FarmYardFlavours

    This is excellent

  47. Nigel McDonald

    piano intro Don't like Mondays?

    dave weller

    the best song on the cd😀

  48. xtstevie

    Absolutely awesome by the master.......

  49. Rachel Glover

    Wow! I am impressed with this song. I love the haunting feel and message of it. Boy George did a great job with Paul Weller.

  50. Eric Hossan

    Ft Boy George on backing vocal.

    ted norton

    very poignant in the wake of George Michael's death. I suspect a heavy wave of mortality swept through all his peers at that moment. I know it did for me. :(